Best Electric Bikes Under $1000 in Australia

Forget empty wallets and aching legs – the electric bike revolution has hit town, and it's here to stay (without draining your bank account). We at E-Ozzie have scoured the market, and cracked the code, separating the budget-friendly electric bikes from the cheap, sputtering lemons. Today we will reveal the best ebikes under $1,000. We'll be honest, crafting top-notch e-bikes on a shoestring budget can be challenging. But, we've risen to the challenge, bringing you a curated selection of affordable electric bikes. Speaking of affordable, we've kept our eyes peeled for those sneaky sales too.

Best electric bike under $1000

JackRabbit OG Electric Bike
Moov8 – X Electric Bike 22X
Ancheer Fat Tire Electric Bike for Adult

Lectric XP 3.0 Electric Bike






Specifications Details
250-watt motor Not a fire-breathing beast, but enough to give your legs a gentle boost to 25km/h, the legal limit for these e-vehicles.
Powerful Battery

36V, 7.8Ah battery – not a record-breaker, but should get you 20-40km depending on how much you chat with the wind and conquer hills.

The removable battery is a plus, keeping it safe inside at night.

Gears Shimano Tourney 7-speed cassette and RevoShift twist grip shifter– familiar names for veteran cyclists, easy to learn for newbies. No fancy internal hubs here, but 7 gears offer enough options to tackle most slopes without breaking a sweat (or the bank).
Durability 6061 aluminium frame sturdy enough for your daily commute, light enough to carry up those pesky apartment stairs.
Disc brakes Reliable stopping power, no matter the weather.
Integrated suspension in the saddle You read that right! Your bum will thank you on bumpy roads.
Mudguards Keep the splashes at bay, even when Mother Nature throws a tantrum.
Kickstand Park anywhere, anytime, hands-free.
Bag rack Turn your e-bike into a cargo mule if needed.

Let's start with the heart of the matter: folding. This Valk folds into a compact, suitcase-like package in mere seconds, thanks to quick-release levers that feel sturdy and satisfying to click. Plus, at a price point hovering below $1000, it whispers sweet nothings to budget-conscious ears.

First Impression:


  • Lime green, black and white screams "Look at me," but hey, you can choose stealthy black or crisp white too.
  • Folding mechanism? Smooth as butter, taking seconds to transform from bike to compact toy.
  • 20-inch wheels – not the biggest, but perfect for zipping around town and dodging pesky potholes.
  • At 20kg, it's not a featherweight, but still easy to handle and fold.
  • Single assist mode, five levels to choose from.
  • Recommended height 152-185cm, so if you're a basketball player, look elsewhere.


The Valk Shuttle 5 is a fun, practical, and budget-friendly e-bike for city commuters and adventurers alike. It won't win any races, but it'll get you there with a smile and a healthy dose of pedal-assist power.

JackRabbit OG Electric Bike




Specifications Details
Motor 300 watts – enough to give your legs a gentle boost to 32km/h

Li-Ion 36V 4.2Ah 151.2Wh – not a record-breaker, but should get you 20-40km depending on how much you chat with the wind and conquer hills.

Removable Battery This is a big plus!
No pedals, no chain Just a thumb-activated throttle for pure electric fun. Think of it as a magic button for effortless speed.
Kickstand Park anywhere, anytime, hands-free. Convenience is king (or queen) with this little leg rest.

It's sort of like poker if you're thinking about buying an electric bike for a low price. With prices this cheap, you never really know what you're going to get. Since batteries, motors, frames, and wheels are all part of an e-bike, it is not recommended to buy one for less than $1000. This is because you want a high-quality motor, high-quality batteries, and minimal maintenance performance from your e-bike. Concerning that, let's discuss the JackRabbit OG, the sunny yellow tiny e-bike that has been attracting attention and sparking interest.

First Impression:


  • No pedals? Whoa! You won't find pedals here, just a thumb-activated rocket booster that shoots you up to 20 mph
  • A lightweight winner at just 10 kgs. You could lift it with one hand, hang it on your wall like a picture frame, or even carry it on your shoulder (if you're feeling extra strong).
  • Looks vibrant in yellow and blue, but hey, stealthy black and crisp white are there for the introverts.
  • Think ultra-compact, like a backpack on wheels when folded.
  • 20 inches, all-terrain wheels are behind the extra smooth riding experience. 


