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Electric Scooters and eBikes

***From 31/01/2024 Services will be only available for EOZZIE Customers. To book a service you will be have to provide invoice number or proof or purchase at Eozzie.****

Before you book, please read carefully the next questions. They will help you to have a better experience at Eozzie "The Scooter Place".

Upon booking, you will have the option to drop off your scooter or bike at our store. Following this, depending on the nature of the service or repair required, there will be a waiting period of between 5 to 7+ days for it to be completed.


In terms of tyres' repairs, we exclusively service Australian brands sold by Eozzie It means we service only customers who purchased from us. We also service and repairs Dragon, Nami, Mukuta, Arvala, Punk and Veloz Scooters. We can take Kristall and Mamba eBikes from other suppliers exceptionally. 
In terms of electronic component repairs, we service Australian brands sold by Eozzie EXCLUSIVELY.
Yes, due to the high demand of our services you must book a service before you come in. eScooters and eBikes without booking will not be accepted.
Estimate prices will be shown once you select the service or repair you need. If you don't know what is the problem please select assessment. We cannot provide assessments or estimate prices over the phone. Consider that before the mechanic finish your service or repair you will receive a quote that must be accepted or rejected.
Before you book a service as warranty you must complete a warranty form. It is located at the bottom of our website. eScooters or eBikes without it will not be accepted. Please click here to be directed to the warranty form.
You can send us a message directly from the text message you received when the eScooter or eBike was accepted. (Fastest response) You can call to our phone number and select Option 2 and leave a message with your name and Job number. Updates are provided two times a day between 12-1pm and 4-5pm
You can collect your eScooter or eBike only when you receive a text message indicating "Your Job is ready for collection".
To minimise punctures, maintain tire pressure at 50 psi, check it weekly, avoid rough surfaces, and use smooth braking techniques. Utilise both brakes to distribute force evenly, especially at high speeds, by braking gradually to maintain control and reduce tire strain.
Proper tire pressure enhances scooter performance, protects tires from excessive wear, and significantly lowers the chance of experiencing punctures.


For warranty services please click here


For non warranty services or repair select which service would you like to book below (wait few seconds to see the menu)