Cheap Electric Motorcycles in Australia

Affordable Electric Motorcycles in Australia 

Ewan McGregor isn't the only one who can afford an epic motorcycle journey in Australia. You can also scour Australia's diverse terrain affordably and sustainably with budget-friendly electric motorcycles. 

Forget the stereotype of motorcycles as expensive toys for the privileged few. In March 2023, Australia saw a surge in affordable electric motorcycles, making them more accessible than ever! With 1,766 bikes under $5,000 and over 304 electric bikes under $10,000 for sale in Australia, it’s time to transform the way we travel. 

You can jump into the world of electric excitement for as low as $5,000 in Australia, snagging an entry-level machine that's fun, eco-friendly, and easy on your wallet. And yes, if you crave something with a sportier edge, there are a few high-tech performance beasts available – though they'll set you back closer to $45,000.

This blog doesn't just cover any old electric motorbikes; it digs into the most affordable wheels. We'll explore the exciting world of budget-friendly bikes, showing that inexpensive rides can still deliver adventure and thrills. 

So strap yourself in for a wild tour of Australia's top-value motorcycle picks. 

Affordable Electric Motorbikes In Australia Under $10000

Denzel Samurai Electric Motorcycle


Surron Light Bee X Electric Dirt Bike


Kollter ES1Pro Electric Motorcycle


Surron Ultra Bee Electric Dirt Bike


Braaap MotoE Electric Motorcycle


Super Soco TC Max Electric Motorcycle


Ubco 2X2 Adventure Bike


Budget-Friendly Electric Motorcycles for Every Rider in Australia

The roar of motorcycles is a common sound in Australia, echoing from bustling city streets to quiet bushland. From the most affordable electric bikes to quality, budget-friendly electric motorcycles, Australia offers an adventure playground for electric enthusiasts watching their dollars. Check out these great-value electric two-wheelers.

1- Denzel Samurai Electric Motorcycle

Denzel Samurai Electric Motorcycle - Eozzie

PRICE: $6,990.00






Battery:           Lithium battery 72V 45 Ah

Max speed:     90km/h - 100 km/h

Motor:              6000 Watt

Range:             130 km

Weight:            65 kg

Brakes:            Special hydraulic brake, Denzel LEB

Charger:          72V 10Ah

Blending brawn and beauty, the sturdy DZ Samurai electric bike strikes a balance between brute force styling and sleek lines. This beastly ride retails at $7,980 but order direct from DZ Samurai - Eozzie  to pocket $990 in savings. 

Constructed from carbon fibre and powered by a 6000-watt motor system, this electric motorcycle can hit between 80-90 km/h with ease. And thanks to 20-inch wideset tyres, you'll enjoy silky smooth handling across all surfaces.

An integrated LCD keeps range anxiety at bay by providing real-time info on the remaining charge. The Samurai is more than just another electric bike - its eco-conscious design reflects your values and vision for a greener tomorrow.


Client Review:

Ryan F:

" The motorcycle itself is better than I expected.  It's quite a big bike and I'm 6'2 and 100 kgs.. and it's perfect for me.. so consider that..I got it from E-Ozzie, the guy helped me do  speed settings too . the speed is enough you really don't need more..thanks so much I'm very thankful"


2- Surron Light Bee X Electric Dirt Bike

 Surron Light Bee X Electric Dirt Bike - Eozzie

PRICE: $7,390.00





Battery:                40Ah Panasonic Li-Ion

Max Speed:          75km/h

Motor:                  5000 Watts mid-motor

Weight:                58 kg

Brakes:                Bilateral 4 Piston Hydraulic Disc

Charging Time:    2.5 - 3.5 hrs

Throttle:                Fly by Wire Twist Throttle

Warranty:             12 Months

Surron Light Bee X Electric Dirt Bike is upgraded 4-piston brakes that provide exceptional stopping power while the lightweight aluminium frame combats rust.

Charge times clock in at a swift 2.5 to 3.5 hours thanks to the included 10A fast charger. This machine conquers hills, dirt, grass, and more with tenacity.

Experience a phenomenal fusion of technology, performance and durability with the Surron Light Bee X. This is the ultimate electric companion for trails, farms or weekend recreation.


Client Review:

Jarrah B

“As a farm owner needing an all-purpose workhorse, this Surron electric dirt bike has been ideal. I use it to herd cattle, inspect fence lines and haul equipment around the property. I don't need to worry about changing oil or spark plugs. Just easy electric power whenever I need it. With the 10A fast charger, I'm never waiting long to get started on my next task.”


3- Kollter Electric Motorcycle Model ES1Pro

 Kollter ES1-PRO Electric Motorcycle - Eozzie

PRICE: $7,390.00






Battery:                4.6KWH power Panasonic batteries

Speed:                 80-90 Km/hr

Top Speed 1:       90-100 km/hr with 100% fully charged battery

Top Speed 2:       60-70 km/hr with 40% battery or less

Motor:                  5000 Watts

Weight:                110 Kg

Brakes:                Disc with CBS

Suspension:        Front Dual Rear Single

Performance and portability unite with the Kollter ES1Pro, crafted for high-speed on or off-road riding. Its strong 5000 Watts motor propels the bike to 75-90 km/h velocities.

The removable 72V 32AH Panasonic batteries allow convenient off-bike charging while rugged components make the ES1Pro feel at home on trails.

On top of that, in under 4.5 hours, revive a depleted battery to full charge with the included fast charger. Refined yet relentless, the ES1Pro blends awesome tech and handling for the daily commute or weekend adventure.


