10 Best Electric Scooters in Australia 2023

Discover the elite electric scooter choices for 2023, handpicked for stellar performance, design, and efficiency across Australian terrains.


2022 was nothing but a huge year for electric scooter rage in Australia. Not only Australia, but the world has witnessed people going out and about on three electric wheels.  


6 months into 2023, the love for three-wheelers has already ascertained itself. With electric scooters becoming legal in Victoria (and hopefully in other states as well), the spike in e-scooter usage is justified. 


Witnessing the enormous arc in the e-scooter revolution, numerous top electric scooter brands, such as Segway, Veloz, Vsett, and Dragon, have flooded the Australian market. With so many brands and models following the huge competition, finding the best electric scooter in Australia is no longer a frightful task. 


With that, we would love to share with you the top 10 electric scooters in Australia that have never failed to impress all those riding enthusiasts! Let's start.


1- Veloz GT Pro Runner Electric Scooter - Unlock the Speed!

A blend of high-speed thrills and city commuting.





The Veloz GT Pro Runner Electric Scooter is the ultimate speed demon that will leave you thrilled and craving more. Veloz Gt Pro Runner is designed with speed and control in mind, providing all those speed-craving souls with the thrill they live for. 


By saying that, we do not mean that this e-scooter is not for city commuting. With its unmatched stability and latest technology,  the Veloz GT Pro Runner is perfect for commuting the Australian city streets and off-road trails.  


Reasons To Consider Veloz GT Pro Runner

Strap in for an electrifying adventure as the Veloz GT Pro reaches a mind-blowing top speed of up to 90 Km/hr in Sport Mode (for private use). No other e-scooter in this price range and weight class can match its velocity, for sure. 


The Veloz GT Pro is equipped with dual motors, boasting a massive 3200W peak power. This dual-motor setup provides relentless acceleration. Plus, with 10-inch front and rear pneumatic tyres and dual adjustable suspension, this e-scooter conquers all terrains with ease.


Speaking of speed enthusiasts, they have an insatiable appetite for fueling their inner demons with speed. If they have to recharge their e-scooters repeatedly, that desire wouldn’t fulfil. But fret not, Veloz GT Pro has the perfect solution with its massive 52V 28Ah Li-ion battery. This powerhouse provides a maximum range of up to 150 Km in Eco Mode (for the Runner Version) with a single motor.


Not only is the Veloz GT Pro built for speed, but it also prioritises safety and looks. Its aggressive design, bright integrated fender headlight, taillights, flashing brake lights, and integrated turn signal lights ensure you're seen and safe on the road, day or night.


The Veloz GT Pro Runner Electric Scooter comes in two versions: GT Pro Elite and GT Pro Runner. The main difference is their battery size. The GT Pro Elite has a smaller 23.2Ah battery, while the GT Pro Runner has a bigger 28Ah battery. 


The GT Pro Runner can go further on a single charge, up to 150 Km in Eco Mode, making it a great companion for long rides. Both versions have the same powerful motors and speed, up to 90 Km/hr. So, if you want more range, go for the GT Pro Runner, and if you need a slightly lighter scooter, choose the GT Pro Elite.


Reasons To Consider Alternatives

Firstly, budget constraints may lead some users to explore more affordable options with decent performance for everyday use. Secondly, those seeking compact and lightweight scooters for easy portability might find alternatives that better fit their needs.


Thirdly, not everyone requires advanced features and the latest technology, so opting for simpler e-scooters can be a practical choice for casual riders. 


As for the price point, the Veloz GT Pro Runner's cost can vary based on battery capacity, version, and any ongoing promotions. If you have a limited budget, then this might be a little heavy on your wallet. 


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2- VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter - The Ultimate High-Performance Ride

A design that conveys speed and luxury.





Prepare to embrace the next generation of electric scooters with the exhilarating VSETT 10+. This powerhouse of a ride is set to redefine your notion of high-performance scooters. Vsett 10+ lets you experience the fastest speeds, longest ranges, and cutting-edge features, all wrapped up in a sleek and aggressive design. 


