6 Best Electric Mobility Scooters

An electric mobility scooter is a machine designed for people who have difficulty moving around on their own. These scooters can change their lives by giving them more freedom and independence. Interestingly, while these scooters are built for safety and not pace, some have reached surprising speeds.


You won't believe this, but those handy mobility scooters we see today have a surprising history. Way back in 1954, the giant American company Sears, known for everything from tools to clothes, actually made the first version! These early scooters looked a lot more like electric wheelchairs, but they were the start of something much cooler.


Choosing the best electric mobility scooter involves considering several factors such as manoeuvrability, battery life, comfort, and terrain versatility. If you’re someone with mobility challenges seeking reliable transportation, get guidance on selecting from the top 6 mobility scooters with this guide.


From foldable electric mobility scooters to electric mobility scooters for adults, we’ve got you covered. Read on to buy the best electric mobility scooter that suits your needs.


Top Picks: Best Electric Mobility Scooters for Enhanced Mobility


Veloz Speedy Folding Electric Mobility Scooter


Veloz USS Enterprise Mobility Scooter


Veloz RapidRide Electric Mobility Scooter


Invacare Comet Alpine Plus Mobility Scooter


Scout Portable Mobility Scooter


S19 Quest Deluxe Folding Mobility Travel Scooter


Top Electric Mobility Scooters for Everyday Trips

There's an ideal electric mobility scooter for everyone's preferences and needs. From 4 wheel electric mobility scooters to mobility scooters for the disabled, take a look at the choices and choose your perfect ride.


1- Veloz Speedy Folding Electric Mobility Scooter



PRICE: $1,789.00 $1,199.00





Battery:                  12.0Ah

Motor:                     230W

Speed:                    8km/h

Range:                    Up to 15 - 25km

Brakes:                    Electromagnetic

Charge Time:          6 hours 

Tyre:                        Flat-free

Weight:                    47kg

Introducing the Veloz Speedy Folding Electric Mobility Scooter - an ideal blend of comfort and functionality. This scooter is designed with intuitive controls and a swivel seat with retractable armrests for easy access.

It offers a practical speed of up to 8km/h and a generous range of 15-25 km. The mid-size design makes it convenient to move around, and the flat-free tyres ensure an easy trip on bumpy grounds.

The star feature of this scooter is its compact design. It folds up to take up less space, making it a perfect companion for everyday activities. Moreover, it has a battery level meter on the dash. 

The Veloz Speedy is a statement of your commitment to independence and mobility.


Client Review

Arlo K: 

“Wow, what a scooter! Its speed and range are so impressive. Also, the foldable design adds to my convenience. I must say it’s a truly remarkable scooter. Thumbs up!”


2- Veloz USS Enterprise Mobility Scooter



PRICE: $2,199.00





Battery:                38.0Ah  

Motor:                  350W 

Speed:                 12km/h

Range:                 Up to 30km                 

Brakes:                 Dual System (Electromagnetic and Mechanical)

Charge Time:        8-10 hours

Tyre:                      Pneumatic

Suspension:          Front and Rear

Meet the Veloz USS Enterprise Mobility Scooter - an XXL-sized model combining convenience and style. This scooter has adjustable armrests and a swivel, making it simple for everyone to use, no matter their size.

It provides an impressive speed of up to 12km/h and a range of up to 30km. The range depends on the kind of track it’s on and the rider's weight. The Veloz USS Enterprise comes with a dual braking system, along with front and rear suspension for optimal handling. 

With its big air-filled tyres, this scooter gives you a smooth ride on any type of ground. The standout feature is its storage capacity. With three areas for storage of belongings and a handy USB outlet for keeping your phone charged.

The Veloz USS Enterprise is highly manoeuvrable and a reliable companion for everyday use.


Client Review

George P:

Highly recommended! The scooter’s range and speed are actually impressive. What a smooth ride! Love riding it around, really!”

3-  Veloz RapidRide Electric Mobility Scooter



PRICE: $2,150.00 $1,399.00





Battery:               2 x 12 Ah          

Motor:                 300W     

Speed:                Up to 8km/h    

Range:                Up to 15 - 25km    

Brakes:                Electromagnetic  

Charge Time:       6 hours   

Tyre:                     Pneumatic

Weight:                 50kg

Presenting the Veloz RapidRide Electric Mobility Scooter - a mid-size model that strikes the exceptional balance between comfort, practicality, and attractiveness. It has a compact layout, with a battery capacity of 2 x 12Ah, providing durable power for extended rides.


It is crafted with intuitive controls and offers a speed of up to 8km/h. For easy access, this scooter possesses a swivel seat plus retractable armrests. It delivers a reasonable range of up to 15-25 km.

To add an extra layer of safety, the Veloz RapidRide features anti-tip wheels, as well as front and rear LED lights, reflectors, and a flag. It also includes a handy storage pouch on the backrest for reading material.

