10 Best Electric Scooters in Australia 2024

Hey there, good to see you back. In our last blog, we discussed the top electric scooters that were winning the hearts of Australians in 2023. And today, we’re here with a fresh list of e-scooters that everyone is eyeing for their next ride in 2024. 

With each passing year, e-scooter brands continue to push the boundaries, introducing models and technology that were once considered impractical or too expensive. However, now we can bring it all to you at affordable prices. Renowned brands like Segway, Veloz, Vsett, Arvala, and Dragon are dominating the Australian market, releasing top-notch scooter models more often than before.

After years of meticulous research, we are thrilled to share with you the top 10 electric scooters in Australia that have consistently wowed riding enthusiasts!

Let's start.

Best Electric Scooters in Australia

Veloz GT Pro Runner




VSETT 11+ Super


Zero 11X


Arvala M11


Dragon Lightning V2


Veloz G5


Dragon GTR V2


Inokim OXO


Segway-Ninebot P100S


1- Veloz GT Pro Runner Electric Scooter

The Velz GT Pro Runner Electric Scooter is the ultimate speed demon that will leave you thrilled and craving more. Veloz GT Pro Runner is designed with speed and control in mind, providing all those speed-craving souls with the thrill they live for. 

By saying that, we do not mean that this e-scooter is not for city commuting. With its unmatched stability and latest technology,  the Veloz GT Pro Runner is perfect for commuting the Australian city streets and off-road trails.  

Reasons To Consider Veloz GT Pro Runner

Strap in for an electrifying adventure as the Veloz GT Pro reaches a mind-blowing top speed of up to 90 Km/hr in Sport Mode (for private use). No other e-scooter in this price range and weight class can match its velocity, for sure. 

The Veloz GT Pro is equipped with dual motors, boasting a massive 3200W peak power. This dual-motor setup provides relentless acceleration. Plus, with 10-inch front and rear pneumatic tyres and dual adjustable suspension, this e-scooter conquers all terrains with ease.

Speaking of speed enthusiasts, they have an insatiable appetite for fueling their inner demons with speed. If they have to recharge their e-scooters repeatedly, that desire won’t be fulfilled. But fret not, Veloz GT Pro has the perfect solution with its massive 52V 28Ah Li-ion battery. This powerhouse provides a maximum range of up to 150 Km in Eco Mode (for the Runner Version) with a single motor.

Not only is the Veloz GT Pro built for speed, but it also prioritises safety and looks. Its aggressive design, bright integrated fender headlight, taillights, flashing brake lights, and integrated turn signal lights ensure you're seen and safe on the road, day or night.

The Veloz GT Pro Runner Electric Scooter comes in two versions: GT Pro Elite and GT Pro Runner. The main difference is their battery size. The GT Pro Elite has a smaller 23.2Ah battery, while the GT Pro Runner has a bigger 28Ah battery. 

The GT Pro Runner can go further on a single charge, up to 150 Km in Eco Mode, making it a great companion for long rides. Both versions have the same powerful motors and speed, up to 90 Km/hr. So, if you want more range, go for the GT Pro Runner, and if you need a slightly lighter scooter, choose the GT Pro Elite.

Reasons To Consider Alternatives

Firstly, budget constraints may lead some users to explore more affordable options with decent performance for everyday use. Secondly, those seeking compact and lightweight scooters for easy portability might find alternatives that better fit their needs.

Thirdly, not everyone requires advanced features and the latest technology, so opting for simpler e-scooters can be a practical choice for casual riders. 

As for the price point, the Veloz GT Pro Runner's cost can vary based on battery capacity, version, and any ongoing promotions. If you have a limited budget, then this might be a little heavy on your wallet. 

At E-Ozzie, we have the best electric scooters listed, only waiting to be yours. Plus, for buyers’ convenience, we have flexible payment options available. So you can buy your favourite ride without financing issues holding you back. 

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Client Review:

Charlotte Jen.