Reasons To Consider VSETT 10+

The VSETT 10+ boasts dual 1400 W motors that propel you to incredible speeds of up to 50 MPH in Sport Mode. 


Now here comes the part that makes this e-scooter as high-performance as you ever wished for. You can switch between a single motor mode for extended range and efficiency, or unlock the full power of dual motors for thrilling speed and acceleration. The VSETT 10+ adapts to your riding needs.


With a massive 60V 28.0Ah Li-ion battery, the VSETT 10+ offers a staggering maximum range of 115 miles. Say goodbye to range anxiety and explore far and wide without worrying about frequent recharges.


Vsett 10+ comes equipped with dual hydraulic disk brakes and a responsive E-Brake. It ensures precise control and maximum stopping power to make you feel confident in your ride, even at high speeds.


VSETT Control Throttle Display puts you in the driver's seat, allowing you to tune your ride preferences to perfection. With the NFC Key Lock Immobilizer, your scooter remains protected, ensuring only you can start your VSETT.


Plus, riders can enjoy a smooth and safe journey with the high-performance dual suspension, featuring a hydraulic coil and swingarm design. 


Reasons to Consider Alternatives

The VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter is a high-performance model that comes with a premium price tag. If budget is a significant consideration, there are alternative e-scooters available at more affordable price points that still offer decent performance and features.


Not all riders require the extreme speed and range offered by the VSETT 10+. If you primarily use your scooter for short commutes or leisurely rides, there are alternative models - with more modest specifications that can fulfil your riding needs without the need for additional power.


The VSETT 10+ is designed for high performance, which may result in a slightly heavier scooter. 


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3- The Dragon Predator Electric Scooter

Combining power with design, specially engineered for heavy riders.




It is here to make heavy riders' wildest scooting fantasies come true. Imagine cruising the streets with unmatched stability, power, and confidence under your wheels. 


Reasons To Consider Dragon Predator 

The Dragon Predator Electric Scooter is well-suited for heavy riders due to its robust construction and powerful motor. Bumpy rides, reduced range, and potential wear and tear are not what you signed up for, right?


The Dragon Predator can support a maximum load of 150kg, which is higher than many other standard electric scooters on the market. This higher weight capacity ensures that heavy riders can comfortably and safely ride the scooter without compromising its performance.


The scooter's dual 1100W motors, peaking at 3600W combined, provide ample power and torque to handle the extra weight of heavier riders. This means that the e-scooter can accelerate smoothly and maintain higher speeds even with a heavier load.


The scooter boasts a superior build quality and is designed to handle the demands of various terrains and rider weights. Its durable frame and components ensure it remains stable and reliable, even with heavier riders on board.


The advanced oil suspension system, both on the front and rear, adds to the scooter's stability and comfort, making the ride smoother, regardless of the rider's weight. 


The Dragon Predator electric scooter offers fantastic value for money, providing exceptional features and performance. It's an investment that promises to elevate your riding experience and make every journey a thrilling adventure.


Reasons to Consider Alternatives

While the Dragon Predator offers great value, budget constraints may lead you to explore other electric scooters with different price points. 


If your needs often involve public transport use, you might require a lightweight and easily portable e-scooter.


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4- Veloz X10 Pro 

Power, versatility, and style. Made for the Australian streets.




The Veloz X10 PRO electric scooter is an impressive all-rounder that combines power, versatility, stability, and comfort. If you're an Australian who enjoys riding an e-scooter to work, running errands, or just for fun, this scooter is made for you. Have an exceptional riding experience with Veloz X10 Pro. 


Reasons To Consider Veloz X10

With its 2000W dual motor (peak power 2400W) and 52V battery system (available in 18Ah or 23Ah capacities), the Veloz X10 PRO strikes a perfect balance between performance and efficiency. It offers sufficient power for swift acceleration, smooth climbs, and a top speed of 75 kilometres per hour (46 miles per hour) for private use. The dual motor also provides excellent torque, making it suitable for conquering inclines and mixed terrains.


