Electric Motorcycle Australia

Electric Motorcycle Australia

Electric motorcycles produce absolutely zero tailpipe emissions. Powered exclusively by electricity, they present an environmentally-conscious choice over typical gas-burning motorcycles. That said, electric motorcycles aren't relegated to environmentalists alone. These virtually noiseless speed machines provide whiplash-inducing acceleration and a ride that simply can't be matched. Plus, say goodbye to gas stations! Electric motorcycles are fueled by clean energy and charge conveniently at home.

Top Electric Motorcycles Brands in Australia

Australia has taken to electric vehicles in a big way. With EV registrations skyrocketing, it's evident that Aussies are wholeheartedly clutching the electric revolution.

Within the electric motorcycle arena, three brands are making substantial ripples: Denzel, Surron, and Kollter. Each contributes a singular amalgamation of innovation, performance, and aesthetic appeal.

Denzel Electric Motorcycles

Denzel is renowned for its cutting-edge Italian engineering. Their electric models like the Samurai and Cafe Racer are known for delivering powerful performance while turning heads with their sleek styling. But speed and looks aren't the only priorities - Denzel also focuses on sustainability, making their bikes a hit with eco-conscious riders.

Denzel’s Samurai is a stunningly designed motorcycle whose versatility is evident in its design. It accommodates both on-road and off-road conditions. This electric motorcycle can easily reach speeds of 80 to 90 km/hr.

On the other hand, the Liberty is Denzel's tallest motorcycle, crafted to comfortably seat two people. With a maximum speed of 90 km/h, it’s an excellent choice for riding around the city as well as off-road riding.

Surron Electric Motorcycles

Surron is yet another brand that's transforming the electric motorcycle landscape. Their electric motorcycles are a perfect combination of reliability, power, and advanced layout.

The Light Bee model from the Surron electric motorcycle’ range stands as a featherweight frontrunner in the electric off-road domain. With a maximum velocity of 75 Km/hr, it presents an impressive fusion of swiftness and might.

Comparably, Surron’s Storm Bee MX is equipped with an amazing 22.5KW mid-motor. It delivers a top speed of 110km/h - this dirt bike is the ultimate companion for conquering enduro trails, MX tracks, farms, and beyond. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, the Storm Bee is your ticket to adrenaline-fueled adventure.

Kollter Electric Motorcycles

Kollter is making its mark with its innovative designs and advanced technology. Focusing on smart transportation, Kollter is committed to creating top-quality e-motorcycles.

Their ES1 model is a highway-capable electric motorcycle with a total of 4.6KWH power Panasonic batteries. Kollter’s obsession with smart travel solutions and reliability makes their motorcycles a great choice for both urban commuting and off-road adventures.

Speaking of one of the best-selling Kollter models; 2022 Kollter RS1 Electric Motorcycle, is a tribute to the power and an emblem of innovation. With its 110AH Samsung removable battery and lightning-fast charging tech, it sets a new standard in charging efficiency with a recharge time of 3-4 hours.

Denzel, Surron, and Kollter epitomise the exciting advancements happening in the world of electric motorcycles. Whether you prioritise blistering speed, eco-friendliness, or jaw-dropping looks, these three brands have something compelling to offer.

Future Of Transportation - How Electric Motorcycles Benefit You

Electric motorcycles come with several advantages as compared to gas motorcycles, both for you and the environment. Here are some of the benefits of choosing an electric motorcycle:

Greener Choice for Riders

Electric motorcycles are eco-warriors. The engines of electric motorcycles are powered up using electricity, which means they do not produce any exhaust fumes that pollute the air. By eliminating oil, gasoline and combustion from the equation, electric motorcycles are a much greener option for riders.

Less Hassle and Cost for Maintenance

Electric motorcycles have a simpler design with fewer moving parts compared to petrol bikes. This means less to go wrong and less to maintain. It's a win-win for your wallet and your time.

No Petrol Costs

Electric motorcycles run on electricity, so you can simply plug your bike in at home or a charging station and top up whenever you need. No more hunting for gas or fumes to deal with, saving you time and money.

Faster Acceleration and Power

Electric motorcycles deliver incredible torque, giving you a power surge right from the start. This translates to quicker acceleration, leaving some petrol bikes in the dust.

Silent and Smooth Ride

Enjoy a peaceful journey on an electric motorcycle. These bikes are super quiet, letting you appreciate the sounds of the road. Some even have a gentle hum for safety purposes, ensuring you're noticed by other road users.

Impressive Speed and Performance

Don't let the quiet engine fool you. Electric motorcycles can keep up with their petrol counterparts, reaching speeds well over 200mph for many models. That's plenty of speed for most riders!

Beginner-friendly and Simple to Ride

Electric motorcycles are designed with ease in mind. They don’t have a gear shifter, making them ideal for new riders who can focus on the road without worrying about clutch control. It might take some getting used to for experienced riders, but the smooth transition is worth it.

Simple Winter Storage

If you are not a regular rider, then you know the hassle of storing your bike for the winter and making sure it is ready to ride when the weather gets better. With an electric bike, you do not have to worry about these things - just charge your battery and store your bike in a safe, dry place, and you are good to go when summer comes.

More Variety

The range of electric motorcycles is growing every year, with more models and features to suit different preferences and needs. You can find electric mountain bikes, electric folding bikes, electric cargo bikes, and more.

Looking for the Best electric Motorcycles in Australia?

The global shift towards electric motorcycles is undeniable as the world becomes more eco-aware. Australia is no exception, acknowledging them as valid modes of transport, albeit with certain state and territory-specific regulations.

Ready to be part of this transformative wave? E-Ozzie presents a wide selection of Denzel, Surron and Kollter electric motorcycle models. We also supply the necessary e motorcycle equipment for a smooth transition and upkeep as Australia moves towards electric-powered mobility.

Reach out to us for more information about our range of electric motorcycles ready for purchase or any inquiries about transitioning to electric vehicles.

Opting for an electric motorcycle is a step towards aligning your actions with your values - welcoming the future of vehicles while driving positive environmental change. E-Ozzie welcomes you to be part of the electric revolution today!

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