Overall, the JackRabbit OG is like a super-fun gadget that turns everyday errands into mini-adventures. It's perfect for zipping around campus, and grabbing coffee with friends, not for conquering mountains or crossing state lines, but for making short trips feel like playground escapades.


Moov8 – X Electric Bike 22X




Specifications Details
Powerful Motor A 36V 250W Bafang motor ensures a thrilling and responsive ride through city streets.
Swappable Battery

The Panasonic lithium-ion battery offers a 40-60 km range and easily fits into any backpack for a quick swap.

Smart LED Lights Front and rear LED lights not only enhance safety but also use minimal battery, extending your ride.
Premium Components Tektro dual disc brakes, Shimano 7-speed gears, leather grips, and an SR ergonomic saddle ensure a comfortable and reliable journey.
Foldable and Lightweight Weighing just 20 kg and folding to a compact size, the X adapts to your lifestyle, making commuting a breeze.
Tech-Savvy Display The LCD multi-functional display keeps you informed about your ride, adding a touch of modern convenience.
Quick Charge With a 3-4 hour charge time, you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the ride.
Versatile Design The X is not just a bike; it's your go-to for commuting, public transport, and easy storage at home.
Rust-Resistant Chain The KMC chain ensures longevity, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.
Maximum Safety Tektro front and rear dual disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, enhancing rider safety on urban streets.


Finding a long-range electric bike under $1000 is a challenge, but the Moov8 – X Electric Bike 22X steps up to redefine expectations. Boldly challenging the notion that quality e-bikes must come with a hefty price tag, this e-bike offers a compelling blend of performance, durability, and convenience.


First Impression:


  • The X stands out with its contemporary design and black colour, seamlessly blending style and practicality. Lightweight yet robust build, emphasising aesthetics without compromising durability.
  • Equipped with a 36V 250W Bafang motor and Shimano 7-speed gears, the X delivers a powerful, smooth and elite riding experience. Acceleration is responsive, and the 25 km/hr maximum speed aligns with urban speed limits.
  • Tektro brakes, a rust-resistant KMC chain, and premium components promise durability, while the leather grip and ergonomic saddle add a touch of luxury.
  • A Swappable Panasonic battery for a 40-60 km range, a USB port for on-the-go charging, and integrated LED lights for safety make the X a tech-savvy companion.


If you're in search of a reliable, affordable, and stylish electric bike for less than $1000 that doesn't compromise on performance, the Moov8 – X Electric Bike 22X is a worthy contender.


Ancheer Fat Tire Electric Bike for Adult




Specifications Details
Motor Power Remember those early electric bikes that wheezed uphill like a winded puppy? Gone. This 500W motor (peaking at 750 W) is a thoroughbred, ready to gallop wherever you lead it.
48V 10.4Ah battery

Up to 50 miles on a single charge means longer adventures, less range anxiety, and more time lost in the joy of the ride.

LCD Dashboard It tracks your speed, battery level, and mileage, and even throws in some fun extras like a trip odometer and riding time.
Lockable Suspension Fork This lockable suspension fork smooths out the bumps like a magic carpet ride.
Mechanical Disc Brakes These mechanical disc brakes offer reliable stopping power in any weather, whether you're hurtling down a hill or navigating city traffic.
7-Speed Shimano Transmission This 7-speed Shimano transmission lets you effortlessly climb steep inclines, cruise through flatlands and adjust your pace to match any challenge.
Fat Tyres These 4-inch-wide fat tyres are your all-terrain ambassadors, conquering sand, gravel, snow, and even the occasional rogue puddle with ease.


Save money, save the planet, and still have a blast while doing it! The Ancheer fat tyre ebike is an under-$1000 tech-packed e-bike that is sleek with an LCD that keeps you in control with real-time stats on speed, battery level, mileage, and more.