The scooter's battery options cater to different riding preferences. The 18Ah battery provides a travel range of 45-75 kilometres (28-47 miles), while the 23Ah battery extends the range to over 100 kilometres (62 miles). This versatility allows riders to choose the battery that suits their daily commute or recreational rides.


Crafted from High-Quality Aerospace Aluminium, the Veloz X10 PRO boasts a robust and lightweight frame. The scooter boasts a longer board with a metallic footrest at the rear, providing riders with a stable and comfortable platform to confidently ride at higher speeds. This design element makes it suitable for both experienced riders seeking speed and manoeuvrability and newbies looking for a reliable daily commute option.


The Veloz X10 PRO boasts impressive torque output, makes the scooter highly responsive and accelerates quickly, making it easy to navigate the tough challenges road riders may encounter. 


It also features blue lights at the bottom, making it more visible to others on the road and pedestrians. These LED lights not only add to the scooter's aesthetics but also improve overall safety during nighttime rides.


The Veloz X10 PRO is designed with advanced disc brakes both in the front and rear, also,  it comes equipped with regenerative braking technology which helps in saving power and improving the overall braking performance. 


To make it more user-friendly. the upgraded version of the Veloz X10 PRO comes with a centre stand positioned in the middle of the board, offering better stability and convenience when parking the scooter. 


The scooter comes with an IP54 water-resistant rating, protecting it from light rain and splashes. Its foldable stem design allows for quick and convenient folding within 5 seconds, making it perfect for Aussies looking for a foldable and transportable e-scooter. 


The smart LCD, along with a thumb or index throttle, ensures intuitive control over the scooter's functions. It also includes a loud 90 dB horn button for added safety.


The scooter can support a maximum rider weight of 150 kilograms (330 pounds), accommodating a wide range of riders.


The Veloz X10 PRO electric scooter typically falls in the mid-range price category. The price can vary depending on the battery capacity and other optional add-ons.


Reasons To Consider Alternatives

The Veloz X10 PRO's top speed of 75 km/hr (about 46 mph) may exceed the legal speed limits for electric scooters in Australian cities. Always check local laws and regulations to ensure the scooter is compliant in your area.


Due to its powerful 3,600W peak motor and high speed, this scooter may not be the best choice for beginners or inexperienced riders. It requires skill and caution to handle safely.


Although the scooter performs well, some riders may not find the additional features to be worth the price, especially those who only require the bare minimum for commuting. 


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5- Dragon Cyclone Pro - All-Terrain

A rugged exterior designed to conquer the toughest terrains while ensuring a smooth ride.



When it comes to sheer offroad performance and conquering those city streets ups and downs, the DRAGON CYCLONE PRO stands unmatched in its category, promising unforgettable experiences on any adventurous path you choose to take.


Reasons To Consider Dragon Cyclone Pro

With 1000W of each motor, this scooter packs a punch, delivering exceptional torque and acceleration, making it ideal for conquering steep hills and rough off-road trails.


Say goodbye to flat tyres! The puncture-proof all-terrain tyres ensure a worry-free ride. Even on rugged surfaces, you can explore challenging Australian terrains with confidence.


The Dragon Cyclone Pro is equipped with fully hydraulic brakes, providing powerful and responsive stopping capabilities for added safety on any terrain.


No longer bound by short-range limitations, this scooter with a maximum range of 60 km pretty much gives you the freedom to explore.


Dragon cyclone pro is equipped with not just one, but two powerful motors. It has a peak motor power of 3600W and a base motor power of 2000W which pretty much explains its power to conquer steep hills. When both motors are engaged, the e-scooter generates an impressive amount of thrust, making it easy to ride on challenging inclined terrains. This extra power translates into faster acceleration, smoother hill climbs, and a thrilling offroad experience.