The Veloz RapidRide is easy to move around and is a good friend for routine errands.


Client Review

Jude T:

“I bought this scooter for my grandpa and we both are really impressed. It’s got a smooth and powerful performance, with a comfortable seat and clever design. It’s easy to handle and comfortable to ride over distances. For anyone looking for a top-quality, reliable mobility scooter, the Veloz RapidRide would be a spot-on choice. My grandpa and I fully recommend this.”

4- Invacare Comet Alpine Plus Mobility Scooter



PRICE: $5,849.00





Battery:                         2 x 75 Ah

Motor (Peak):                1800W

Motor (Continuous):     650W

Speed:                           10 km/h

Range:                           58 km                   

Weight:                          143 kg

Suspension:           Front & Rear Spring & Adjustable


The Invacare Comet Alpine Plus Mobility Scooter - a powerful mobility solution for those who love to explore challenging paths. It delivers a top speed of 10 km/h and an impressive travel range of 58km. 

This scooter features a powerful motor with a peak power of 1800W and a continuous power of 650W. Additionally, It is equipped with front and rear spring suspension, which can be adjusted according to your preference.

It has excellent outdoor capabilities, complemented by built-in splash guards that ensure vital components are protected from water and dirt. 

The Comet Alpine Plus is your pal that offers superb control and power without compromising safety and style.


Client Review

Heath L:

“The Invacare Comet Alpine Plus is perfect for my outdoor mobility needs. With large wheels, a high clearance, and strong suspension, I took this on Maria Islands and it was a great experience.”

5- Scout Portable Mobility Scooter



PRICE: $3,775.00





Battery:                 2 x 20 Ah   

Motor:                   270 Watt    

Speed:                  6.5 km/h      

Range:                  21km 

Brakes:                  Automatic Electromagnetic

Tyre:                      Black puncture proof non-marking

Weight:                  48 kg

Meet the Scout Portable Mobility Scooter - a compact yet powerful device from the ‘Drive Medical’ brand. This scooter is the first ‘Drive’ mini mobility scooter that features delta bars and a next-generation drive medical splitting mechanism. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor driving areas.

The Scout Portable Mobility Scooter offers a top speed of 6 km/h and a maximum range of 21 km on a full battery charge. Its comfortable lightweight seat swivels 360° and the removable battery pack comes with an easy-to-carry handle and locking mechanism.

With its easy-to-change body panels and an adjustable tiller that can fold down, this scooter is the ideal day for day-to-day activities. Moreover, it comes with stylish silver wheel hubs and black puncture-proof non-marking tyres.

Designed with convenience and comfort in focus, the Scout Portable Mobility Scooter offers users versatility and reliability for both indoor and outdoor use.


Client Review

Darcie H:

 “I can walk but not for long distances, so the Scout Portable Mobility Scooter is perfect for me. I went with my family to a Christmas park and could go everywhere they went and loved every minute. I could not walk it anymore but I sure could scoot in it. The battery lasted from 6 pm to midnight and had been used a little before, so I am happy. I want to use it for parks, zoos, and places I cannot walk anymore but still want to enjoy.”

6- S19 Quest Deluxe Folding Mobility Travel Scooter



PRICE: $3,849.99





Battery:                   Lithium Battery                  

Speed:                    6.4km

Range:                    Up to 20km

Charge Type:          2.5 AH

Tyre:                        7" / Solid

Weight:                    25.8 kg

Lighting:                  LED

The Pride S19 Quest Deluxe Folding Mobility Travel Scooter - a compact yet powerful mobility solution. This scooter is one of the most advanced ultra-lightweight mobility scooters available, designed with a unique folding design that folds in three simple steps.

It provides a top speed of up to 6.4km/h and a maximum range of up to 20km on a full battery charge. The comfortable seat and adjustable tiller ensure a comfortable ride. The scooter is powered by a lithium battery and can be stowed upright or laid down for easy transport at home, hotels, or airports.

The noteworthy feature is its articulated front end, which adds greater stability. With front and rear LED lights, you can rest assured of your safety even in low-light conditions.

The Quest Deluxe is your trusted companion, providing exceptional handling and power while maintaining safety and style.


Client Review

Vijay S:

 “The Pride S19 has made a huge difference for me. Its unique folding design makes it easy to transport wherever. Also, it's very lightweight and provides an impressive range. I can now enjoy my travels without worrying about mobility so I’d definitely recommend this scooter to whoever is in need of a perfect mobility scooter.”


The Final Word

Electric mobility scooters are revolutionising how people experience the world. Whether you're looking for a daily companion for errands or a trusty partner for long trips, there's a scooter waiting to empower your independence.

With increased range, portability, and comfort, these innovative devices open doors to a life without limitations. Explore our guide's top 6 picks! Choose from feature-rich models like the Veloz USS Enterprise or the ultra-portable Pride S19 Quest Deluxe. Find the scooter that matches your needs and rediscover the joy of mobility!

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