Kristall - Mamba Electric Bikes

Kristall - Mamba Electric Bikes

These electric rides have been constructed with only the best accessories available, each tailored to different preferences. You can easily choose a Kristall E-bike that will match your tastes, depending on what kind of riding you intend to do. Kristall has made them all, whether you want an electric mountain bike, folding bike, or even an electric cargo bike. Kristall e-bikes are proving hugely popular throughout Australia and the world. Browse through our collection and pick from the latest Kristall ebikes to the popular models such as the Kristall GW20, Kristall Y20, Kristall KS26 and more.

Why Kristall E-Bikes are the Best Choice

Kristall's team of experts ensured that their designs are high-quality, keeping customer satisfaction in mind, without burning a hole in their pockets. Here are some of the qualities of Kristall ebikes that make them worth buying:

Unmatched Performance

Kristall E-Bikes are engineered for excellence. They are equipped with a powerful 750W motor that provides a smooth and powerful assist. This makes them some of the most powerful bikes on the market. They are perfect for both off-road adventures and swift urban commutes.

Superior Design

Kristall E-Bikes stand out with their sleek design and sturdy construction. The aluminium frame is lightweight yet robust. The fat tyres exude confidence for tackling various landscapes. Their unique design offers strength and rigidity, making it a versatile option.

Extended Battery Life and Distance

Several Kristall e-bikes have a range of 80 to 100 km which is longer than your usual e-bike. This is another quality of Kristall ebikes that makes it a cut above the rest, given its relatively lower price.

Portability and Convenience

The folding feature of Kristall E-Bikes like the Y20 and RX20 makes these e-bikes very easy to transport around. They deliver exceptional portability and storage convenience, making them optimal for city life and travel.


Kristall E-Bikes are very economical e-bikes in Australia. They offer a perfect balance of performance and style without costing a fortune. For instance, You can get Kristall Y20 for just $1,899.00. Moreover, you can save $24.00 and get it for $1,875.00 by ordering through E-Ozzie right now as there is a sale going on.

Positive Reviews

Kristall electric bikes have received positive reviews from users. Customers have enjoyed many adventures with their bikes, and their testimonials show the brand’s dedication to quality and satisfaction.

No matter if you’re a city traveller, a thrill seeker, or just looking for a more fun way to keep fit, Kristall has the ideal electric option waiting for you.

Buy the Latest Kristall Ebikes at Best Price 

Electric bikes are the way forward in transportation, offering a greener, cheaper, and more fun way to commute. And when it comes to electric bikes, Kristall Electric Bikes are the ultimate. They offer some of the most economical and high-quality electric bikes in Australia.

Feel the excitement of riding an electric bike that is affordable, and fun. At E-Ozzie, we are the leading online store for Kristall Ebikes and other electric vehicles. We offer fast and free shipping across Australia. Furthermore, you can pay easily and securely with Afterpay and Zip. Our friendly and professional team, and our variety of electric bike accessories and equipment, ensure a trouble-free experience.

Appreciate the ease and comfort of shopping from E-Ozzie, the best online electric bike store in Australia. Order today and get your Kristall Ebike at the best price!

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