With a restricted speed of 25km/hr and an unrestricted speed of 60km/hr, you have the option to tailor your ride to suit your riding level and the surface beneath your e-scooter. Remember, always follow the rules and regulations of riding an e-scooter to avoid any consequences. 


The scooter can handle a maximum loading capacity of 150kg, and it boasts a sleek and modern design. Thanks to its higher load capacity, it remains extra-stable even on challenging terrains, ensuring a non-bumpy and stable ride. Combining both aesthetics and functionality, Dragon cyclone pro is a head-turner on and off the trails.


The Dragon Cyclone Pro electric scooter offers a powerful and exhilarating offroad experience. Is it worth it? Absolutely! If you’re looking for an electric scooter capable of tackling challenging terrains, the Dragon Cyclone Pro proves to be a fantastic investment. 


Reasons to Consider Alternatives

If your offroad adventures primarily cover shorter distances, a scooter with a smaller battery and range might suffice. 


The Dragon Cyclone Pro weighs 33 kg, making it a sturdy and durable option for off-road use. However, if portability and ease of transportation are crucial factors for you, you might consider alternatives that are lighter and easier to carry around.


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6 - Nami Klima Electric Scooter

A testament to raw power and elegant design, ready for every adventure.




Experience the ultimate ride with the NAMI KLIMA - the crowned king of electric scooters, boasting a jaw-dropping peak motor power of 5360W for unrivalled performance on any terrain. 


Reasons To Consider Nami Klima 

With a jaw-dropping peak power output of 5360W, the NAMI KLIMA can reach thrilling speeds of up to 65km/hr. Whether you're commuting through busy city streets or cruising on open roads, this scooter offers the kind of power that makes every ride an adrenaline-pumping adventure.


The NAMI KLIMA boasts two powerful 1000W brushless hub motors, strategically positioned for optimum balance and performance. This setup ensures that you experience explosive torque right from take-off, making acceleration smooth, swift, and exhilarating.


The electric scooter is equipped with dual 40A sine wave controllers, intelligently managing the power distribution to the motors. This advanced control system optimises the scooter's performance and helps in delivering a seamless riding experience that sets it apart from its competitors.


Plus, The NAMI KLIMA allows you to adjust various riding parameters, putting you in complete command of your scooter's performance. Its dual rebound adjustable suspension, coupled with wide 10” tubeless tyres, absorbs shocks and vibrations, even when exploring off-road routes. 


Nami Klima comes equipped with 2000 lumen ultra-bright headlight and LED strip to offer enhanced visibility at night. Not to mention its waterproof design with an IP55 rating that lets you ride confidently in various weather conditions.


Now, here, Nami Klima offers something special. Choose between two battery options, 25AH or 30AH LG Lithium, based on your range needs. The NAMI KLIMA provides an impressive range of 65km to 85km on a single charge so you can cover long distances without worrying about running out of power.


With the option to pay in instalments and 6 months of free service included at E-Ozzie, this scooter presents an enticing opportunity for riders seeking a high-performance electric scooter without breaking the bank.


Reasons To Consider Alternatives

While the NAMI KLIMA offers great value, it might still be out of reach for many. For those seeking a more affordable option, exploring other models with lower price points could be a better fit.


The NAMI KLIMA is a high-powered scooter designed for enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. However, if you primarily need a scooter for short urban commutes or leisurely rides, there are more economical options with sufficient power for daily use.


7- Inokim OX ECO

The perfect companion for diverse terrains.





With the Inokim OX ECO, you're not just getting an electric scooter; you're unlocking a gateway to thrilling offroad escapades. But how? Let's see!


Reasons To Consider Inokim OX Eco E-scooter

The Inokim OX ECO doesn't just hit a top speed of 35 km/h; it propels you into a world of exhilarating freedom, making every offroad journey an unforgettable experience.


On treacherous terrains, the ability to control your speed is crucial. The OX ECO's throttle control offers a seamless transition from a gentle amble at 5 km/h to a thrilling 25 km/h.