“Hold onto your helmet! The Veloz GT Pro Runner screams speed, hitting 90km/h and conquering any path. But its hefty price tag and bulky size might leave casual riders and budget-conscious folks seeking alternatives. For range, it's king, but consider options if portability or affordability are priorities.”

2- VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter

Prepare to embrace the next generation of electric scooters with the exhilarating VSETT 10+. This powerhouse of a ride is set to redefine your notion of high-performance scooters. Vsett 10+ lets you experience the fastest speeds, longest ranges, and cutting-edge features, all wrapped up in a sleek and aggressive design. 

Reasons To Consider VSETT 10+

The VSETT 10+ boasts dual 1400 W motors that propel you to incredible speeds of up to 50 MPH in Sport Mode. 

Now here comes the part that makes this e-scooter as high-performance as you ever wished for. You can switch between a single motor mode for extended range and efficiency, or unlock the full power of dual motors for thrilling speed and acceleration. The VSETT 10+ adapts to your riding needs.

With a massive 60V 28.0Ah Li-ion battery, the VSETT 10+ offers a staggering maximum range of 115 miles. Say goodbye to range anxiety and explore far and wide without worrying about frequent recharges.

Vsett 10+ comes equipped with dual hydraulic disk brakes and a responsive E-Brake. It ensures precise control and maximum stopping power to make you feel confident in your ride, even at high speeds.

VSETT Control Throttle Display puts you in the driver's seat, allowing you to tune your ride preferences to perfection. With the NFC Key Lock Immobilizer, your scooter remains protected, ensuring only you can start your VSETT.

Plus, riders can enjoy a smooth and safe journey with the high-performance dual suspension, featuring a hydraulic coil and swingarm design. 

Reasons to Consider Alternatives

The VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter is a high-performance model that comes with a premium price tag. If budget is a significant consideration, there are alternative e-scooters available at more affordable price points that still offer decent performance and features.

Not all riders require the extreme speed and range offered by the VSETT 10+. If you primarily use your scooter for short commutes or leisurely rides, there are alternative models - with more modest specifications that can fulfil your riding needs without the need for additional power.

The VSETT 10+ is designed for high performance, which may result in a slightly heavier scooter. 

In Australia, the best option for high-end electric vehicles is E-Ozzie Electric Vehicles. We provide a smooth and environmentally responsible riding experience with simple payment plans for e-scooters and six months of free after-service.

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Client Review:


“VSETT 10+ leaves other scooters in the dust with its blistering speed and range. I love how its powerful brakes keep me confident, even at top speeds. Truly satisfied with my purchase.”

3- VSETT 11+ Super Electric Scooter

This scooter is the ultimate thrill ride. Zoom through town with crazy speed, go for ages on a single charge, and stay steady even when things get wild. It's pure excitement on two wheels!

Reasons To Consider VSETT 11+ 

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating ride as the VSETT 11+ Super reaches a staggering top speed of up to 105 Km/hr in Sport Mode (for off-road use). No other e-scooter in this category and size can compete with its speed, for sure.

The VSETT 11+ Super roars to life with its dual-motor system, generating an impressive 2000W peak power output. This tandem motor setup promises incredible acceleration. Plus, with 11-inch front and rear pneumatic tyres and dual hydraulic suspension, this e-scooter handles any terrain effortlessly.

For those who thrive on speed, there's an unquenchable thirst to feed their inner adrenaline addicts with the rush of high-speed pursuits. If they have to charge their e-scooters frequently, that thirst won’t quench. But don’t worry, VSETT 11+ Super has the perfect solution with its huge 72V 35LG Li-ion battery. This beast provides a maximum range of up to 160 Km in Eco Mode (for the Super Version) with a single motor.

The VSETT 11+ Super isn't just about blazing through the streets and prioritising safety and looks. Featuring a sleek exterior, along with dual LED headlight and taillight, brake light, and integrated turn signal lights ensure you’re visible and safe on the road, day or night.

