Best electric bikes in australia

Electric bikes are here to revolutionise, period. As your personal transport, these machines with electric motors and simple controls are the ultimate answer for last-mile trips.

We've taken a spin on seven top models - checked their range, speed, and how they handle different terrains. Across various terrains and surfaces, we explored how seamlessly they could fit into our daily routine. The result? We've uncovered a couple of stellar e-bikes that can transform your commute, catering to every budget. Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to the best e-bikes in Australia.

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Meet the Kristall GW20 Electric Folding Bike—a sleek and robust solution for your daily urban adventures. This bike, built for city explorers seeking both power and convenience, boasts a formidable 750W motor, hydraulic disc brakes, and a compact foldable design that redefines the commuting experience.


  • Model: GW20
  • Weight: 27 Kg
  • Max Loading: 150 Kg
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc brake
  • Gears: Shimano 7 Speeds Gear
  • Distance Pure Electric: 40-50km
  • Distance Pedal Assist Mode: 80-110km
  • Battery Type: 18650 Lithium battery
  • Frame Material: Aluminium alloy 6061
  • Torque (Nm): 80Nm
  • Charging Socket: AU Standard Round Head

Riding Experience

The KRISTALL GW20 promises a thrilling riding experience with its 7-speed Shimano gears and hydraulic disc brakes. Why does this matter? Well, it ensures smooth transitions and reliable stopping power. Plus, it loves uphill climbs, thanks to its integrated 750W motor that provides ample power.

Battery and Range

Powered by a 17Ah 18650 Lithium battery, the GW20 offers an impressive range of 40-50km in Pure Electric mode and 80-110km in Pedal Assist mode( just in case you are feeling a bit more adventurous).

Construction and Design

Crafted from robust Aluminium alloy 6061, the frame ensures durability while keeping the weight at a manageable 27 kg. Now, let's talk brakes. Not just any brakes but hydraulic disc brakes. Reliable stopping power, because we're not into surprises, especially when it comes to halting a two-wheeled speed machine.

Final Thoughts

The KRISTALL GW20 stands out not only for its powerful performance but also for its foldable design, making it a versatile choice for riders who need a convenient and capable electric bike.


  • Powerful 750W motor
  • Impressive 17Ah battery capacity
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Robust Aluminium alloy frame
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power


  • Weighs 27 kg, which might be heavy for some users
  • Hydraulic disc brakes may require occasional adjustments

In conclusion, the KRISTALL GW20 is a decent choice for riders seeking a blend of power, convenience, and durability in an electric bike.

2- MAMBA SAVANNAH Step-Through E-Bike

Who wouldn't want an e-bike that keeps pace with your wanderlust? Everyone, right? But how about taking it to new heights? With a range that defies limitations, Mamba Savvanah is your next gateway to endless exploration.


  • Model: Step-Through
  • Overall Size: 19590-10070cm
  • Max Load: 150kg
  • Net Weight: 30kg
  • Gross Weight: 36KG
  • Battery Weight: 4KG
  • Top Speed: 45km/h
  • Range Pure Electric: 40-65km
  • Range Pedal Assist Mode: 90-120km
  • Grade Ability: 30 degrees
  • Battery: 18650 Lithium battery
  • Power: 750W
  • Frame Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Gear: 7 Gears
  • Charging Socket: AU Standard Round Head


I. Electric-only Mode

II. Cycling Mode (Without Electric)

III. Assistant Mode

  • Brake: Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Warranty: 1 Year on Electric Parts.

Now, let's talk mechanical and technical.

Motor Power

At the core beats a relentless 750W motor, harmonising seamlessly with a 48V 17Ah Lithium battery. The result? Unrivalled acceleration, speeds, and an extended range in both electric and pedal-assist modes.

Range Resilience

Banish the spectre of range anxiety with a marathon-worthy 90-120km span in pedal-assist mode, promising undisturbed odysseys.

Structural Tenacity and Riding Bliss

Forged from Aluminium alloy, the frame weighs in at 30kg—striking a balance between durability and manoeuvrability. And to be fair, we can say that this is a ballet of controlled power.

Beyond aesthetics, the Step-Through design engineers accessibility, ensuring a ride that's not just thrilling but supremely comfortable.

Braking Power

Imagine having precise control over your ride. The hydraulic disc brakes offer just that.

Gearing Finesse for All Terrains

Power is nothing without finesse. With seven gears, this bike allows you to adapt seamlessly to different terrains, conquering hills and cruising effortlessly.


