A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Electric Dirt Bike in Australia

Before You Choose Your Next Ride, Make Sure To Be Well-Informed.


Here at E-Ozzie, we understand the pressure, stress, and amount of adrenaline that runs through when you select the ride of your dreams, whether for on-road or off-road adventures.


There are some flashy features that might let you overlook the more important features to be looked for when buying an electric dirt bike. But here we are - to help you understand what to look for "exactly" when buying an electric dirt bike. Just have a quick look at our electric dirt bike buying guide.


Types Of Electric Dirt Bikes.


  • Trail bikes
  • Electric Motocross bikes
  • Enduro bikes
  • Dual-sport bikes


Which electric dirt bike is best for you?


Well, the answer is it depends. Deciding on the perfect electric dirt bike isn't a one-size-fits-all approach (that's the beauty of it). It requires taking into account crucial aspects such as unique preferences, needs, and personalities.


What crucial aspects to consider before buying an electric dirt bike?



  1. Your Riding Needs & Wants

If you're looking for a speed-beast that can go the distance for you, that too without requiring frequent recharging, then you must consider battery, range, and top speed in order to commit to the best electric dirt bike of your dreams. On the contrary, if you need to just enjoy the city voyage, then you can choose maybe style, colour, or charging time over range and acceleration.


And if you're buying it for someone else (or even yourself), don't miss out on keeping the body weight of the rider in mind.

  1. How much can you afford?

Out there, there is an electric dirt bike for almost everyone, according to their pockets. But premium doesn't come cheap. You get what you pay for. Same as a smartphone, pay more and enjoy all those updated features such as convenience, safety, design, and sustainability. You can keep deepening your pockets and still, there be a better alternative there. So. you gotta make a well-informed decision.


  1. Where do you live?


If you don't have easy access to dirt tracks to feed your hungry soul for dirt, no matter which electric dirt bike you get, it's not going to make it happen. Consider nearby and easily accessible areas that you can rely on to make the investment worth it.


Do you know that by 2030, it's estimated that over half of all new motorcycles sold globally will be electric? It's a clear, rapid shift towards electric transportation. This swift inclination is justified, though. The environmental friendliness and long-term saving factor, as the main aspects of an electric vehicle, it's no wonder why people are attracted to this mode of transportation. Fact: Electric motorcycles can save riders up to $500 per year on fuel costs alone.


But, here's the catch - choosing the best electric dirt bike can be tricky. Regardless of how thrilled you are to get your new dirt bike, there are a few aspects that must be thought about.


In this article, we'll guide you through the important factors to consider when selecting the best electric dirt bike for your needs.


Why Electric Dirt Bikes?


Good question. Let's discuss facts. According to a study by the Union of Concerned Scientists, electric vehicles can greatly reduce emissions by eliminating tailpipe emissions and avoiding emissions associated with refuelling. Also, nobody likes to spend money continually on petrol tank refills.


If you're convinced that an electric dirt bike is "THE" way to go, the next step is figuring out what type of electric dirt bike to get. An e-bike buying guide can assist you in understanding the various features and alternatives on the market so that you can make the best possible choice of electric dirt bike for your budget and preferences.


What type of electric dirt bike should you get?




You can select from a variety of electric dirt bike models depending on your riding requirements and tastes, including.


Trail bikes: These bikes are made for novice and intermediate trail riders who prefer easy to moderate trails. To guarantee a comfortable ride, they have a modest motor and a low seat height.


Motocross bikes - Motocross bikes are built with engines that are specifically designed to produce high RPM horsepower, as this is where they perform at their best.


Enduro bikes: Bikes for more experienced riders who desire to ride on difficult trails include Enduro bikes. They can manage tough terrain because of their larger motors, greater seat heights, and suspension.


Dual-sport bikes: It wouldn't be justified to say that dual-sport bikes are not perfect for both on and off-road voyages. Because they are. All-In-One Dirt Bikes. Riders who want a versatile bike that can handle various terrains - love these bikes.


How to Ride an Electric Dirt Bike: Tips for Beginners


Riding an electric dirt bike can be an exhilarating experience - it can be your moment. But, as they say, first things first - learn the basics. Here are some tips that might help you get started:


Fun fact: The panic and nervousness that you feel right before riding your electric dirt bike are normal.


Let's Start the Bike:


Starting the dirt bike is fun. Let's learn how to do it. If you look at the right-hand side of the bike, you can spot the Kickstarter. Pull it out, then place your foot over it.


Feel for the spot where it gets harder to push down; this is the sweet spot where you want it to be when you kick the bike. Do not force anything or kick too hard, or you could break something. Put your foot on the Kickstarter all the way down to where it stops and kick it through.