This scooter respects local regulations, automatically limiting its top speed to 25 km/h for Australia. Yet, even at this speed, it still delivers an offroad experience that's unmatched in its class.


The Inokim OX ECO's independent and adjustable front and rear suspension system is like having a magical carpet ride. It soaks up bumps and uneven terrain beneath your wheels and lets you experience a comfortable experience like never before. 


With an 800W brushless motor at its heart, the OX ECO exudes power. It's a silent force that effortlessly carries you up steep hills. Plus, the impressive 58 km range isn't just a number; it's the passport to boundless adventures. 


The Inokim OX ECO's 10" pneumatic tyres are the conquerors of rough terrains. They grip the ground with tenacity as you venture into the mountains, leaving ordinary scooters in the dust.


The Inokim OX ECO is an excellent investment for off-road enthusiasts looking for a budget-friendly option. Every time you set out on your Inokim OX ECO, you'll feel a surge of excitement and anticipation, knowing that there's no limit to the exhilarating experiences that await you. 


Reasons to Consider Alternatives

If you have very specific offroad requirements, such as the need for an even higher top speed or longer range, exploring other models with specialised features tailored to your needs might be worthwhile.


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8 - Veloz Master Electric Scooter

Aesthetics with unparalleled functionality.





Meet the Veloz Master Electric Scooter, your perfect companion for city commuting! With its blend of power, style, and efficiency, this e-scooter is designed to conquer urban streets and make your daily travels a breeze.


Reasons To Consider Veloz Master

The Veloz Master packs a punch with its 2400W dual motor setup, allowing you to reach a top speed of 60 km/hr. Cover long distances effortlessly, thanks to its robust 52V 18Ah grade battery, offering a travel range of 50 to 70 km on a single charge.


Navigate any terrain with ease! The Veloz Master's all-terrain prowess ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride, even on bumpy city roads. Discover new shortcuts and take on diverse paths confidently.


Equipped with responsive grippy disc brakes at the front and rear, the Veloz Master ensures smooth stops amidst busy city traffic. Plus, its regenerative braking system saves energy, extending your battery life.


Speaking of the advanced folding mechanism, it ensures stability and eliminates waggling during rides, making steering dampers unnecessary.


Do you know what’s more interesting? City streets can be unapologetically rough, sometimes. But, fear not! The Veloz Master's advanced suspension system, featuring dual coil suspension at the front and hydraulic spring DNM suspension at the back, keeps you comfortable even on uneven surfaces.


Stay informed during your rides with the smart LCD that works perfectly on sunny days too, providing essential ride data at your fingertips. The deck is coated inside and outside with rubber, providing extra protection against water. Plus, you can download the app to customise your experience, control deck lights, and pick from a multitude of colours to match your style.


The 100% silicone-injected advanced controller prevents water penetration and comes with a 2-year extended warranty.


Reasons to Consider Alternatives

If you have a short daily commute, or you are tight on budget, consider more affordable options that cater perfectly to your distance requirements.


E-scooters come in various designs and styles. If the Veloz Master's aesthetics don't align with your taste, check out other models that resonate better with you.


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9- Bexly 10X Electric Scooter 

Daily commuting efficiency and adventure-ready features.




The Bexly 10X Electric Scooter is a versatile demon designed to cater to thrill-seekers and urban commuters alike. With its powerful 2000W motor, it offers an exhilarating ride that can reach speeds of up to 65 km/h, providing the adrenaline rush you crave.


Reasons to Consider Bexly 10X

The Bexly 10X boasts dual 1000W hub motors (or 1200W on the 21Ah model), ensuring outstanding performance. You can conquer challenging off-road terrains effortlessly and experience quick acceleration in busy city traffic.


With the Bexly 10X, you have the freedom to switch between an ECO mode for energy-efficient city rides and a TURBO mode for high-speed adventures off the beaten path.


Powered by a high-capacity LG battery, available in 18Ah or 23Ah options, the Bexly 10X can take you on thrilling off-road adventures or handle your daily city commute with a range of up to 65km on a single charge.