First Impression:


  • This bike is a stunner! It's got that rugged, ready-for-anything vibe, like a 4-wheel drive for your adventures. 
  • The motor delivers a powerhouse performance.
  • Built to last, the sturdy aluminium alloy frame, high-strength carbon steel fork, and puncture-resistant tyres are always up for an adventure.
  • No need to worry about complicated setups—this bike comes 90% pre-assembled.
  • Removable battery meaning you can charge it on the bike or take it inside for a quick power boost.


It's not about buying the cheapest e-bike, it's about getting the best ride for your buck. And under $1000, the Speedrid’s quality-built powerhouse with a 500W motor that conquers hills with ease and a 50-mile range battery that lets you explore further.


Lectric XP 3.0 Electric Bike




Specifications Details
Motor Power Conquer hills and leave traffic in the dust with a punchy 1000W peak rear hub motor. The whisper-quiet operation makes commutes stealthy and serene.
Confidence in Every Stop

Powerful hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors ensure you control your ride, whatever the terrain.

Effortless Convenience Step-thru frame lets you hop on and off with ease, perfect for urban warriors and casual cruisers alike.
Comfort Plush saddle and suspension seat post keep your backside happy, even on bumpy journeys.
Go the Distance Explore farther with a 45-mile range (extendable with the Long-Range battery), letting you roam free without range anxiety.
Tech Savvy Lectric PWR™ optimises power delivery for smooth acceleration and efficiency, boosting both your ride and your battery life.
Fold and Conquer Compact and foldable design makes storage and transport a breeze, whether it's your apartment or your RV.
Accessorise Your Adventure Upgrade with cargo baskets, phone mounts, lights, and more to personalise your XP 3.0 for any task or terrain.
Bring a Friend (or Two) Share the fun with an extra 150lbs of riding buddies. (Double-check local e-bike regulations for passenger allowances.)
Quality Under Budget Built with sturdy components and backed by a 1-year warranty, the XP 3.0 delivers high-performance value without breaking the bank.


Calling all car-weary adventurers! The wait is over. The Lectric XP 3.0 is here, for all of us to experience freedom, convenience, and wallet-friendly daily commutes. Think of it as a car replacement that folds up, fits in your apartment, and runs on smiles (and electricity, of course!).


First Impression:


  • Sleek lines, bold colours, and a hint of ruggedness make it a statement on wheels.
  • The XP 3.0 feels instantly approachable. It's not intimidatingly large or heavy.
  • The folding mechanism looks smooth and easy, perfect for urban commuters or apartment dwellers.
  • From the powerful motor to the versatile tyres, everything about this bike looked like "Let's explore!"


Additionally, the XP 3.0 retains its convenient folding functionality and offers both standard and step-through frame options. This impressive versatility, coupled with its remarkable affordability under $1,000, makes it a highly compelling proposition.


Tips for choosing Best electric bike under $1000


  • Consider which class of e-bike you need: Class 1 (20 mph, pedal assist only), Class 2 (20 mph, pedal or throttle assist), or Class 3 (28 mph, throttle allowed in some areas).
  • Choose the right type of e-bike for your needs: Commuter, mountain, cargo, folding, cruiser, etc. 
  • Think about the motor wattage, battery life, and weight of the bike.
  • Make sure the bike is comfortable to ride and has the features you need.
  • Buy from a reputable manufacturer with a warranty and customer service. Avoid websites that sell everything under the sun.
  • Look for simpler bikes with single-speed. More complex features are expensive and prone to malfunctions in cheaper models.
  • Read reviews and watch videos of the bike in action. See how it performs for other riders of your size and skill level.
  • Remember, good e-bikes don't have to be the flashiest. Prioritise reliability over features.


Here's how we selected the electric bike under $1,000:


Utility: Does the bike meet your needs and deliver on its promises?

Value: Does it offer exceptional quality for the price?

Ride Experience: Is it comfortable, enjoyable to ride, and handles well?

Motor Range: How far can you go on a single charge?

Longevity: Is it built to last with reliable components and a reputable brand?

Weight Capacity: Can it accommodate cargo or passengers?

Warranty: What coverage does the manufacturer provide?

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