Hero S9 Electric Scooter - E-ozzie Electric Vehicles
Hero S9 Electric Scooter - E-ozzie Electric Vehicles

Hero S9 Electric Scooter White 600W | 40 to 60 KM Autonomy |

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40 Km/hr Off-Road
40km | 50km | 60km

48v 13ah | 48v 16ah | 48v 21ah

8.5 x 2.2-inch




High-Quality Parts for A Better Experience

The Hero S9 is one of the best-built electric scooters that you can find not only because of its style but because it has been built perfectly for riding.

Unlike more simple scooters, the Hero S9 electric scooter outperforms the majority of its competition with a stronger frame, better tyres, excellent suspension, and more.

If you plan on using an electric scooter for more than simple off-roading, the Hero S9 has got you covered as it is perfect for riding anywhere.

Ride at fast speed and stop with ease as this electric ride has a front and back drum brake system, perfect for those tight turns and immediate stops.

A High-Quality E-Ride at An Affordable Price

The Hero S9 e-scooter is built with the finest material used for an electric ride and its parts, making it safer and more enjoyable whenever you ride.

While safety is well covered with powerful brakes, an anti-slip deck, and proper suspension, the Hero 9 is also one of the fastest electric rides you can find.

Comparing the prices of the parts and build of the S9 make it one of the cheapest yet well-manufactured elect scooters around.

If you want a ride that allows you to go enjoy extreme rides but maintain safety in the process, the Hero S9 electric scooter is a great choice for you.


  • Conquer all kinds of terrain with durable tyres and flexible suspension that provides better control and stability when riding.
  • Reach an approximate distance between 40km, 50km, or 60km in total depending on your choice of battery installed.
  • Portability is ensured with this electric ride’s foldability and it is lighter for carrying as well as it can easily be stored in vehicles or tucked away at your home.
  • Expect more durability from this electric scooter as it has a strong and long-lasting aluminum alloy frame that can also carry up to 120kg in weight.
  • Visibility, as well as safety, is ensured with the many installed lights such as 2 LED front lights, 2 LED backlights, and 2 acrylic RGB lights.

Australian street-legal motor wattage is limited to 250W, making the Hero S9 restricted to off-roading only.

For more information on E-ride laws, check out https://www.eridesolutions.com.au/pages/safety


  • PRODUCT SIZE: 1275mm x 1100mm x 560mm
  • BODY FRAME: Aluminum Alloy T6061 / T6063
  • MOTOR POWER: 48v 600Watt
  • BATTERY: 48v 13ah | 48v 16ah | 48v 21ah
  • MAX MILEAGE: 40km | 50km | 60km
  • MAX SPEED : 25km/h (Australian street-legal)
    Up to 40km/h (off road use only)
  • MAX GRADEABILITY: 20 degree uphill
  • LIGHTS: 2 LED front light, 2 Acrylic RGB light, 2 LED rear light and brake light
  • TIRES: 8.5 x 2.2-inch inflatable wheel
  • BRAKES: Front and rear drum brake + Electric magnetic brake
  • SUSPENSION: 4 Spring piston suspension (2 front and 2 rear)
  • DASHBOARD: LCD display
  • CHARGER: CE, UL, FCC approved charger
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT: 23kg | 24kg | 25kg
  • COLORS: Black / White