Sur Ron Electric Dirt Bike

Sur Ron Electric Dirt Bike

The future of off-road riding is electric. We're almost in the heart of spring of 2024 and many dirt bike fanatics are ready to tear up the trails. Because electric dirt bikes fulfil the silent surge of adrenaline and the responsibility-free ride of devoted riders. These bikes are designed for short bursts of power on lightweight frames, making them ideal for eco-friendly off-road adventures.

Electric Dirt Bikes In Australia

While large electric vehicles face challenges, electric dirt bikes have surged in popularity, particularly in the nimble and eco-friendly realm of dirt bikes. With electric dirt bikes rising as a revolutionary force in off-roading, you’ve got plenty of the best dirt ebikes options to choose from. But of course, you cannot shop for them all. So here we are today, letting you know about the best electric bike you can get in Australia to conquer its unique and challenging landscapes like no other can, Surron Electric Dirt Bikes.

Overview of Surron

Surron™ is an electric bike manufacturer founded in 2014. A combination of innovation, industry-leading specialists, cutting-edge technology, and meticulous product development led to the release of the original "e-dirt bike," the Light Bee, in 2018. Qiu Yiwu is the founder & CEO of this company. Today, Sur-Ron has its factory, which is robotised to 50%, and just over 100 employees in Chongqing City and Hangzhou. Sur-Ron is dedicated to creating high-performance electric bikes available to everyone.

Here's why the Surron electric dirt bike should be your next adventure companion:

Exhilarating Power: Surron Electric Dirt Bikes deliver instant torque and power for an epic ride.

Eco-Friendly Fun: Zero emissions let you enjoy nature responsibly.

Silent Adventure: Hear the sounds of the trail, not your engine. 

Easy Maintenance: No more oil changes! Less maintenance saves you time and money.

Cost Savings: While the initial price might be significant, electric dirt bikes offer long-term savings due to lower running costs and minimal maintenance.

Surron Electric Dirt Bike Top Models

Here are the top dirt-friendly Surron electric dirt bikes, gaining popularity among Australian riders for their impressive performance and eco-friendly design.

Surron Light Bee X

Surron's Light Bee X is an electric dirt bike with 6kW of power, a 75 km/h top speed, and a lightweight 58 kg design. It conquers hills up to 45 degrees and offers a 75 km range, perfect for off-road fun. Adjustable suspension lets you customise your ride, while the easy 3-hour charge keeps you going. Did you know? The Light Bee X electric dirt bike received a positive 7-page review in Cycle News magazine. The reviewer found the Light Bee X to be versatile, easy to learn, and perfect for exploring new places. They also appreciate Surron's innovative approach to electric motorcycles.

Surron Ultra Bee

Conquering off-road trails is a cakewalk with the Surron Ultra Bee electric dirt bike. This powerhouse has a 12.5 kW, offering a thrilling 140 km range and a top speed of 90 km/h. Ultra Bee is super easy to manoeuvre with its refined suspension and climbs up to 440 Nm of torque. Charge up in just 4 hours and experience off-road riding like never before!

Surron Storm Bee MX

Tame the off-road with the Surron Storm Bee MX, a full-size electric dirt bike. This powerhouse boasts 22.5 kW of electric power, tackling trails with ease. With its 110 km range, 520 Nm torque, and adjustable suspension, you can tackle diverse terrains effortlessly. The Surron Storm Bee stands out with two innovative features: turbo and reverse. The turbo button delivers a burst of extra power when needed, while the reverse button helps riders navigate tricky situations on the trail. This forward-thinking approach sets Surron apart from the competition.

Are you looking for an Electric Dirt Bike in Australia?

Motorcycles and electric dirt bikes have long been popular choices for recreational activities. The Australian government acknowledges electric bikes as a legitimate form of transportation and has established regulations for their use on public roads. These regulations ensure that electric motorcycles meet the same safety standards as traditional gasoline-powered models. If you're looking for an electric dirt bike or dirt bike equipment to repair your ride, or if you're in the market for a new ride, E-Ozzie has what you're in the market for. For more information about our dirt bike models or to ask about our dirt bikes for sale in Australia, contact us today.

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