The VSETT 11+ Electric Scooter comes in two versions: VSETT 11+ and VSETT 11+ Super. The main difference is their battery voltage and motor power. The VSETT 11+ has a lower 60V 31.2Ah battery and 3000W peak power, while the VSETT 11+ Super has a higher 72V 35LG battery and 4000W peak power.

The VSETT 11+ Super can go faster and further on a single charge, up to 160 Km in Eco Mode, making it an ideal choice for long rides. Both versions have the same features and functions, such as the NFC key lock, the turbo boost, and the DDM mode. So, if you want more speed and range, go for the VSETT 11+ Super, and if you want a slightly cheaper scooter, choose the VSETT 11+.

Reasons to Consider Alternatives 

With its outstanding speed and range, the VSETT 11+ SUPER Electric Scooter undoubtedly captures attention, yet it may not meet the expectations of all riders. Depending on individual preferences, some may find more satisfaction in exploring alternatives that offer affordability, portability, or simplicity, thereby better aligning with their unique requirements.

The VSETT 11+ SUPER Electric Scooter doesn't exactly come with a pocket-friendly price tag. Priced at $6,599.00, it surpasses the majority of scooters within its class in terms of cost. Furthermore, it is not a portable scooter. Weighing 128 lbs, it outmatches most scooters in its class, and it has an expansive footprint and a dual-stem design, which makes it difficult to store or carry. It is also not a simple scooter. It has advanced features, which require more maintenance and care.

E-Ozzie stands out as your premier stop for the best electric scooters. Whether you're inclined to make a swift purchase or prefer to explore payment options, we have flexible payment options to suit your needs. Don't let financial limitations stop you from acquiring your dream ride. Take a closer look at the impressive VSETT 11+ SUPER Electric Scooter and other enticing options accessible through the provided link.

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Client Review:

Mary J. 

“Got my VSETT 11+ from E-ozzie and oh my God! Best purchase ever, literally. It's crazy.”


4- Zero 11X Electric Scooter 

Forget slow scooters! The Zero 11X is a speed machine built for adventure. It's tough, lasts long, and goes wild! Perfect for exploring and pushing your limits, this scooter is your electric thrill ride. Get ready for some electrifying fun! 

Reasons To Consider Zero 11X

The Zero 11X Electric Scooter boasts a formidable 3200W dual motor (reaching a peak power of 5600W) and is equipped with a 72V battery system, available in either 26Ah or 32Ah capacities. This combination ensures an impressive blend of power and efficiency. With its ability to accelerate rapidly, tackle steep inclines smoothly, and reach a top speed of 100 kilometres per hour (62 miles per hour) for off-road adventures, it's a force to be reckoned with. Additionally, the dual motor's exceptional torque makes it capable of tackling rough lands.

Varied battery options on the scooter are designed to cater to different riding needs. With the 26Ah battery, riders can traverse distances from 80 to 110 kilometres (50-62 miles), while the 32Ah battery expands the range to over 120 kilometres (75 miles). This adaptable feature empowers riders to choose the battery that matches their unique riding habits or desired travel distance.

Built tough with steel and aluminium, the Zero 11X scooter can handle anything you throw at it. Its big deck and comfy footpad make it smooth sailing, whether you're a speed demon or a chill rider looking for a fun ride. It's perfect for both.

With its remarkable power output, the Zero 11X Electric Scooter exhibits exceptional agility and speed, making it easy to overcome the difficult obstacles road riders may face.

Additionally, it has red lights placed on the sides, which adds to the scooter's visibility to other road users and pedestrians. These LED lights serve a dual purpose, augmenting the scooter's aesthetic appeal while simultaneously elevating safety levels for nighttime travel.

The Zero 11X Electric Scooter is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes both in the front and rear, also, it has an anti-lock braking system which helps in preventing skidding and improving the overall braking performance.

To make it more user-friendly the Zero 11X Electric Scooter has a kickstand positioned at the side of the deck, offering better balance and convenience when parking the scooter.