While the Bexly 10X can achieve a top speed of up to 65 km/h, please note that this speed is intended for off-road use only. For city commuting, it can comfortably maintain a more reasonable speed of 25 km/h to adhere to local regulations.


Equipped with front and rear disc brakes (18Ah model) or front and rear hydraulic brakes (23Ah model), the Bexly 10X ensures efficient and reliable braking for both city and off-road conditions.


The full-sized 10-inch pneumatic tyres deliver excellent ride comfort, traction, and rolling efficiency, while the adjustable dual suspension allows you to tailor your ride experience based on the terrain.


For riders seeking an even greater range for their city commutes, the Bexly 10X offers the flexibility to upgrade to a longer-range battery, catering to various riding preferences.


The Bexly 10X is built tough with striking suspension arms, designed to withstand the demands of off-road adventures and daily city commuting, providing stability and durability.


Reasons to Consider Alternatives

The Bexly 10X falls into a higher price range, which might not be suitable for all riders. If budget is a concern, exploring more affordable options with decent performance and features could be a viable alternative.


For riders primarily seeking a daily city commute without requiring off-road capabilities, considering electric scooters specifically tailored for urban environments could offer a lighter and more compact alternative.


The Bexly 10X weighs 35kg, which may be a consideration for riders needing to carry it upstairs or use public transportation. In such cases, lighter and more portable electric scooters might be preferred.


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10. Vsett 8 Electric Scooter

Portability and design, it's the commuter's perfect fit.




Discover the pinnacle of portability with the VSETT 8 Electric Scooter - your ideal travel companion for urban explorations. 


Reasons To Consider Vsett 8 

Whether you need to hop on a bus, navigate through crowded sidewalks, or store it in your office, the VSETT 8's exceptional portability ensures you can seamlessly integrate it into your urban lifestyle. At 21 kg, this e-scooter is designed to strike the perfect balance between sturdiness and portability.


The VSETT 8 boasts a compact and lightweight frame, making it easy to carry and transport when not in use. The cherry on top is its foldable mechanism that allows for convenient storage and portability.


With a high-capacity 48V 15.6Ah Li-ion battery, the VSETT 8 offers an impressive range of up to 110KM on a single charge. And the 600W motor provides ample power for a smooth and efficient ride, especially during hill climbs and urban commutes.


The VSETT 8's IP54 water-resistant rating allows it to brave light rain and damp conditions, making it a reliable riding companion that takes you far in unpredictable weather.


Control Throttle Display offers various features, including the NFC Key Lock Immobilizer, giving you full control and added security for your scooter.


The scooter features an LED-lit stem, dual headlights, and integrated turn signals, improving visibility and safety during night rides and signalling to other road users.


The VSETT 8 Electric Scooter is priced starting at $1,550.00-$1,990.00, depending upon the variation in battery capacity. 


Reason to Consider Alternatives

The VSETT 8's top speed is restricted to 38-42 KM/H for private use. Riders looking for higher-speed performance may find this limiting for their needs.


While it offers excellent features, the VSETT 8's high-end model’s price might be relatively higher compared to some entry-level electric scooters, potentially making it less appealing for budget-conscious buyers.


Although it handles light off-road conditions well, hardcore off-road enthusiasts might prefer a scooter specifically designed for more extreme terrains.


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The rise of electric scooters has transformed urban commuting, offering an eco-friendly and convenient solution for city dwellers. With their advanced features and undeniable benefits, e-scooters have firmly established themselves as a permanent fixture in modern transportation.


However, finding the best e-scooter in Australia requires some personal evaluation. Consider your current needs, whether it's a powerful motor for speed, a long-lasting battery for extended rides, or all-terrain capabilities for varied routes. By delving into your requirements, you can discover the perfect electric scooter that complements your lifestyle, ensuring a thrilling and sustainable ride every time you hit the road. So, hop on and embrace the e-scooter revolution!