Dragon GTR V2 Review

Trapped in the monotony of daily life? Break free with the Dragon GTR V2. No longer are weekend adventures limited to gas-guzzling cars and crowded tourist traps. Imagine carving your own track through deserted beaches, this electric scooter unlocks a world of hidden paths and forgotten corners. The Dragon GTR V2's impressive range lets you explore further, deeper, and with less environmental impact. 


At E-Ozzie, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality electric vehicles that are both stylish and efficient. And the Electric Scooter Dragon GTR V2 is no exception. This scooter is packed with features that make it perfect for commuters, adventurers, and anyone in between.


From its sturdy build quality to its impressive range and speed, the Dragon GTR V2 is a true masterpiece of electric transportation. That brings us here to give you an in-depth Dragon GTR V2 review. 


This review is for the tech-savvy adventurer who demands both thrills and control, who craves the connection between human and machine.


So get ready to join us on a thrilling ride as we dive into the Dragon GTR V2 review. 


Packaging and Easy Assembly


At Eozzie, we're dedicated to ensuring that your Dragon GTR V2 Electric Scooter arrives in top-notch condition and is ready for you to hit the road. We take great care in packaging your scooter with a secure strap to keep everything in place during shipping.


What will you find inside the box? We've included a user manual and a quality control checklist to ensure you're fully informed about your new scooter. And of course, we've included a power cable and a charger, so you can juice up your ride whenever you need.


Assembling your GTR V2 scooter is quick and simple, thanks to the included tool kit with all the necessary Allen keys. And once you've put it all together, you'll be blown away by the solid rear suspension, sturdy weight-bearing kickstand, and beautifully crafted front suspension. 


It only takes around 8-10 hours to fully charge the battery - and it's worth the wait. So go ahead, unpack your Dragon GTR V2, and get ready for the ride of your life!


Power & Performance


The Electric Scooter Dragon GTR V2 is in a league of its own when it comes to power and performance. With dual motors delivering a whopping 1800w and a peak of 2400w, this electric scooter is a total animal.


The raw muscle of dual motors and the heady rush of 52km/h are exhilarating, but the real magic lies in the nuanced control these three gear settings offer. Its three gears unlock a spectrum of riding experiences, from leisurely cruising to adrenaline-pumping bursts. Gear 1 is your chill zone, perfect for savouring the scenery and maximising battery life. Gear 2, the daily driver, strikes the perfect balance  – it's got enough pep for moderate hills and playful acceleration, while still keeping battery life in check. But when you crave that hair-raising rush, unlock Gear 3. Dual motors engaged, you'll rocket forward, leaving traffic behind. Don't worry, the power's controllable – even Gear 3 in single-motor mode packs a punch. This gear playground lets you tailor your ride to the mood, the terrain, and your inner daredevil. So twist that throttle, shift gears, and discover the Dragon's true potential. It's a wild ride, and you're in the driver's seat.

Speed and Stability

The Dragon GTR V2's top speed is one of the most impressive features of this electric scooter. With dual 1600-watt motors and a peak max of 2400 watts, this scooter has the power and speed to tackle any terrain. The Dragon GTR V2 can reach up to 50km/h and has plenty of power to climb hills, making it one of the fastest electric scooters available. 


This e-scooter launches like a rocket. Once unlocked, the GTR V2 soars. 52km/h feels exhilarating, while the stability is impressive, thanks to the fat tyres, even at high speeds. 


Here’s a little insider tip: The disc brakes are adequate, but the electronic brake responds strongly to even the least touch. This can be jarring for new riders. A smoother braking experience requires finesse and practice to avoid feeling unwanted jerks. 


The GTR V2 handles well at high speeds, feeling stable and planted thanks to the suspension. 


In short, the Dragon GTR V2 Electric Scooter is not for the faint of heart. But if you're looking for a powerful, stable, and safe ride that handles anything you throw its way, look no further than the Dragon GTR V2.


Battery And Range


Let's talk about the range of the Dragon GTR V2  - it's pretty darn impressive! You can ride for 60-70 km on a single charge, even on steep hills. 


