Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Adults in Australia: A Comprehensive Guide

Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Adults in Australia: A Comprehensive Guide

Electric scooters, the vanguards of modern commuting and leisure, have cheered the globe with their efficiency and vibrancy. However, for riders on the heavier side, the quest for the perfect electric scooter can be a noble challenge.

Fear not, as we've curated a list of the best electric scooters for heavy adults in Australia, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride for every rider. Let's dive into the details.


Why Heavy Rider-Friendly Scooters Matter

As the electric scooter market grows, so does the diversity of riders. While many scooters cater to the average weight range, heavier riders often find it challenging to discover suitable options. The scooters listed below are designed with robust features and enhanced capabilities to accommodate weights over 100 kg, providing a reliable and enjoyable experience for heavier riders.


Top Picks for Heavy Adults

1. Segway-Ninebot MAX G2 - 120 kg Rider Weight

The MAX G2 boasts a sturdy frame and premium components, ensuring durability and stability. With Segway’s technology and robust hardware, it delivers a consistently reliable performance for riders of all sizes.

Imagine cruising at speeds up to 35 kph, effortlessly covering a range of 70 km, all while basking in the luxurious comfort of a scooter weighing 24.3 kg. The MAX G2 not only welcomes riders of 100+ kg but does so with grace and style befitting royalty. With an IPX5 water resistance rating, this steed fearlessly traverses various terrains, promising an expedition where every element bows to your regal presence.

Savour the Features:

Built-In Suspension:

Glide through the urban landscape with unparalleled smoothness, courtesy of the front hydraulic and rear adjustable double spring suspension

Anti-Skid Traction Control:

Your safety is paramount; the MAX G2 boasts an anti-skid deck, ensuring your ride remains secure and confident.

RideyLong™ Technology:

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of performance as Segway's RideyLong™ tech takes your scooter journeys to unprecedented distances.

Turn Indicators:

Command attention and navigate with regal precision using the front and rear integrated turn indicators, a touch of sophistication for the discerning rider.

Apple Find My Scooter:

Bid farewell to worries of theft as the MAX G2 comes equipped with built-in Apple Find My Technology, allowing you to track your majestic steed from anywhere.





2. Segway-Ninebot P65 - 120 kg Rider Weight

Say hello to the P65, your new partner in crime for the ultimate commuting experience. With a range stretching over 40.4 miles, a top speed of 25 mph, and a futuristic power regenerative system, the P65 is a declaration of freedom!

The P65 combines a bulky and robust design with a 500W motor, making it an excellent choice for heavier riders who value both aesthetics and functionality. Its wide deck and efficient battery make it suitable for various terrains.

Key Features that Redefine the Game

Max Speed:

Hit the roads at an exhilarating 25 mph, leaving everyone else in your dust. The wind in your hair? Yeah, we guarantee it.

Miles Range:

Take on the urban jungle with confidence. The P65's range ensures you're ready for any adventure, whether it's a quick city spin or an extended exploration.

10.5-inch Self-sealing Tubeless Tyres:

Grip the road like never before with our state-of-the-art tires. Potholes? Bumps? Say goodbye to worries!

Built-In Front LED Lights:

Illuminate your path with our comprehensive lighting system. Safety is not just a feature; it's a promise.

Fast Charging:

We get it—you're always on the move. That's why the P65 juices up in just 4 hours, ensuring you spend more time riding and less time waiting.

Max Payload:

The P65 welcomes riders of all statures, with a max payload of 120 kgs.

Double Breaking Protection:

We take safety seriously. The P65 ensures double protection with a front-wheel dual-piston disc brake and rear-wheel electronic brake.

Multifunctional Atmosphere Light:

Stay visible and stylish with the P65's light system—alarm, RGB colours, and simultaneous flash with turn signals.

Comprehensive Lighting System:

Front LED Light, front and rear turn signals, daytime running light, brake tail light—360 degrees of protection because your safety matters!


P65 is not just setting the standard; it's redefining it. From its powerful motor to its safety features, it's a class apart. Join the revolution because the future of commuting is here.




3. Veloz V2 Electric Scooter - 150 kg Rider Weight

Imagine this: Puncture-Proof Tyres, Keylock System, and an App to manage your scooter—all in one sleek ride! And guess what? It's here, and it's better than ever.

