Given the surge in e-scooter sales in Australia over the past year, it's no surprise that riding an electric scooter has become a favourite option for many. With more environment and thrill lovers joining the e-scooter revolution, the need for electric scooter accessories has never been greater. These accessories are about style and ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience. From helmets that protect your head from potential injuries to locks that secure your scooter against theft, and phone holders that keep you connected while keeping your focus on the road, each accessory serves a purpose. Here, at E-Ozzie, we will share with you some of the most important and best electric scooter accessories - preferred by Australians.


Did you know that electric scooters have gained immense popularity worldwide, with over 60 million units sold in 2020 alone? With such a significant number of riders taking to the streets, prioritising safety becomes paramount. In a nutshell, electric scooter helmets are an absolute must-have accessory. They are not only about protection, but they also add a touch of style to your ride. Gone are the days of dull and bulky helmets. Nowadays, you can find sleek and stylish options that guarantee both safety and fashion. Reputable brands offer a diverse range of helmet styles, sizes, and safety certifications to cater to every rider's needs.


When considering the security of electric scooters, one important question arises: Do electric scooters get stolen? It's crucial to acknowledge that seasoned e-scooter thieves possess exceptional expertise in their trade. They are adept at seizing opportunities to steal e-scooters even in broad daylight. To be honest, you can not keep your e-scooter within close proximity every time you park it. Sometimes you have to park it in basements, a parking spot far from your destination or whatever. And if you want to find your electric scooter where you left it, locking it can be the best security measure you can take. Electric scooter locks are one of the most important e-scooter accessories you’d invest in. Locking your electric scooter can pose a hurdle for thieves, making it hard for them to unlock it and then steal it.

Electric locks for e-scooter start at $20 and can go to $50. But think of it as an investment, which is saving your bigger investment (the e-scooter).

There are many types of e-scooters locks available. And to pick the right one, you have to carefully assess your travel routines and the specific locations you frequently

U-Locks: Rigid, U-shaped locks for excellent security against cutting or prying attempts.

Cable Locks: Lightweight and versatile, perfect for quick stops and easy portability.

Folding Locks: Compact and foldable design, balancing security and portability.

Chain Locks: Strong interlocking metal links for robust security and flexibility.

Disc Brake Locks: Immobilise the scooter's disc brake for added security.


Night rides on your electric scooter can be as exhilarating as dancing under a starry sky. But to light up your path, you need an illuminating electric scooter accessory ; electric scooter lights. We have a wide range of e-scooter lights. Choose from various lights, front or rear, tailored to your needs. Brightness, battery life, and installation are a breeze. And here's a secret: lighting modes add a touch of enchantment, flickering like fireflies.

Some of the types of e-scooter lights are:

Front Lights: These lights are mounted on the front of the scooter and illuminate the path ahead, providing visibility and safety during night rides.

Rear Lights: Positioned at the back of the scooter, rear lights ensure that other road users can see you clearly from behind.

LED Lights: LED lights are a popular choice due to their brightness, energy efficiency, and long-lasting performance.

USB Rechargeable Lights: These lights can be easily recharged through USB, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.

Multi-Mode Lights: Lights with different lighting modes, such as steady, flashing, or pulsating, allow riders to choose the mode that best suits their visibility needs and preferences.

Weather-Resistant Lights: With Australia's varying weather conditions, riders opt for lights that are designed to withstand rain and other environmental elements.

With our electric scooter safety accessories i.e. e-scooter lights, you become a beacon in the night, ensuring your safety and visibility.


Do you prefer sitting over standing while riding on your e-scooter? You’re not alone. Comfort is key, especially during those longer rides. Electric scooter seats offer that much-needed cushioning, ensuring you can go the extra mile without discomfort. But wait, there's more! These seats provide additional support, reducing strain and fatigue, and making your rides a breeze. Plus, they're detachable! Easily switch between a seated and standing position, adapting to your preferences on the go. Electric scooter seats are designed to fit different scooter models seamlessly. Installation of our electric scooter seats is a breeze, and you'll be ready to roll in no time.

When you're buying an electric scooter seat, here are some key features you'll want to keep an eye out for.

First off, check for seats with enough padding to ensure a comfy ride, especially for longer journeys.

Want a smoother trip on bumpy roads? Look for seats with built-in suspension systems.

Adjustable seats are a game-changer! You can customise the height and angle to fit you perfectly.

Detachable seats are a cool option if you like the freedom to switch between sitting and standing.

Lastly, if you want to add a personal touch, explore customisable seat options.


Riding effortlessly, navigating unfamiliar streets using GPS apps - all thanks to these incredible phone holders! It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that this e-scooter accessory not only enhances your riding experience but also keeps you truly in the moment by freeing up your hands. Our phone mounts come in a variety of styles. Whether you prefer handlebar mounts or stem mounts, you can choose the one that suits your travel routines the best. These phone mounts offer adjustable features, ensuring your phone stays firmly in place, no matter the road's twists and turns. Waterproof and shock-absorbent phone holders have proven to extend the lifespan of riders' devices by protecting them from sudden weather changes and road vibrations.


Electric scooter bags are a perfect blend of convenience and durability. Front bags allow you to focus on the road without rummaging for items. Carry bags safeguard your scooter during transport and storage. These e-scooters accessories elevate your riding experience to be seamless and worry-free.

Front Bags:

Provide convenient storage and accessibility during rides.

Crafted from durable materials like waterproof nylon or reinforced polyester.

Protect your essentials from weather elements and impacts.

Organisational features include multiple compartments for neatly arranged items.

Dedicated pockets for phones, keys, wallets, and snacks ensure easy access while riding.

Carry Bags:

Ideal for transportation and protection when not riding.

Water-repellent fabric shields your scooter from rain and moisture.

Padding provides extra protection against scratches and impacts during transit.

Adjustable straps ensure comfortable carrying for riders of all heights.

Carry bags offer a secure shelter for your electric scooter after your ride.

Rear Rack Bags:

Attach to the rear rack of the scooter, adding extra storage space for larger items.

Conveniently carry groceries, backpacks, or other belongings without hindering your ride.

Ideal for longer trips or when you need to transport bulkier items securely.


A popular choice for many riders who prefer a versatile and familiar storage option.

Keep your hands free and distribute weight evenly across your back for a comfortable ride.

Perfect for shorter trips or when you need to carry personal items on the go.

Frame Bags:

Attach discreetly to the scooter's frame, preserving the scooter's sleek appearance.

Provide easy access to smaller items like keys, wallets, or smartphones during rides.

Keep your essentials within reach without the need for additional baggage.

We advise you to explore the variety of our electric scooter bags and then decide which one suits your needs best.


Zooming through the streets, electric scooter riders seek more than just a ride; they crave an exhilarating experience. From safety to style, their trusty companions, the best e-scooter accessories, take their rides to soaring heights. Whether it's the sleek helmets that safeguard their head or the handy phone holders keeping them connected, each accessory serves a crucial purpose. Riders ponder their needs, matching the perfect accessory to their unique style and travel routines. Eager to elevate your electric scooter adventures? Look no further than E-Ozzie, where reliable electric scooter accessories await. Explore our collection, handpicked for riders across Australia, each accessory designed to elevate your rides to new heights. Experience the thrill, the convenience, and the safety - find your perfect match at E-Ozzie, your ultimate destination for top-notch electric scooter accessories in Australia. See You!

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