Electric Scooter services

To keep your e-scooter in peak working condition, regular servicing and maintenance is important.

Our standard electric scooter service includes:

  • Battery voltage check
  • Water seal and wire connection check
  • Identification of possible faults
  • Bolt tightening
  • Bearing lubrication
  • Washing and deep cleaning (including frame and tyre protector)
  • Tyre pressure adjustment


Electric Scooter Repairs

We offer complete repairs, servicing and maintenance for e-scooters from all the best brands including EO, Inokim, Hero, Zero, VSETT and Xiaomi scooters.  

If you’re having mechanical or electrical problems with your scooter, our technicians can assess the problem and run a technical diagnostic. Once we’ve identified the problem, we’ll provide you with a quote for repairs.

Assessments start from $55


Electric Scooter Tyre Repairs

Due to the small size of the wheels, flat tyres are one of the more common issues that arise with electric scooters. But we have you covered. We stock an extensive range of replacement tyres and tubes for a wide selection of scooter makes and models.

We can also provide puncture repair and tyre and tube replacement from our Melbourne service centre.

  • Tyre Repair 8.5 Inches $80 (each one)
  • Tyre Repair 10 Inches $100 (each one)
  • Tyre Repair 11 Inches $120 (each one)

Please note: Tyres and tubes are not included in the above service prices

We can replace inflatable tyres with puncture-proof solid or tubeless tyres for $100 each or $150 for both.

To prevent future punctures, we also recommend our sealant tyre service for $25 each tyre or $40 both tyres.