  • Potent 750W motor for rapid acceleration.
  • Resilient Aluminium alloy frame for a robust yet agile ride.
  • Thoughtful step-through design for accessibility and comfort.


  • Weight might be a bit hefty.
  • Enthusiasts craving even lengthier journeys might wish for a more capacious battery.

MAMBA SAVANNAH is a mechanical marvel, beckoning those who love an interplay of precision, power, and boundless exploration.

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3- Veloz Model AMG Electric Fat Bike

The Veloz Model AMG is all about the tech game. A smart display keeps you in the know throughout your ride – from your current range and speed to motor output and servicing updates. But that's just the beginning.


  • Model: AMG
  • Weight: 27 Kg
  • Max Loading: 150 Kg
  • Suspension: Front Dual
  • Brakes: Optimised Tektro Disc Brake (Hydraulic)
  • Tyre: 26” Inch Wide
  • Speed Limited: 25 Km/hr (Legal street use)
  • Speed Unrestricted: 35 Km/hr (Private use)
  • Max Distance: 40 to 70 km
  • Max Torque: 200n
  • Base Motor Power: 750W
  • Peak Motor Power: 750W
  • Battery: 48V 11.6 AH Lithium Samsung
  • Charge Time: 3-4 hours
  • Voltage: 36V
  • Drive: Rear Hub Motor
  • Motor: 750 Watt Brushless Rear
  • Display: Screen LCD
  • Wheels: 26x4
  • Frame: Aluminium Alloy

Powerhouse of Power

Let's talk power moves. The 750-watt brushless rear motor gives you the agility to take off in traffic like a boss. And when the roads clear up, the acceleration throttle on the handlebar smoothly zips you away at 20-25 km/h.

Sleek and Stealthy

Have you ever seen a sleek aluminium frame cruising through the streets? Well, now you can. The lightweight frame, front suspension, and 26-inch road tyres make this e-bike a total package – 27kg of pure riding finesse. Add the battery, and you're looking at 48V 11.6 AH Lithium Samsung batteries.

Maintenance Friendly

Maintenance? piece of cake… Tekto brakes, wheels, gearing, suspension – all parts are easily serviced nationwide, and spare parts are a snap to find.

Performance that Impresses

Starting your ride is as easy as unlocking and flicking the power switch. The 750W rear hub motor delivers a smooth pickup and responsive throttle after a couple of pedals. No jolts, just a comfortable acceleration that takes you up to 25km/h with minimal pedal effort. Optimised Tektro Disc brake? Check. Smooth stops are part of the deal.

Turn ordinary into extraordinary with Veloz AMG. Explore it better to conquer the tracks because your journey starts right here.


  • 750W brushless rear motor for swift traffic manoeuvres.
  • Smooth startup and responsive throttle.
  • Efficient braking with Tekto Disc brakes.


  • Weighs 27 kg, making it less portable.
  • A maximum distance of 40 to 70 km might be limiting for long rides.
  • A higher upfront cost for feature-packed design.



4- Veloz TXL Electric Mountain Bike

With a mix of awesomeness and a touch of reality, this bike is your passport to adventure…


So here’s the catch… Miss the adrenaline rush and get stuck in the slow lane of life.

But, with a 500W Rear Brushless motor that catapults you at 30-35 km/hr, you’re adventure thrill is not at stake. Without this power, you're looking at a snooze-fest commute – trust us; you don't want that.

Terrain Tackling Tyres

Big, bad 26” wide-based tyres gliding over landscapes – smooth like butter. We are sure you wouldn’t want a spine-rattling journey.

Smart Control, Street Wise

Enter the TXL intelligent controller – your access to street legality. Limit the power, and stay within the law. Forget this, and you're in danger of turning your joyride into a legal headache.

Dual-Suspension Dominance

Prepare for chiropractor bills because you've skipped the comfort train. But, if you are opting for TXL, you’re safe. A dual-suspension frame laughing in the face of rough terrains. Say goodbye to discomfort and a sore back after every ride.

Samsung Stamina

Picture yourself pushing a dead bike – not fun, right? A Samsung battery, the powerhouse with 48V 14 AH Lithium strength. After all, the battery is your guarantee for long rides.

Sleek and Stunning

Would you like to blend into the sea of bland bikes? No, right? Crafted with style – black aluminium alloy frame, two stunning palettes - this e-bike is a fashion statement on wheels.

Tech Talk

Weight, loading capacity, disc brakes – it's the tech marvel.