Find the choke, a small knob that you pull out on the left side of the bike, to make it simpler to crank the vehicle. But oh, take your time to find the choke, as it might be hidden on some bikes. Now Pull the choke out, especially when your bike is really cold.


The choke sends more fuel to your carburettor or fuel injector, making it easier to crank.


Now that you know where the Kickstarter and the choke are located, you can crank the bike with the clutch pulled in or in neutral. Remember, if it's not want to crank, it could be because the valves are flattened, the carburettor is dirty, or you are not getting a good straight-through kick.


You have started the bike - but how do you stop it?


Alright, so here's the real thing. Riding the electric dirt bike is not as complicated as it looks, but what's more important is that you must know when and where to STOP. Yes, the brakes are important. Or, most important.


There are three ways to stop an electric dirt bike.

  1. Using the rear foot pedal
  2. Using the front-hand brake lever
  3. Engine Breaking


It's crucial to remember to use the brakes smoothly and progressively rather than slamming them on abruptly. It's the best possible way to avoid locking up the wheels and losing control of the bike.


Alright, let's talk about accelerating your electric dirt bike!


So, things may be a little different here than traditional dirt bikes. Electric dirt bikes have instant torque - they can accelerate very quickly. Be prepared for that kind of power.


To start accelerating, you'll need to twist the throttle on the handlebars. But do it smoothly and progressively, especially if you're a beginner. Sudden jerks on the throttle can cause the bike to lurch forward. Don't play with it.


The amount of acceleration you get depends on how far you twist the throttle. If you twist more, you go faster, and it works like that. What's worth noticing is that some electric dirt bikes have different modes, such as Eco, Trail, and Sport, which can affect acceleration. Eco mode is typically the slowest, while Sport mode is the fastest. So, you gotta understand your bike's modes.


What are the points to consider before buying the best electric bike?


Since it's challenging to decide where to invest your money, buying decisions can always be tough. Here are some things to consider before bringing your ride home.


Motor Size and Power


The size and power of the motor are crucial factors to consider when buying an electric dirt bike. A more powerful motor will provide better acceleration and higher top speed.


But, manoeuvrability can be compromised when you go for a large motor. The reason is that a large motor increases the weight of the bike.


And don't forget - the terrain you will be riding on and your level of experience should be taken into account when choosing the motor size and power.


Battery Life and Recharge Time


The electric bike's battery is its life force. Longer battery life and shorter recharge time are what everyone dreams of. But, a larger battery can put more weight on the bike. It's not big of a problem if you take one step at a time while on the journey to riding your electric dirt bike.


Check Weight Capacity


A number of safety risks can arise if the electric dirt bike's weight capacity is disregarded. The bike may become unbalanced and difficult to handle if it is overloaded, which may lead to mishaps or injuries. So never ever let this aspect go overlooked. This is an essential aspect to consider when following an Ebike buying guide.


Determine Maximum Speed


The maximum speed of the bike is another key factor to consider. But listen, younger riders! It's a good idea to take your time and ride at a leisurely pace for safety.


While more advanced riders may prefer higher speed limits, and that's understandable. It's natural - the need for speed is real, but so is the need for safety. Make sure the bike's max speed is within your riding ability.


Take Range into Account


If you want to fulfil your wanderlust more, with fewer stops for recharge, then bikes with longer ranges are your best bet. You'll be able to keep on exploring without needing to stop and recharge every now and then. However, if you're only planning short rides around the block or neighbourhood, then a small range won't be as critical of a factor.


Scrutinise Suspension


Now, this aspect is also, often overlooked when buying an electric dirt bike. The suspension system is responsible for providing shock absorption when riding over rough terrain. Over bumpy surfaces, your ride will be smoother the better the suspension design. A fair suspension system can make a big difference - when it comes to cushioning your ride or reducing the impact of bumps and jolts. While checking out your favourite bikes on your list, make sure to scrutinise the suspension system - paying attention to its shock absorption and adjustability features.


To be perfectly frank, the suspension system is a necessity for anyone who intends to ride their motorcycle off-road.


Understand Frame Material


This might least interest you, but it's important to consider. When it comes to the frame material used in electric dirt bikes, there are two main options: aluminium and steel. Steel frames are stronger and more durable. While those aluminium frames might be lighter and more manoeuvrable.


Verify Brakes


The braking system is important to verify, considering both front and back brakes, since some models may only have one type, like disc brakes versus rim brakes.


Evaluate Tyre Type


Tyre type is also important to consider since tread designs vary based on terrain use, like off-road versus all-terrain. Assess those wheels, mates! This can greatly help you understand the level of control you can expect, from difficult conditions like sandy areas.