Client Review:

Jett W

“Living in a crowded urban area, I wanted a compact electric motorcycle suitable for grocery runs and inner-city commuting. The Kollter ES1Pro does the job perfectly! Smooth, quiet power that's surprisingly quick at city speeds. Easy to handle and park. I plug in the bike wherever I go thanks to the charge port located under a flat near the bars. With a little planning ahead for charging, this lightweight electric motorcycle has what I need.”


4- Surron Ultra Bee Electric Dirt Bike

 Surron Ultra Bee Electric Dirt Bike - Eozzie

PRICE: $9,890.00






Battery:     74V / 55Ah Li-Ion

Speed:                 90km/h

Motor:                 12,500 Watts

Range:                 140km     

Brakes:     Bilateral 4 Piston Hydraulic 240mm Disc

Charging time:    4 hrs (Fast 10A Charger)

Throttle:              Fly by Wire Twist Throttle

Warranty:            12 Months

The Surron Ultra Bee ushers in a new era of extreme electric trail riding. Armed with a mammoth 12,500 Watts mid-drive motor, this machine conquers all terrain with its exceptional 440Nm of torque, blazing its way to 90 km/h speeds with zero hesitation.

The motorbike’s integrated charger storage compartment maximises convenience and portability when off-grid. Everything from the 4-piston brakes to the swappable 55AH lithium battery and premium aluminium cladding has been optimised for resilience and weight savings.

The charge time is under 4 hours with the included rapid charger then set forth for up to 140kms of off-road exploits. Strictly for closed-course riding, the Ultra Bee is Surron’s high-performance tribute to the golden age of power sports.


Client Review:

Koa R. 

“We run an adventure park offering technical trail bike tours. After demoing the Ultra Bee, we immediately bought a fleet for our business! The sheer power and hill-climbing capability leave our clients thrilled. We really appreciate the built-in charger storage allowing easy transport and rapid battery top-ups between tours. 5 stars for extreme performance meets outstanding reliability.”


5- Braaap MotoE 8000w MY22

 Braaap MotoE 8000w MY22







Battery:     72v100Ah Lithium battery

Max speed:     Approximately 110km/h

Motor:                 8000 Watts

Range:       80km - 140km

Weight:               165 kg

Charging Time:   4 - 6 hours

Meet Braaap's MotoE 8000w MY22 - an advanced electric bike marrying eco-friendly transport with silky ride quality. Part of Braaap's forward-looking MotoE Australian line-up, this electric motorcycle provides a glimpse into tomorrow's world of riding.

The MotoE 8000w MY22 is powered by an impressive 8000W motor and a 72v100Ah Lithium battery, offering a top speed of approximately 110km/h. 

Key advantages of the MY22 include exceptional range – depending on your inputs, it’ll run for 80-140 km before recharging. The motorbike’s takes between 4 to 6 hours to charge.


Client Review:

Ava C:

"I use my Braaap MotoE 8000w electric motorcycle daily for the school run and grocery getting duties thanks to its ample power and storage capacity." 


6- Super Soco TC Max Electric Motorcycle

 Super Soco TC Max Electric Motorcycle

PRICE: $6,990






Battery:     72V/ 45 Ah

Max speed:     95 km/h

Motor:                 3000W

Range:                 up to 110 km

Weight:     103 kg including battery

Brakes:     front and rear disc 

Charging time:    4 - 5 hours   

Peak Power:       5000W

Super Soco's electric TC Max motorcycle is an upgrade to the previous TC version. It houses a new centrally located motor in the frame, linked by a belt drive to spin the back wheel, providing 6.7 horsepower for tearing through town.

Fueled by a high-density 60 V lithium-ion battery, the motorcycle has a range of up to 110 km and gets fully charged in four hours. With power equivalent to a 125cc bike, the TC Max is well-suited for beginners and urban commuters. It offers a balance of performance and affordability.


Client Review:

Andrew S:

"As a new rider looking for my first bike, I found the Super Soco TC Max to be just perfect. Its smooth power delivery and easy handling gave me the confidence I needed to commute across the city." 


7- Ubco 2X2 Adventure Bike

 Ubco 2X2 Adventure Bike

PRICE: $7,999 






Battery:     3100 Wh

Max speed:     48 km/h 

Motor:                  2,000 W

Range:                 70 - 120 km 

Weight:     66 - 71 kg 

Brakes:     UBCO Quadratic² brake system:

Charging time:    4 - 6 hours  

Street-legal and equipped for tarmac or trail riding, the Ubco 2X2 Adventure Bike suits city commuters and nature-loving weekend wanderers alike. The bike is powered by two hub motors, providing all-wheel drive. It offers a top speed of 48 km/h and a maximum range of up to 120km, allowing you to explore further and faster.

Impressively lightweight construction sees the 2X2 tip scales at 66 to 71 kg including batteries, making lifting onto vehicles simple.

Choosing Ubco's progressive 2X2 means eco-conscious adventures with minimal environmental impact!


Client Review:

William R:

"I strap my fishing rods, tent and cooler onto my Ubco 2X2 before heading into the bush each weekend. Just love my rides more now!" 

The Final Word

After reviewing some of the most affordable and best electric motorbikes available in Australia today, one thing is clear - sustainable and thrilling riding is more accessible than ever. 

From nimble scooters like the Surron Ultra Bee to adventure-ready machines like the Ubco 2X2, we have presented the gamut of budget-friendly electric bikes. Powerful performers like the DZ Samurai show that you don't need to break the bank to ride in style and comfort.

Whether you're concerned about rising petrol costs, want to reduce your carbon footprint, or simply seek a fun new way to get around, this blog post proves there is an affordable electric motorcycle out there for you.

With quality Australian-made models also available, the electric revolution is here and more accessible than ever before. So why not take the plunge? Your next exciting ride could be just a charging cable away.

Dr. Aldo Vera

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