Whether city cruising or offroading. the Veloz TXL is your ride-or-die companion. Overlook this, and your commute becomes a daily grind – no excitement, just monotony.

Your journey, your call! 


  • Long-lasting Battery
  • 500W motor for speeds of 30-35 km/hr.
  • The controller ensures street-legal speeds.


  • Weighs 27 kg, less portable.
  • Feature-packed, but a higher upfront cost.

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5- EO MTB Discovery

The EO MTB Discovery is no ordinary ride; it's the top-tier model in the e-bikes stealing hearts - bringing style and power to the forefront. Weighing in at a mere 23 kg with a robust 55" Aluminum Alloy frame, this electric mountain bike is a lightweight powerhouse. Let's dig into the details.


  • Model: Discovery
  • Weight: 23 Kg
  • Max Loading: 150 kg
  • Suspension: Front Dual
  • Wheels: 27.5 / 29 Inc
  • Frame: Aluminium Alloy
  • Max Distance: 30-70 km
  • Unrestricted Speed: 35 km/hr
  • Battery: 13Ah – LG active lithium cells
  • Charge time: 4-6 hours
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Drive: Rear hub motor
  • Brakes: Tektro / Radius – Dual Pivot Hydraulic
  • Gears: Shimano 6 gears speed 16T/44T
  • Speed: Restricted Speed: 25 km/hr
  • Motor: 500 Watts rear hub motor (25 km/hr Limited/ 35-40 km/hr off-road)
  • Display: LCD 5 Mode Speed Display Intelligent controller allows switching between on-road and off-road modes.

Lightweight Marvel

First off, we've got the Discovery weighing in at 23 kg. It's like the yoga master of e-bikes – light, nimble, and ready for anything. And that Aluminum Alloy frame? It's not just sturdy; it's the James Bond of frames – tough and stylish.

Suspension System

Front Dual Suspension is your spell here, that makes the bumps go poof! How? It’s simple. The front dual suspension takes the hit by compressing the springs and slows down the rebound with dampers. This dynamic duo transforms (what could be) a harsh experience into a smoother ride.

Braking Brilliance

Time to talk brakes. Tektro / Radius – Dual Pivot Hydraulic brakes – precision at its finest. Smooth stops, controlled manoeuvres – because safety is not just an option; it's a priority, riders.


Shimano 6 gears speed with a 16T/44T setup. What does it mean? ; you've got the gear power for any plot twist in your ride - just shift, and you're the director of your adventure.


Now, let's talk speed. 25 km/hr for the city hustle – perfect for blending in with the traffic. But guess what? Off-road, it's a different story. Unleash the beast, and you're hitting 35-40 km/hr. It's like having a dual personality but in a cool way.

Power Player

We've got a 500W rear hub motor stealing the show. Smooth acceleration, and responsive throttle – all-in-one package. And when you're off-road, that torque kicks in, pushing you through the rough patches.


Hidden away is a 13Ah LG active lithium cell battery. Quick pit stop of 4-6 hours, and you're back in action.


Ever had a bike talk back to you? Well, the LCD 5 Mode Speed Display does just that. Switch modes, keep an eye on your speed, and hey, charge your phone on the go with the built-in USB. It's tech that gets you.


  • Weighs only 23 kg, making it easy to transport.
  • 500W rear hub motor for versatile rides.
  • 4-6 hours charging time for minimal downtime.
  • Sleek aesthetics with a state-of-the-art display.


Max distance may be limiting for extended rides.

Explore this one of the best e-bikes that will take you on adventures…

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6- Kristall Mamba Plus Electric Bike

Why don't e-bikes ever get tired? Because they always have the "charge" to keep going! Here is the Kristall Mamba Plus, boasting a powerful 48V 17Ah battery that takes you on a journey of 70 km or more on a single charge.


  • Weight: 26 kg
  • Max Loading: 150 kg
  • Suspension: Front- Quad shocks, Rear- Dual shocks
  • Brakes: Disc brakes + Electric
  • Speed: Restricted to 25 km/hr, Unrestricted hits 50 km/hr
  • Motor Power: 750W (Base and Peak)
  • Battery: 17 AH Lithium
  • Charge Time: 8-10 hrs
  • Voltage: 48V
  • Drive: Rear Motor
  • Wheels: 26/29-inch inflatable tubeless all-terrain
  • Frame: Aviation-grade Alloy

Powered to Perfection

We're not talking a stroll in the park; we're talking 70 km or more on a single charge. Fueled by a robust 48V 17Ah battery, this beast can go the distance—70 km or more on a single charge. Long rides? That’s also no problem.

