Dragon GTS V2 v/s Dragon GTR V2

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular as a mode of transportation in Australia. They are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and convenient to ride. From grocery trips to rugged terrains, these legal beasts are ideal for fun and easy ways to commute.


Well, let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want to ride in style and also contribute to a better future for mother earth? So here we are, breaking the norms and opting for a thrilled, affordable, and efficient way to transport. Speaking of that, we have two unapologetically brutal beasts on our list today. The Dragon GTR V2 and Dragon GTS, so grab your cup of coffee and dive into the detailed information about these electric scooters.


Here at E-Ozzie, we offer two top-notch electric scooters that are perfect for riders of all levels.


The Dragon GTR V2 Electric Scooter and the Dragon GTS V2 Electric Scooter.


Design Appearance


The Dragon GTS V2 electric scooter features a sleek and stylish black matte finish, complemented by orange accents on the handlebars, wheels, and deck. It has a large and sturdy frame that can support a weight of up to 120kg, making it suitable for a wide range of riders.


On the other hand, the Dragon GTR V2 electric scooter has a more rebellious and sporty vibe, with a black and red colour scheme that gives it a bold and dynamic look. It features a slightly smaller frame than the GTS V2, but it still has a weight capacity of up to 120kg, making it a great option for riders of different sizes.


Both scooters feature wide and comfortable decks, with ample space for riders to stand and adjust their position as needed. They also have sturdy wheels with air-filled tyres that provide excellent traction and stability on various terrain types. Also, both scooters have adjustable handlebars that can be customised to fit riders of different heights.


Overall, the Dragon GTS V2 and the Dragon GTR V2 electric scooters have a modern and eye-catching designs that will turn heads. However, the GTS V2 has a more classic and refined appearance, while the GTR V2 has a more aggressive and off-road vibe.


Performance Comparison


The Dragon GTS V2 electric scooter is powered by a 1600W dual motor, which allows it to reach a top speed of 50km/h. It can travel up to 60 km on a single charge. It efficiently climbs heights and swiftly accelerates through the way. The GTS V2 also has a front and rear disc brake system that provides reliable stopping power.


In contrast, the Dragon GTR V2 electric scooter is also equipped with dual motors with peak power of up to 2400W. It has an even quicker acceleration than the GTS V2, and can easily climb hills with a steeper gradient. The GTR V2 also has front-quad shocks and rear-dual shocks, which provide a smoother ride and better shock absorption on rough terrain. It also has a top speed of 50km/h. And just like the GTS V2, its range is 60km. 


Both scooters have a large anti-slip platform making riding safe fun and comfortable.


Overall, the Dragon GTR V2 electric scooter has more power as compared to the Dragon GTS V2 electric scooter. 


The Battle of the Dragon Electric Scooters


Features Comparison


Dragon GTS V2

Dragon GTR V2

Dual 1600W motor

Dual 2400W motors

Top speed of 50km/h

Top speed of 50km/h

Max Torque 25Nm

Max Torque 50 Nm

Front and rear disc brake system 

Front and rear hydraulic suspension system

Wide deck with anti-slip surface 

Wider deck with anti-slip surface

Foldable design for easy storage and transportation

Foldable design for easy storage and transportation

Lightweight and easy to handle 

Lightweight aluminum frame for easy handling

Range 60km 

Rang 60km

Safety Comparison


When it comes to safety, both scooters are comparable. They have both front and rear lights, as well as a horn to warn pedestrians and other riders.


Price Comparison


In terms of pricing, the Dragon GTS V2 is priced at around $1,599, while the Dragon GTR V2 is priced at around $1,699. This means that the Dragon GTR V2 is slightly more expensive than the Dragon GTS V2, but the price difference is not significant.


When it comes to value for money, both scooters offer a good range of features for their respective price points. The Dragon GTS V2 is a solid choice for those who want a powerful electric scooter with a decent range, dual motor option, and a comfortable ride. On the other hand, the Dragon GTR V2 offers more advanced features and technology, such as a wider deck, and better torque. 


The Dragon GTR V2 offers better value for money for those who prioritize performance and advanced features. The higher price point may be justified for those who need a more powerful electric scooter with advanced features. The Dragon GTS V2, however, may offer better value for those who want a powerful electric scooter with a decent range but don't necessarily need the advanced features of the Dragon GTR V2.


That’s It!


So finally, choosing between the Dragon GTR V2 Electric Scooter and the Dragon GTS V2 Electric Scooter ultimately comes down to personal preferences, budget, and the intended use of the scooter.


If you are an experienced rider who values power and performance, the Dragon GTR V2 Dual Motor Electric Scooter is the way to go.


However, if you need a more portable and practical option for daily commutes, the Dragon GTS V2 Electric Scooter is a perfect choice.


Either way, E-Ozzie has you covered with top-notch electric scooters that will take your ride to the next level.


So, which scooter will you choose? Head to E-Ozzie to check out these fantastic electric scooters and start rolling the Australian streets today!

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