Choosing the Right Electric Scooter Under $2000

The best Electric scooters of 2024 tested for their quality, range, and performance all under $2000 in Australia.


Are you ready to ride the wave of electric scooter excitement without emptying your wallet? It’s 2024 and electric scooters have taken the world by storm. 

Coming to the point, we get it! Many of you dream of joining this electric scooter revolution, but budget constraints may hold you back. Don't worry, we know it's your secret dream to find the best electric scooter within your limited budget, and we're here to help you find it, under a budget-friendly $2000 price range. Get ready to go electric without punching a hole in your wallet! 

First, let’s take a brief look at the best electric scooters you can get, just under $2000.

Our Top Picks For Electric Scooter Under $2000

Electric Scooter 

Price at E-Ozzie

Best For



All-Terrain, Fast and Comfortable Commuting

VSETT9+ 650W

$1,850.00 (base model)

Long range rides, offroad adventures 



All-Terrain and Powerful Performance



All-Terrain and Dual Motor



Urban Off-Road Experience.



Commuting and Long Range



Off-Road Racing and Powerful Performance



Powerful Off-Road Adventure

Now let’s take you on a detailed ride through the world of the best budget-friendly e-scooters! Here, at E-Ozzie, we've got an electric scooter for every need and budget, so let's dive in and explore the specs of each e-scooter under $2000!

1. VELOZ X10 PRO Electric Scooter - All-Terrain Speedster

Powerful dual motors in a sleek frame.




Pros Cons
High-speed thrill ride, all-terrain conqueror, advanced suspension for a smooth journey, and dazzling LED lights to light up your path. The need for speed might not be for everyone.

Need a ride that screams versatility? The VELOZ X10 PRO is your trusty companion! With its 2400W dual motor, this bad boy can take you up to an astonishing 75 km/h (for private use, of course). With its aerospace aluminium frame and advanced suspension, you'll feel like you're floating in the air. And let's not forget the bright LED lights that'll make you the king or queen of the road, day or night! So, snap on your helmet and fuel the urban cruiser in you!


2. VSETT 9+ Electric Scooter - Adventure Seeker's Dream

Sturdy build with a focus on endurance.




Pros Cons
Dual motor power for thrilling performance, a choice of two battery sizes for extended adventures, and the NFC Key Lock for enhanced security. The need for speed might not be for everyone.

Looking to kick your off-road adventures up a notch? Say hello to the VSETT 9+ – the fearless companion for thrill-seekers like you! Powered by dual 650W motors and equipped with a massive 48V 15.6Ah or 48V 21.0Ah LG battery, this beast can reach exhilarating speeds of up to 48-53 km/h (private use, of course).

Hills? No sweat! The VSETT 9+'s adjustable suspension can handle any terrain, making your off-road escapades a cakewalk. But don't worry, it's equally adept at city commuting.  VSETT 9+ has got your back with its dual adjustable suspension for a buttery-smooth ride.  And guess what? The NFC Key Lock Immobilizer keeps your ride safe from prying eyes. So, if you're craving an adrenaline-pumping ride through rugged terrains, the VSETT 9+ is ready to answer the call!



Dual motor power for thrilling performance, a choice of two battery sizes for extended adventures, and the NFC Key Lock for enhanced security.



The VSETT 9+'s power might be a bit too much for casual and beginner commuters.



3. Dragon Cyclone Pro Electric Scooter - The Off-Road Powerhouse

Attention all off-road enthusiasts! The Dragon Cyclone Pro is here to take you on an electrifying journey through rugged terrains. With its dual 1000W motors and 3600W peak power, there's no hill too steep or trail too tough for this beast! The heavy-duty suspension ensures a smooth ride even on the bumpiest paths, while the fully hydraulic brakes offer precise control. Plus, the 21Ah lithium battery provides an impressive range of up to 60 km. So, if you're seeking the ultimate off-road powerhouse, the Dragon Cyclone Pro is ready to roar!



Off-road power at its best, powerful motors for thrilling adventures, and a long-lasting battery for extended exploration.



It might be too much power for city commuters.