750W of Raw Power

The 750W motor isn't just for dramatisation; it moves you at speeds up to 25 km/h on-road and even faster when you hit the off-road trails.

Built for the Wild

The 26-inch inflatable tubeless all-terrain wheels? Pure poetry! Designed for durability and performance. And that aviation-grade alloy frame? Tough as nails, glad for any challenge.

Ride Your Way

Choose your adventure mode with three riding styles — electric-only mode when you want a break, cycling mode for a classic pedal-powered cruise, and assistant mode for a little boost.

Tyre Size

Choose the 27-inch option for elegant manoeuvring through Australian streets. The smaller wheelbase improves agility and makes it easier to navigate tight spaces. Or, opt for the larger 29-inch wheels when venturing off the beaten path. The increased wheel size provides a stable and secure grip, and it's perfect for exploring those rough and uneven terrains.


  • The 750W motor gives you that extra kick.
  • Good option for those who love to go far with up to 70 km on a single charge.
  • Perfect for daily rides.


  • At 26 kg, it's not the lightest ride around.
  • Be patient; it takes 8-10 hours for a full recharge.

Explore your very own freedom machine, built for your daily escapades and adventures.

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7- 3rd Gen Freestyler Foldable E-Bike

Looking for an e-bike that goes beyond wheels? Introducing the 3rd Gen Freestyler Foldable E-Bike—a portable powerhouse with a sleek foldable design that's got the competition folding in envy.


  • Motor Power: 250W Brushless
  • Battery: Samsung 36V 8Ah Li-ion
  • Number of Speeds: 5
  • Maximum Speed: 32 km/h (Unlockable)
  • Weight: 17 kg (Net)
  • Maximum User Weight: 120 kg
  • Mileage on Full Charge: 25 km
  • Pedal Assist Levels: 5
  • Wheel Size: 14 inches
  • Frame Material: Lightweight Aluminium Alloy
  • Brake: Dual-Disc Brake

Pocket-Sized Power

The 250W Brushless motor paired with a Samsung 36V 8Ah Li-ion battery is a dynamic duo, providing a maximum speed of 32 km/h (unlockable) and a decent 25 km of mileage.

Fold and Roll

When it comes to compact convenience, the Freestyler steals the show. Folding in just two steps to a compact 60 x 68 cm, this 14-inch wonder is a breeze to transport, weighing in at just 17 kg of featherlight aluminium alloy.

Adaptable and Affordable

Adjustable seat and handlebars accommodate all heights, and with a rear racking upgrade option, it's ready to carry up to 120 kg. But what's truly priceless? Its affordability.

Night Bike

The LCD, front LED lamp, and pedestrian horn make night rides a cinch, while the dual-disc brake ensures you stop on a dime.


  • Pedestrian horn for added safety.
  • Foldable frame for easy transport.
  • Budget-friendly—your wallet's best friend.
  • Can carry up to 120 kg—strength in every ride.


  • Small battery capacity—charge wisely.
  • Hesitant climber, with a limit of 25° inclination angle.

Talk about the best affordable e-bike for adults - the 3rd Gen Freestyler Foldable E-Bike is here offering portability, performance, and affordability. Explore the perfect ride just here.

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In conclusion

Number one, figure out your game plan. If you're switching from the car or bus to a healthier, happier, budget-friendly commute, a folding e-bike is a winner and E-Ozzie is the best ebikes seller in Australia.

Or if all you love is convenient commuting, Kristall GW20 might be the best option.

The Mamba Savvanah step-through bike is suited for riders who want a versatile bike capable of handling various terrains with comfort and ease.

Now, regular electric bikes can tackle the roads, and there are so many options that come under your budget.

And if you're itching for off-road excitement, e-bikes aka electric beasts are out there… with their thicker tyres and extra resistance, demand that extra oomph.

Veloz Model AMG is perfect for those who want a feature-packed bike with a focus on technology - suitable for both on-road and off-road adventures.

Short city hops? Go easy on the battery.

Eo MTB Discovery is a perfect fit for those who prioritise style, agility, and shorter to medium-range commutes.

Planning epic quests? Make sure your charge lasts the adventure. Consider going for Kristall Mamba Pro Electric Bike, suitable for longer journeys.

You can also check out our blog for Best Electric Bikes Accessories in 2024.

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