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At EOzzie, we stock Melbourne’s biggest range of electric scooters available to buy online or in-store from our Altona showroom. Whether you’re looking for ultra-high performance, off-road durability, something for your daily commute or a fun but safe scooter for kids, you’ll find the perfect scooter at E-Ozzie.

We stock all the best brands including EO, Dragon, Inokim, Hero, Zero, VSETT and Xiaomi scooters.

Browse the range online or visit us in-store and let our friendly team walk you through our wide selection.


If you’re looking for an electric bike, E-Ozzie has the best range in town. We have men’s and women’s city bikes and urban cruisers, perfect for your daily ride to work or school. We stock electric bikes for kids and we have a great selection of the best electric mountain bikes and fat bikes, with toughness and durability to go anywhere.

Our electric bikes come equipped with accessories and components from the best brands including Shimano, Samsung, Tektro and more.


Our full range of electric bikes, scooters and motorbikes are available to buy online and you can buy now and pay later with ZipPay or Payright. We offer fast and affordable shipping to all Australian cities including Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, and more. And when you shop with E-Ozzie, you get the peace of mind that comes with a 2-year warranty and complete money-back guarantee.

We also stock a wide range of electric scooter and bike accessories including tyres and tubes, lights, mirrors, electric systems and much more. And we can take care of all your electric scooter repairs and bike servicing and maintenance (for electric and non-electric bikes) from our Melbourne service centre.

Visit our showroom in Altona North to explore the whole range and test ride any of our bikes or scooters.


At E-Ozzie "The Scooter Place", we are the electric bike and e-scooter specialists in Melbourne. We stock the biggest and best range of ebikes and electric scooters in Australia. Whether you’re looking for short or medium-range bikes or scooters for your daily commute, a high-performance off-road scooter or an electric mountain bike, you’ll find all the best brands for sale at the lowest prices and E-Ozzie.

Electric bikes and scooters are becoming increasingly popular with kids, adults and seniors across Australia. They are a quick and easy way to get around that will save you money on petrol, parking and public transport. And they’re great for the environment!

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

E-bikes are battery integrated bicycles that augment the human effort by assisting during pedalling. There are push-throttle e-bikes, where complete power of the battery-operated motor is harnessed, allowing you to cruise without pedalling while zipping up-hills or to take a break from pedalling.
Depending on the battery capacity and motor wattage, e-bikes can have the range anywhere between 30-60 km before needing a charge, for a 250w motor with a 10AH battery to 40-80 km for a 350w motor and a 14AH battery, depending on the rider, terrain, weather and level of assistance used. Our most extended range city traveller with the dual battery has a range of 100 - 130 km on a single charge with an in-built rear hub 350w motor and a stock 2 Samsung batteries 11 AND 14 AH Lithium battery.
No special maintenance is required, as the electrical components require very less upkeep. But the e-bike needs regular maintenance, as any regular bicycle needs - Ensuring the tyres are inflated, the gears and chains are greased and lubricated, brakes are functioning at optimum levels. It is advisable to get the maintenance done by an e-bike mechanic - with an understanding of the workings of the electrical components..
Push-throttle e-bikes can go fast at about 30-35 kmph but, not as fast as an electric motorbike. Just enough speed to let you enjoy the scenery while cruising.
Yes, the e-bike is primarily a bicycle, with battery-powered assistance. Even, if you have battery charge left, you can opt to conserve it and ride the e-bike regularly by turning off the motor assist.
E-Ozzie e-bike tyres are mostly pneumatic (air-filled) tyres. Some of our e-bikes come in a mixed configuration - with the air-filled tyre in the front and the solid tyre taking up the rear side.
Yes, our bikes are designed to handle up-hills with a robust hub motor to augment your efforts via peddling.
Yes, push-throttle e-bikes allow you to harness the power of the motor without peddling, so you could take a break without stepping off the bike. Multiple modes of the throttle let you choose the speed to manage the battery consumption.
There is no licence and no registration required for e-bike usage. Currently in Australia, the e-bike is defined by the Australian Vehicle Standards as a bicycle that has an auxiliary motor with a maximum power output not exceeding 250 W without consideration for speed limits or pedal sensors. But each state has different rules about their usage.
E-bikes are water-resistant but not waterproof. It is advisable to use the e-bike as a general electronic device that is water-resistant, that is, a short term exposure is okay, but using it for the prolonged duration under rain or wet condition can hamper the electronics of the e-bikes.

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