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4. Veloz Master Electric Scooter - All-Terrain Dual Motor Fun

Say hello to the Veloz Master - the master of all terrains! With its dual 1100W motors and 60 km/h top speed (private use, folks), this scooter is ready to conquer any challenge you throw at it. And guess what? The deck lights flash to the beat of your music! Imagine cruising around town with your own mobile dance party! It's like being the DJ of the streets. But don't worry; it's not just about partying. The Veloz Master's grippy disc brakes and suspension offer a smooth and safe ride, whether you're on or off the beaten path!



 All-terrain conqueror, deck lights to get the party started, and powerful dual motors for an exciting ride.



In terms of aesthetics, the deck lights of the Veloz Master might not be everyone's cup of tea.



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5. Inokim OX ECO Electric Scooter - The Urban Explorer

Get ready to unleash your urban explorer with the Inokim OX ECO! This scooter is built for city adventurers seeking a reliable ride. You can experience the seamless thrill of cruising through the streets, alleys, and urban jungles with confidence, thanks to the 800W motor and an extensive range of up to 55 km.

The adjustable front and rear suspension ensure a smooth ride, no matter how rough the road gets. Plus, its puncture-proof all-terrain tyres keep you worry-free about those pesky flats. The Inokim OX ECO is the perfect ride for urbanites who crave both style and performance!



Ideal for urban exploration, comfortable ride with adjustable suspension, and puncture-proof tyres for worry-free riding.



The speed might not satisfy thrill-seekers, and it might not be the top choice for hardcore off-road adventures on a daily basis.



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6. VSETT 8+ Electric Scooter - Versatile City Cruiser


For the ultimate city cruising experience, meet the VSETT 8+! With a 48V 16.0Ah battery and a range of up to 90 km, you'll be exploring the city streets for days. The dual 600W motor offers just the right amount of power, and the adjustable shock absorption ensures a smooth ride on city pavements. Plus, the LED-lit stem, headlights, and integrated turn signals make you the shining star of the city. So, hop on and enjoy the VSETT 8+ as your reliable and versatile city cruiser!



Versatile city cruiser, impressive range, and LED lights to stand out in the urban landscape.



Regular and aggressive off-road adventurers might crave more power.



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7. VELOZ V2 Electric Scooter - On and Off-Road Thrills


Get ready to unleash the beast of on and off-road terrains with the VELOZ V2! This scooter is designed for Aussie adventurers seeking adrenaline-fueled rides. With its dual 1600W motors and fully hydraulic brakes, you'll conquer any trail or city street with ease. And those all-terrain inflatable tubeless tires? They're puncture-proof, so no more worries about pesky flats. Whether you're craving off-road adventures or city speed thrills, the VELOZ V2 is your go-to companion!



 Perfect for both on and off-road adventures, powerful motors for thrilling rides, and puncture-proof tyres for peace of mind.



The speed might be too much for inexperienced riders, and the price might require some saving up for the ultimate adventure.



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8. Dragon GTS V2 Electric Scooter - Power-Packed City Beast

Calling all urban warriors! The Dragon GTS V2 is your ultimate weapon for city streets. With a peak power of 1600W and dual coil suspension, this scooter can handle those bumpy city roads like a champ! The 10-inch inflatable pneumatic tyres ensure a comfortable and safe ride, while the rear-wheel drive offers nimble manoeuvrability. Plus, it's built tough with aviation-grade alloy - it's like having your very own superhero scooter! The Dragon GTS V2 is perfect for city warriors seeking a powerful and reliable companion for daily commutes or weekend explorations.



Perfect for city rides, powerful motor for quick acceleration, and a rugged build to tackle the roads.




Aggressive off-road use might not be the best option, but moderate offroading is fine. Additionally, people with little storage space might find the weight to be an issue.



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That’s It

There you have it, riding enthusiasts - a detailed rundown of the reasons to buy each electric scooter. To help you find the best electric ride in Australia! Eventually, it all comes down to your personal needs and preferences. So, hop on your electric scooter and let the adventures Down Under begin! And if you're ready to embrace the electric scooter revolution, head over to E-Ozzie and make your dream ride a reality! Don’t believe us, visit our website and see for yourself. We have the best electric scooters for sale in Australia, just a click away. Happy scooting!

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