Electric Road Bikes

Electric Road Bikes

Electric Road Bikes

Electric road bikes, also known as E-road bikes, are a fascinating fusion of cutting-edge technology and classic road cycling. These machines are designed to provide an electrifying boost to your rides, enhancing your speed and extending your journey while preserving the essence of road riding.

Why E-Road Bikes Are Amazing

In recent years, electric road bikes have witnessed a meteoric rise. With their perfect harmony of human effort and electric assistance, they've become the top pick for cyclists seeking an adrenaline-packed journey. It's their outstanding ability to provide a true road cycling experience on those long rides that make them stand out. Unlike traditional city bikes, they're speedier, lighter, and offer unmatched performance, ensuring each ride is a thrilling adventure.

Electric Road Bikes vs. Traditional Road Bikes

Regular e-bikes are like your everyday electric bicycles, meant for a bit of everything. They're comfy for laid-back rides, commuting, or quick trips in the city. They handle different terrains, from streets to bike paths and even some light off-road action. Now, road e-bikes are a whole different story. Their speciality? Speedy, long-haul road cycling. These bikes have the classic road bike look – low, curved handlebars, sleek frames, and that wind-cheating style. Road e-bikes are your go-to if you want that road cycling feel with an electric kick.

Electric Road Bikes in Australia

Australia is a prime destination for cycling enthusiasts, and electric road bikes have found a welcoming home here. The vast landscapes and diverse terrains make these bikes a perfect choice for riders looking to explore the beauty of the Australian outdoors. Australia boasts a thriving electric road bike market, with renowned brands like Veloz and NCM leading the charge. These brands are synonymous with quality, innovation, and cutting-edge technology. Electric road bikes offer various e-bike systems and gear types to suit different riding styles. From belt drives for a smooth, silent ride to advanced suspension systems for added comfort, the choices are endless.

Veloz Road E-Bikes In Australia

Veloz road e-bikes, a category within our road e-bike lineup, are designed for those who crave more than just smooth roads. These all-around champs tackle both tarmac and open up a world of thrilling possibilities for riders seeking variety and adventure. Our Veloz Road E-Bikes come equipped with features that are tailor-made for the rough and tumble of mixed terrains. They sport wider tires, sturdy gearing, and adaptable handlebars, ready to take on various landscapes. These bikes are your go-to choice for Australian cyclists eager to explore.

A quick glimpse of what to keep an eye out for in a road e-bike

Motor: Road e-bikes have smaller motors because they're not meant to run all day. But don't be fooled by their size; they can tackle those steep hills and give you that extra oomph. Battery: A good one will take you over 50 miles on a single charge, and some go as far as 100km per ride. Road e-bikes usually come with smaller batteries than other types. So, you better make sure it's a reliable one, or you might find yourself pedaling the old-fashioned way. Weight: Heavier e-bikes make you work harder on hills, while the lighter ones are a snap. There are road e-bikes that are so light you'd mistake them for regular road bikes. Components: Hydraulic disc brakes, featherweight carbon frames, a top-notch drivetrain, cushy suspension, and high-performance tyres – they're all part of the package. Some brands even throw in extras like lights, LCD screens, power meters, and more. It's like getting a whole package deal. With road e-bikes’ classic aesthetics and electrifying power, they give you that genuine road cycling feel. Australian electric road bikes are designed for mixed terrains and come with wider tyres, sturdy gearing, and adaptable handlebars, making them the perfect companions for exploring Australia's diverse landscapes.
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