Equipped with an IPX5 water-resistant rating, the scooter remains guarded against moderate rain and splashes. Thanks to its folding handlebar design, it swiftly folds within 10 seconds, catering to riders who prioritise the ease and portability of an e-scooter.

The smart LCD, along with a trigger throttle, ensures easy control over the scooter’s functions. It also has a loud horn button for added safety.

The scooter can support a maximum rider weight of 120 kilograms (265 pounds), accommodating a wide range of riders.

The Zero 11X Electric Scooter typically falls in the high-end price category. The price can vary depending on the battery capacity and other optional accessories.

Reasons To Consider Alternatives

The top speed of the Zero 11X Electric Scooter, reaching 100 km/hr (approximately 62 mph), significantly surpasses the legal speed limits for electric scooters in most countries. Operating at such velocities can pose substantial hazards and risks, particularly when traversing public roads or congested locales. It is imperative to consistently verify local statutes and guidelines to ascertain the scooter's adherence and safety within your vicinity.

Due to its dual 1600W motors and heavyweight, this scooter may not be the best choice for beginners or inexperienced riders. It requires skill and control to handle it properly. It also consumes a lot of battery power, which can reduce the range and increase the charging time.

While the scooter is recognised for its power and durability, certain riders might not resonate with its design and functionalities. Take, for instance, its standard display, noisy horn, and cumbersome folding system. Moreover, it falls short in offering advanced features like cruise control, regenerative braking, or adjustable suspension, which are commonly found in other scooters within its price bracket.

Get the best e-scooter in Australia delivered to your home with E-Ozzie. With our extensive e-scooter payment options and free after-service for six months, there are no more constraints to prevent you from pursuing your dream of electric riding.

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Client Review:

William B.

“Impressed by the speed and range of the Zero 11X. It's really perfect for both my short trips around the city and longer rides on weekends, definitely recommended.”


5- Arvala M11 Electric Scooter

Take a ride of a lifetime with the Arvala M11- a high-speed e-scooter having customisable features. With unparalleled performance and a long-lasting battery, it's your ticket to an amazing adventure on any road.

Reasons To Consider Arvala M11

If you're on the hunt for an electric scooter that's both versatile and speedy, the Arvala M11 Electric Scooter is the one for you. 

This scooter is equipped with dual motors boasting a power output of 5200W, which makes it possible for the scooter to reach up to 85 km/h. Plus, its high-capacity 60V 35Ah battery provides a generous riding range of up to 120 km on a single charge, offering hours of uninterrupted riding pleasure.

Another really good thing about this scooter is that you don't need to worry about it overheating, as the clever system keeps everything cool and protects each battery bit. 

There's even an app that checks on all the battery cells to make sure they're happy and healthy. 

Zip from 0 to 85 kph in under 8 seconds with Arvala M11, It’s perfect for bigger riders and has a cool LED display that connects to your phone.

So, if you're looking for a scooter with a battery that won't give up on you, the Arvala M11 Max is the right choice, mate!

Reasons To Consider Alternatives

While the Arvala M11 Max sounds impressive, its price might sting, so check out other options before zipping off!

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Client Review:

Liam E.

“I’m actually highly impressed with the build quality of the Arvala M11. Great performance. It’s reliable and efficient, perfect for me. It’s a bit pricey though, but for me, money is a well-spent man!”


6- Dragon Lightning V2 Electric Scooter

Hold on tight, because the Dragon LIGHTNING V2 electric scooter isn't your average ride. This beast boasts a jaw-dropping 4000W peak motor power, making it a king among electric scooters, ready to rule any road you throw at it.

Reasons To Consider Dragon Lightning V2? 

Feel the Speed Surge as you scream past the competition with a thrilling max speed of 80km/h. 

Double the Dragons and double the fun with two powerful 4000W motors that work in harmony, giving you explosive acceleration and effortless hill climbing.