Price Point


Let's talk about the moolah, the dough, and the cash money! Yes, pricing is an important factor to consider when choosing your electric dirt bike. Compare the prices of different models and keep an eye out for extras like warranties or accessories that could sweeten the deal. And remember, finding the best dirt electric bike at the perfect price is sure to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.


Counting the Costs: How Much Does It Really Cost to Ride Dirt Bikes in Australia?


The cost of riding dirt bikes in Australia can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of bike, fuel costs, maintenance, and accessories.

  • The Dirt Bike Purchase: The biggest investment is the cost of a new dirt bike. This is the actual heavy thing on your wallet. Expect it to cost anything between a few thousand and over $10,000.
  • Fuel: The cost of fuel can vary depending on the type of bike and how often you ride. On average, it costs around $20 to fill up a dirt bike tank.
  • The Maintenance & Repairs: Oil changes, air filter replacements and tyre changes are all common maintenance procedures for dirt bikes. Sure, a dedicated investment, but it is necessary to keep your bike as efficient as the day you bought it.
  • The Accessories: When purchasing accessories, don't skimp. These are equally essential to the bike's operation. The cost of helmets, boots, gloves, and protective gear can depend upon the rider's choice and taste.


What are the pros and cons of riding electric dirt bikes?


There are several advantages and disadvantages to riding electric dirt bikes. When evaluating your choices, weigh the pros and cons.




Zero emissions: The electric dirt bikes love the planet as much as you do.


Easy Maintenance: Electric dirt bikes require less maintenance than traditional dirt bikes, which have complex engines that require regular maintenance.


No Noise, No Gears: Electric dirt bikes are much quieter than traditional dirt bikes, producing less noise pollution. They also provide a smoother ride, with instant torque and no gear changes.




Limited Range: The range of electric dirt bikes is limited compared to traditional dirt bikes. Many hundred kilometres can be covered on a single tank of petrol by conventional dirt bikes. However, the range of an electric dirt bike is often only 50 to 80 kilometres.


Longer Recharge Time: Electric dirt bikes take longer to recharge compared to filling up a traditional dirt bike with gas. On average, it takes 3-4 hours to recharge an electric dirt bike, whereas filling up a traditional dirt bike takes minutes.


Price: Electric dirt bikes are generally more expensive than traditional dirt bikes. That's understandable though.


Limited charging infrastructure - Unlike gas stations, there are limited charging stations for electric dirt bikes.


Battery lifespan - The battery lifespan of electric dirt bikes can be limited, and replacement batteries can be expensive.


What are the laws about Electric Dirt Bikes In Australia?


No one wants trouble while riding. So guys, follow the laws:


First things first, let's address the question on everyone's mind - are electric dirt bikes street-legal in Australia? The answer is it depends. Some electric bike models are only meant for off-road use, while others are street-legal.


However, what really makes an electric dirt bike legal or illegal is its motor power and maximum speed. To ride your electric dirt bike on the street, it's important to ensure that it meets certain criteria. The maximum speed should be no more than 25 km/h, specifically. And the power; should not exceed 250W.


Now, here's the tricky part. Most electric dirt bikes on the market are not designed for street use. These bikes are specifically made for off-road adventures. Having speeds of at least 70 km/h, with motor power ranging from 4-5k to 10-11k.


Why is Australia the best place to ride dirt bikes?


Australia is a dirt bike rider's paradise. From the dusty outback to the lush rainforests, Australia's diverse landscape provides a plethora of terrains for riders to explore and conquer.


It's as if the Australian terrain is a canvas of challenges waiting to be painted with the colourful strokes of a dirt bike's tires. The harsh conditions and varied landscapes offer an experience like no other, giving riders of all skill levels a unique and exciting adventure.


Like a refreshing oasis in the middle of a desert, Australia's mild climate and sunny weather are the two main factors that pull those enthusiast riders.


For beginners, the Kuranda National Park in Cairns offers easy-to-moderate trails with stunning views. For intermediate riders, the Albury Wodonga Mountain Bike Park in Victoria provides a range of challenging trails with plenty of jumps and obstacles. And for advanced riders, the Greenvalleys Mountain Bike Park in New South Wales offers some of the best downhill tracks in the country.


Additionally, Australia has a thriving dirt bike community and plenty of trails and parks for riders to enjoy.


Failing to ensure that your electric dirt bike meets the Australian Design Rules (ADR) standards before purchasing it can have serious consequences.


For those who cannot live without feeding their inner dirt soul, consider buying your dirt bike from a reputable retailer to ensure quality and reliability.


One of the best retailers for dirt bikes in Australia is E-Ozzie. Let it help you find your dream dirt bike, oh I almost forgot to say, "the best electric dirt bike".

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