It's portable, foldable, and packs a punch with DUAL MOTORS delivering a staggering 1600w, peaking at 2400w. This beast is designed for Australian terrains, and there's simply nothing like it on the market.

Key Features Setting It Apart as an Off-Road Racing Scooter For Heavy Riders

Dual Motors:

With a peak power of 2400w, the Veloz V2 can conquer any terrain—roads, gravel, grass—you name it. It's not just a scooter; it's a beast on wheels.

Built Tough:

Aviation-grade alloy? Check. Dual front and rear shocks for a smoother ride? Check. Massive 10-inch OFF-ROAD wheels? Check. This scooter is not just built; it's crafted for excellence.

Ride in Comfort:

Front-quad shocks, Rear-Dual shocks, and anti-slip platforms make rough terrains feel like a smooth glide. Safety? Fun? Comfort? Check, check, and check!

Puncture-Proof Tyres:

No more worrying about flats ruining your ride. The Veloz V2 comes with puncture-proof tyres, ensuring your adventure is never cut short.

Smart Riding:

Your scooter, your rules! The Veloz V2 comes with an app that lets you manage your ride from your phone. Lock it, track it, and own the road!

Let the Veloz V2 redefine your idea of off-road excitement!




4.Veloz GT Pro Runner Electric Scooter

Hold onto your helmets because I've got the inside scoop on the Veloz GT Pro Runner Electric Scooter – a true titan on two wheels, specially crafted for riders who carry the weight of excitement and heavy enthusiasm!

Features Making It Preferred Choice for Heavy Riders

The Heavyweight Champion:

Designed with the sturdiness and power to carry riders of all sizes, this scooter is your ticket to high-speed adventures without compromising on comfort or performance.

Built to Carry, Built to Last:

Are you a rider with a bit more heft? No worries! The Veloz GT Pro Runner is engineered for heavy riders, supporting a maximum load of 150 kg. Enjoy the freedom of the road, knowing your ride is built to handle whatever comes your way.

Power Meets Comfort:

Experience the fusion of power and comfort like never before. With dual motors boasting a staggering 3200W peak power, heavy riders can now accelerate up to 90 km/hr in Sport Mode without breaking a sweat.

The 10-inch front and rear pneumatic tyres, coupled with dual adjustable suspension, ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, even for riders carrying a bit more load.

Conquer Any Terrain with Confidence:

Potholes, uneven terrains, or challenging landscapes – riders can confidently conquer them all with the Veloz GT Pro Runner. This scooter is all about taking on all terrains with ease, providing riders with an unparalleled riding experience.

Sturdy and Secure:

Safety is paramount - The Veloz GT Pro Runner features a robust patented locking mechanism for the folding hex stem riser, ensuring stability and security during your ride. No wobbling, no concerns – just a secure and enjoyable journey.

Get ready to roll, riders! The Veloz GT Pro Runner awaits – where power meets comfort for the ultimate heavy-duty thrill. Let the adventure begin!



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5.Veloz X2 Electric Scooter: 150 Kg Rider Weight

Introducing the Veloz X2 – the heavyweight champ of electric scooters. Designed for riders who bring fun and a bit of weight to the party! If you've got that extra heft and love the wind in your face, the Veloz X2 is your new best mate.

Key Features To Bring It Home:

Power Packed Performance:

With a robust 2000W dual motor that peaks at a whopping 2400W, this scooter is ready to roar at speeds up to 65 km/hr! And don't worry about running out of steam – the 18Ah/23Ah battery ensures you've got the stamina for those extended joyrides.

Smooth Sailing on Any Terrain:

No more fretting about bumpy rides! The Veloz X2 boasts hydraulic disc brakes for smooth and responsive stops, ensuring you're always in control. Plus, the revamped suspension – dual coil at the front and hydraulic spring DNM at the back – turns even the roughest terrains into a comfy joyride.

Shine Bright, Ride Brighter:

Illuminate your path with ultra-bright full LED side lights that not only make you the coolest rider in town but also keep you visible day and night. Safety first, right?

More Than Just a Scooter:

Foldable stem design? Check. IP54 water-resistant? Double-check. Max rider weight of 150 kgs? Triple-check! The Veloz X2 is your passport to a hassle-free, stylish, and powerful ride.

Second guessing? The Veloz X2 is ready to roll with you on board. Get your hands on the ultimate heavy-duty joy machine now!



