Arvala M10 vs Arvala M11

Arvala M10 Electric Scooter vs Arvala M11 Electric Scooter

Imagine it's a sunny Saturday morning, and you're excited to explore the city, feeling the wind on your face as you zip through the streets. Electric scooters are a great way to beat traffic and make your commute fun, but you might wonder which one is right for you.

At E-ozzie, we know picking the right scooter can be challenging. Our top choices are the Arvala M10 and the Arvala M11. Both are great, but choosing between them can be tough. That's why we've put together this review of Arvala M10 Vs Arvala M11 to help you determine the best fit for you. So, let's find your perfect ride!

What’s the Difference Between Arvala M10 vs. Arvala M11 Electric Scooters?

When it comes to the perfect electric scooter, the Arvala M10 and M11 stand out as top-notch contenders in the market. With different features and conveniences, each model is designed to fit the preferences and needs of every user. Let’s discuss the Arvala M10 Vs Arvala M11 features to help you decide which is best.


  1. Design and Build Quality

  2. The Arvala M10 and M11 sport a sleek and modern design, featuring an aluminium alloy and steel frame for durability and strength. The M10 offers a stylish handlebar and rear fender design, while the M11 elevates this with a sophisticated handle design incorporating a built-in LED display. Both scooters exude quality and attention to detail in terms of aesthetics and construction.

  3. Arvala Electric Scooter Performance Review 

  4. Reading this electric scooter range comparison lets you decide which is better for your commute.

    The Arvala M10 is powered by dual 600W motors, delivering a top speed of 37mph (60kph) and a range of up to 90 km, depending on the battery option chosen. On the other hand, our powerful electric scooter Arvala M11 boasts dual 1600W motors, propelling it to an impressive top speed of 53 mph (85kph). Moreover, this Arvala scooter battery life is extended to 120 km on a single charge. 

    With significantly more power and speed, the M11 Arvala e-scooter offers a thrilling riding experience and greater versatility for long-distance travel.

  5. Convenience and Security

  6. Both scooters feature the Minimotors EY3 Smart Display, providing essential real-time data to riders. Additionally, they are equipped with NFC key lock immobilisers, ensuring secure access and peace of mind against theft. 

    However, the M11 goes a step further with a built-in LED display integrated into its handle design, enhancing user convenience and security.

  7. Suspension and Comfort

  8. While both models offer suspension systems to smooth out rides, the M11 takes it up a notch with hydraulic damper and steering damper shocks. This advanced suspension setup allows for a more customisable and comfortable ride, especially on rough terrains or uneven surfaces. 

    Riders can expect superior shock absorption and reduced vibrations with the M11, making it the preferred choice for those prioritising comfort.

  9. Safety Features

  10. Regarding safety, both scooters have comprehensive lighting systems, including headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. 

    However, the M11 enhances safety with additional lighting elements integrated into its handle design, ensuring better visibility during night rides and low-light conditions.


Arvala M10 vs Arvala M11 Features

Here's a comparison table highlighting the features of the Arvala M10 vs Arvala M11 electric scooters:


Arvala M10 

Arvala M11

Motor Power

600W x 2

1600W x 2

Top Speed


53 mph/85 kph

Travel Distance

Up to 50km (48V15.6Ah) / Up to 90 km (48V23.4Ah)

Up to 120km (60V 35Ah)

Charging Time

7.8 hours (48V15.6Ah) / 11.7 hours (48V23.4Ah)

8-9 hours


Disc brakes

Zoom hydraulic brakes


Spring dampers

Hydraulic damper and steering damper shocks


22A x 2

37A x 2

Max Load

265 lbs

265 lbs


Minimotors EY3

Minimotors EY3




Tyre Size

9-inch road tyres / 10 x 3.0 wide road tyres

11-inch tubeless explosion-proof tyres

Lighting System

Headlight+turn signal+stem light+body light+brake light

Headlight, brake light, turn light, body light, stem light

Battery Type

48V15.6Ah / 48V23.4Ah

60V 35Ah

Accessories in the Box

Scooter, Charger, Manual, Tool kit

Scooter, Charger, Manual, Tool kit

Final Words

Choosing between the Arvala M10 and Arvala M11 electric scooters depends on your specific needs and preferences. The Arvala M10 is an excellent choice for those who seek a reliable, stylish scooter for daily commutes, offering solid performance with its dual 600W motors and a top speed of 37mph (60kph). On the other hand, the Arvala M11 stands out with its powerful dual 1600W motors, reaching speeds up to 53 mph (85kph) and providing an extended range of 120km on a single charge. With an advanced suspension, enhanced safety features, and a built-in LED display, the M11 offers a superior riding experience. Understanding the differences between the Arvala M10 vs Arvala M11 can help you decide and find the perfect ride for your urban adventures.

Ready to upgrade your ride? Find the best Arvala electric scooter in Australia that perfectly matches your commuting needs at E-Ozzie! Visit our website now to get started and make your daily travels more exciting and efficient.




What are the main differences between the Arvala M10 and M11 electric scooters?

The main differences between the Arvala M10 and M11 electric scooters are their motor power, top speed, range, and suspension system. The M11 has more powerful motors, higher top speed, longer range, and advanced hydraulic suspension compared to the M10.


Which model is lighter, the M10 or the M11?

The Arvala M10 is lighter than the M11.


Which scooter has a longer battery life, the M10 or M11?

The Arvala M11 has a longer battery life than the M10.

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