Moreover, intelligent 40 amp controllers manage the power like a pro, delivering a smooth, seamless ride that sets it apart.

Command your ride by adjusting various settings to customise your experience. Conquer off-road adventures with its wide, all-terrain tyres.

Go the distance and explore further with an impressive 80-90 km range on a single charge. Choose the removable 26AH LG battery for even greater freedom, while the IPX4 water resistance lets you laugh in the face of rain.

This electric scooter packs a punch without breaking the bank. Plus, E-Ozzie offers 6 months of free service and flexible payment options.

Reasons To Consider Alternatives

While powerful, the lightning V2 might be overkill for casual riders or those navigating busy city streets with speed restrictions. Consider your riding style and local regulations before setting free the inner dragon.

This electric scooter packs a punch, but it also packs a price tag. Make sure it fits your budget before taking the plunge

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Client Review:

Ethan O.

“From its futuristic design to impressive speed, Dragon surpasses all expectations. Truly a dragon, I believe! Its powerful motor makes it stand out from the crowd. The acceleration is insane and I love that.”


7- Veloz G5 All-Terrain Electric Scooter

Forget tame rides, the Veloz G5 All-Terrain E-Scooter is your passport to off-road adventures. This smooth ride flaunts an impressive 5000W peak motor power, with the force of two motors combined propelling you up hills, through mud, and across gravel with unmatched ferocity. 

Reasons To Consider Veloz G5

The Veloz G5 is an off-road warrior, perfect for experienced riders seeking adventure and power. It packs a serious punch, and with speeds up to 120 km/h (unrestricted), it's not for the faint of heart. Make sure your skills and local regulations match the G5's power before riding it.

Fear no terrain because the G5's dual motors conquer hills and handle rough patches with ease. Its massive 13-inch off-road tyres and Front and Rear hydraulic damping suspensions keep you in control, no matter the challenge.

The Veloz G5 is built for adventure with an impressive 240 km range (single motor mode). Moreover, If you need even more freedom, you can opt for the dual motor mode for 160 km of exploration.

Additionally, G5’s digital display, bright LED lights and disc brakes keep you safe and informed.

Reasons to Consider Alternatives

This isn't your average budget scooter. The G5's performance comes at a premium, so ensure it fits your wallet before taking the plunge.

Get your e-scooter delivered to your doorstep with just a click thanks to E-Ozzie's flexible e-scooter payment options and free after-purchase service for six months. 

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Client Review:

Veloz G5 really went beyond my expectations with its great design, performance and reliability. I don’t seem to find any flaws in this scooter. Battery- good, Style- beautiful. I think I’m in love!”

8- Dragon GTR V2 Electric Scooter

Meet the Dragon GTR V2 Electric Scooter, the perfect urban warrior. The GTR V2 isn't just another commuter - it's a conquering force built for speed, style, and comfort. For conquering city streets with confidence and panache, the GTR V2 might just be your perfect ride.

Reasons To Consider Dragon GTR V2

Navigate busy streets like a pro with a 50km/h top speed and a strong 48V 20.8Ah battery offering a 60km range. Conquer commutes and explore hidden corners with ease. With its powerful 2400-watt motor and 10-inch pneumatic tyres, this scooter handles any terrain effortlessly.

Leave bumps behind with the dual suspension system - perfect for those less-than-perfect city roads. Say goodbye to backaches and hello to relaxed rides.

Stay in control with responsive disc brakes, both front and rear. The regenerative braking even saves energy, making your rides eco-friendly and extending your range.

The smart LCD keeps you informed, even on sunny days. Plus, customise your ride with the app and choose deck lights that match your style.

Reasons to Consider Alternatives

While the GTR V2 folds, its larger frame and weight might not be ideal for frequent public transport use or storage in tight spaces. If portability is a priority, consider exploring more compact and lightweight scooter options.

E-Ozzie, being the premium supplier of e-scooters in Australia, is offering flexible payment options and free six months of after-purchase services. Don’t wait anymore! Buckle up and commute in style like never before. 