 A hefty 48V 20.8Ah battery sits at the heart of the Dragon which translates to roughly 60-70km of range on a single charge, depending on your throttle finger's trigger discipline. If you’re a bit of a speed demon, you might typically squeeze out 45-50km before plugging in, but conservative riders can definitely push towards the 70km mark.


Now, if you're tackling some steep hills, the battery might drain quicker. Even with only 30% battery remaining, the Dragon GTR V2 can still travel a respectable distance of 30-40 km. So you can explore your city’s corners without worrying about running out of juice.


Speaking of refuelling, except around 10 hours for a full charge, although it gets to a usable level much faster. A quick top-up for a short ride takes no time at all. Just be aware of the power-hungry nature of those dual motors and their impact on the gauge.


As a distributor of the Dragon GTR V2, We must provide you with the nitty-gritty details about the scooter. So, let's talk about some of the fantastic features that this scooter has to offer.


Safety & Control

Dragon GTR V2 is designed while keeping safety and stability in mind. While the Dragon GTR V2 roars like a beast, its stopping power is equally impressive. As already established, the electric + disc brakes give you the best control over your braking, so this electric animal, biting hard and true with every squeeze. 


Emergency stops? No effort. The disc brakes + electronic brake kicks in aggressively. Dragon GTR V2 has dual disc brakes along with an electronic brake that brings you from warp speed to a standstill in a controlled, confident manner. The modulation is impressive, too. No jerky surprises, just a progressive, reassuring squeeze that lets you fine-tune your deceleration effortlessly. It's a confidence booster, knowing you have such stopping power at your fingertips.


The fat tyres, front-quad shocks and rear-dual shocks make for a smooth ride even at high speed. The massive 10-inch off-road wheels, front and rear disc brakes, and large anti-slip platform ensure you remain in control.


Design and Aesthetics


The Dragon GTR V2 isn't just a scooter, it's you riding on wheels defining your unique style. Its design roars with a dark, almost predatory elegance. The matte black frame is punctuated by sharp angles and minimalist lines. 


The subtle pops of red on the handlebars and brake levers add a touch of fire to the ice, a hint of danger to the sleekness. The large, knobby wheels, while utilitarian, add a rugged charm, hinting at the beast's off-road capabilities.


Handlebars are wide, and commanding, giving you the feeling of holding the reins of a powerful electric scooter. The ergonomic grips are comfortable, even after hours in the saddle, and the controls are intuitively placed, allowing you to shift gears and adjust settings without breaking your stride. 


The bright headlight cuts through the darkness like a laser beam, while the taillight leaves a fiery trail, a warning to those who dare to follow too closely.


Other Features


First up is its compact. Making it perfect for urban commuting. 


Speaking of electric power, it's environmentally friendly and super convenient. No more worrying about gas or oil changes, just plug it in and let it charge.


The suspension system and durable tyres provide a comfortable and smooth ride.


One of the coolest features of the Dragon GTR V2 is its foldable design. You can easily fold it up and carry it like a briefcase. Take it on buses, and trains, or tuck it away neatly in small spaces.


With a max payload capacity of 150kg, the Dragon GTR V2 accommodates a wide range of riders.


Generally, younger and fitter individuals will find 26 kg easier to handle than older individuals or those with limited physical strength. Carrying 26 kg for a short distance, like from your car to your home, will be much easier than carrying it for a long distance, like on a multi-day hike.


Safety is a top priority, and the Dragon GTR V2 scooter includes bright LED lights to enhance visibility, especially at night. 


Overall, the Dragon GTR V2 electric scooter is a top-of-the-line product with features that cater to all your commuting needs.



To sum it up, the Dragon GTR V2 electric scooter is a fantastic option that delivers remarkable performance, impressive speed, and outstanding features. Whether you're commuting long distances or taking leisurely rides in the city, this scooter's robust motor and extended battery life will get you where you need to go.


Considering the price point, the Dragon GTR V2 offers a good value proposition. At 26kg, Dragon is considered heavy and can be challenging for most people to carry without assistance, but given the lower price point and the added benefit of an Australian guarantee, this electric scooter is Australia’s favourite.



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