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6.Segway-Ninebot P100 - 120 kg Rider Weight

Ready to kick it up a notch? We've got the scoop on the Segway KickScooter P100, the heavy-duty hero for adults in Australia!

The P100 is an all-rounder with an extensive range of up to 100 km on a single charge. Equipped with double-wishbone torsion suspension and self-healing tyres, it handles demanding terrains with ease.

Features that Make it Suitable for Heavy Adults

Unlock the Power:

Meet the P100S, the scooter with the need for speed! This bad boy can hit a max speed of 30 mph! That's faster than your morning coffee run - the thrill is real!

Go the Distance:

Worried about running out of juice? Fear not! The P100S boasts a whopping range of 62.1 miles. Yes, you read that right! Cruise through your week without a care in the world. Commute, explore, or just enjoy the ride – the P100S has you covered.

Built Tough:

Rough roads? Bring it on! The P100S is equipped with double wish-bone torsion suspension for a smooth ride even on the bumpiest terrains. No need to dodge potholes – conquer them!

Safety First:

Day or night, be the shining star on the road. The P100S comes with a complete lighting system – front LED lights, daytime running lights, signal lights, and a brake light. Safety never looked so good!

Weather-Ready and Water-Resistant:

Don't let a little rain dampen your spirits. The P100S is IPX5 water-resistant, so you can ride confidently, rain or shine. Puddles? Bring them on – you've got this!

Say Goodbye to Keys:

Lost keys? Not a problem! Unlock your P100S hassle-free with an NFC card, Bluetooth, or Password. It's like witchcraft, but cooler. Connect it to the Segway App for extra convenience.

Perfect Fit:

This scooter is designed for real Aussies. With a max payload of 120 kgs, riders from 5'2'' to 6'6'' can enjoy the ultimate joyride. It's not just a scooter; it's your perfect ride partner.

Say hello to your new best mate on the road!



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7. Inokim OXO - 120 kg Rider Weight

The OXO is the heavyweight champion of Inokim's lineup, featuring dual 1000W motors and a high-capacity LG battery. With its robust build and extended range, it's a top choice for heavier riders.

Features that make it the best heavy-duty e-scooter

Power and Range Like Never Before:

With a robust 2000W motor, this scooter isn't just about speed; it's about power. Cruise up to a max speed of 65 km/h (for private property, of course) and enjoy a top range of a whopping 110 km! That's freedom redefined.

Durability and Comfort Rolled into One:

Dual 1000W brushless motors provide a smooth and linear acceleration curve, ensuring a safe and thrilling ride. Worried about rough terrains? Fear not! With adjustable suspension and pneumatic tyres, it breezes through the bumps.

Tyres for Every Terrain:

Pimp your ride! Choose from street tyres, semi-slicks, semi-off-road, or full-aggressive off-road tyres. Tailor your scooter to your terrain, and get ready to own the streets or the trails – your call!

Brakes That Stop on a Dime:

Safety is non-negotiable. The OXO comes with dual hydraulic disc brakes by Zoom – these babies stop you quicker than you can say "G'day!" Front and rear disc brakes mean unmatched stopping power.

Battery Life That Keeps Up:

No need to cut your adventure short. The LG Lithium-Ion battery with 25.6 Ampere/Hour keeps you going. Charge up in 13.5 hours and get back on the road for another round of excitement.

Lights On, Adventure Mode:

Day or night, the OXO lights the way. Integral LED lights, front twin LEDs, and a rear LED brake light make sure you're not just visible but turning heads wherever you go.

Your Rules, Your Speed:

Want to go beyond limits? The unlocked LCD lets you boost your speed to 65 km/h on private roads. Feel the wind, embrace the thrill – it's your ride, your rules!

Whether it's your daily commute or a weekend escapade, the Inokim OXO is your partner in crime. Zip through the city, and conquer off-road trails – there's no limit to where your adventure takes you.

The LCD isn't just for show; it puts the control in your hands. Adjust the top speed, brightness, cruise control, and even toggle the automatic sensor light on/off. Need a spot for your phone? The handlebars got you covered! It's not just a ride; it's your personalised adventure.



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In Conclusion

Finding the right electric scooter for heavy adults involves considering factors beyond speed and range. The scooters listed above prioritise durability, stability, and weight capacity, providing a safe and enjoyable riding experience for riders over 100 kg. Before making a purchase, always ensure that the chosen scooter meets your specific requirements and preferences. Happy riding!

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