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Client Review:


“This scooter really exceeded my expectations. Its long-range battery and advanced features are admirable. Perfect choice for me. I’d definitely recommend thrill lovers to buy this gorgeous beastly bike as I’m very happy with my purchase.”


9- Inokim OXO (2023) Electric Scooter 

The Inokim OXO is a powerhouse of a scooter, offering luxury features and uncompromising performance. It is a powerful scooter, ideal for experienced riders seeking a thrilling ride on paved surfaces.

Reasons to Consider Inokim OXO

Enjoy a smooth, stable ride on any terrain with the patented dual suspension system. The spacious deck and ergonomic design ensure long rides feel effortless. The Inokim OXO is a force to be reckoned with, packing a punch with 1300W peak power.

The dual 1000W motors deliver a thrilling 65 km/h top speed and an impressive 110 km range, perfect for exploring the city or conquering longer commutes.

Reliable disc and drum brakes provide confident stopping power, while integrated lights enhance visibility. Inokim uses premium materials for durability, ensuring your OXO is a long-term investment.


Additionally, its adjustable dual suspension and 10-inch pneumatic tyres ensure a comfortable ride, even on bumpy paths.

Reasons to Consider Alternatives

At 33.5kg, the OXO isn't exactly lightweight. Consider portability needs and storage space before committing.

This scooter boasts premium materials and performance, but it also comes with a premium price tag.

Embrace the thrill of speed and versatility with the Inokim OXO Electric Scooter, and enjoy the convenience of E-Ozzie's flexible payment options, along with complimentary after-service for six months. 

Get ready to experience the best e-scooter delivered right to your doorstep with just a click! 

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Client Review:

Cooper Li. 

“For me, OXO is a game changer! Highly satisfied with all of its features. On the downside, it could be very pricey for some people but if you want quality then you gotta save that money and buy this beauty. Worth it.”

10- Segway-Ninebot P100S Electric Scooter

The Segway Ninebot P100 ain't your average scooter. It's a proper do-it-all machine, comfy cruising city streets with its self-healing tyres and plush suspension, yet powerful enough to handle light off-road adventures too.

Reasons To Consider Segway-Ninebot P100S 

With an impressive 100km range on a single charge, you can dominate your daily journeys and venture out freely without worrying about running out of juice, whether you're zipping around town or exploring new horizons.

With its dual suspension 10.5-inch self-repairing tyres and 650W rear motor,  this scooter smooths out bumpy roads and different surfaces, ensuring a comfy journey wherever you go. No more jarring bumps or worries about punctures interrupting your ride.

The triple braking system, with front and rear disc brakes combined with an electronic brake, ensures you can stop with confidence in any situation. Throw in the comprehensive lighting setup, and you'll ride with peace of mind, day or night.

Reason to Consider Alternatives

While versatile, the P100 might not excel in any single area. If you crave pure off-road thrills or a lightweight, hyper-portable commuter, consider more specialised options.

Thanks to E-Ozzie's flexible payment choices for e-scooters and free after-service for six months, you can get the ride of your dreams in Australia without hassle.

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Client Review:

“It’s my dream ride. It’s versatile and I love the long-lasting battery power. Good for roaming on busy streets as well. I enjoy my rides with this scooter.”



The rise of electric scooters has transformed urban commuting, offering an eco-friendly and convenient solution for city dwellers. With their advanced features and undeniable benefits, e-scooters have firmly established themselves as a permanent fixture in modern transportation.

However, finding the best e-scooter in Australia requires some personal evaluation. Consider your current needs, whether it's a powerful motor for speed, a long-lasting battery for extended rides, or all-terrain capabilities for varied routes. By delving into your requirements, you can discover the perfect electric scooter that complements your lifestyle, ensuring a thrilling and sustainable ride every time you hit the road. So, hop on and embrace the e-scooter revolution!

Dr. Aldo Vera

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