Electric Motorbike Buying Guide

Just as the Titanic overturned 20th-century shipping, electric motorbikes represent revolutionary titans redefining today's industry. Where the Titanic impressed with ornate decor, electric motorcycles make their mark with lightning-fast acceleration and sustainability cred. An electric revolution stirs - with e-bikes positioned to lead the charge into the new era.


Here's a fact underscoring the power at play: electric motorcycles can reach 60mph in under five seconds thanks to instant torque. This electric shakeup packs performance potency alongside its greener credentials! So, gear up to witness the imminent transformation as convention gives way. 


But First, What Is An Electric Motorbike?

Simply put, an electric motorbike replaces the standard petrol engine with an electric motor and uses a rechargeable lithium battery instead of petrol. But aside from those power and fuel source differences, electric motorbikes operate similarly to conventional motorcycles. 


Electric motorbikes come in endless shapes, sizes and styles from various manufacturers today. But whether it's a small commuter or big cruiser bike, legally riding one on public roads still requires getting a motorcycle license and insurance, registering the vehicle properly, etc - standard motorbike protocols, in other words.


Electric Bike Features To Consider Before Buying 

With so many best electric motorbikes vying for your attention, choosing the right one can take time and effort. So, we're here to help you find the perfect ride for your needs.


1- Range


When selecting an electric motorcycle, consider what typical range you'll need between charges. Are you buying it primarily for short daily urban commutes less than 20 miles? Or do you see yourself going on longer weekend rides of 100+ miles roundtrip?


Compare the real-world max ranges different models can deliver on a single full charge, which can be anywhere from 60 miles on the low end to 250 miles for premium long-range bikes. Factors such as hilly terrain or riding in adverse conditions will also reduce operational range. Carefully match the range to your needs.


1. Power & Performance

Additionally, scrutinise the engine torque and maximum power specifications. Higher torque translates into quicker acceleration from a standstill at traffic lights. It makes it more fun! And ample engine power ensures higher sustained speeds, such as confidently passing on highways. It also enables tackling steep uphills without losing momentum. So, pay attention to both torque and power numbers.


2. Battery Life & Charging Time

When it comes to batteries, higher capacity and lithium chemistry are essential. Lithium batteries deliver maximised range and performance pound-for-pound compared to older nickel or lead alternatives. An electric motorcycle battery typically has a lifespan of three to ten years, although with the proper maintenance, some batteries can last even longer. Remember that an e-motorcycle that recharges fast when you're on the go is usually best. Ensure that whatever electric motorcycle you opt for has a battery capacity adequate for your typical daily riding needs, with some spare. Also, consider peak power capabilities. 


4- Type Of Brakes

Another essential element is the braking system of the electric motorbike. Its suitability varies depending on riding usage. Drum brakes are simpler and cheaper but have a weaker braking effect and are more prone to overheating. Disc brakes are the most common type, offering good heat dissipation and quick braking, but they may only be ideal for short periods of use.


But for riders who plan to go off-road on trails or need aggressive braking performance, upgraded ABS disc brakes are highly recommended for safety. By preventing the front wheel from locking, ABS can help reduce the risk of skidding. Thus, you feel more secure when riding.


5- Motorcycle Height & Weight

Bike dimensions like seat height, reach to the handlebars, etc., and overall weight also matter for rider confidence and control while manoeuvring. Signs of a bad fit feel like needing to stand on your tiptoes at a stop, difficulty reaching the controls, and straining to reach the ground or handlebars. Sit on it for a trial to ensure you're getting the right motorcycle. This is the most crucial step. Get a feel for the weight distribution, reach for the controls, and see if you can comfortably touch the ground with both feet. You can also try ergonomic simulators online; those tools allow you to input your height and inseam to see how you would fit on a particular motorcycle.


Ensure the electric motorcycle model you choose fits your body type, strength and general riding capabilities to feel most in control. Take your time trying out different motorcycles until you find one that fits you well. Don't settle for "good enough" - finding the right fit is essential for a safe and enjoyable riding experience.


6- Warranty

When it comes to warranties protecting against manufacturing defects, research what coverage each manufacturer offers before deciding. Particularly consider length in years, inclusions like brake pads and tyres or exclusions like rider damage. Know what you are getting for your investment.


7- Budget Constraints

Ultimately, carefully balance your must-have range, speed capabilities, comfort and warranty needs against budget restrictions. However, an e-motorcycle can cost less than $5,000 - as much as you can afford. Charging costs just around a few dollars per 300-400 miles, offering significant savings compared to gas-powered vehicles. 


Take your time deciding what's best for you. Don't break the bank, but don't compromise either; plenty of options are available to compare and find your perfect fit. While there are additional expenses like charging and occasional repairs, they typically stay within a reasonable range of $100 to $300.


With key purchasing considerations covered, let's examine the ownership costs of electric motorbikes.


Cost of Owning an Electric Motorcycle

What does an electric motorbike cost? Well, there are options across budgets. But e-bikes generally cost more than petrol bikes since choices are currently more limited. You get what you pay for, as the saying goes.


On the affordable end, basic electric commuters like the CSC City Slicker start around $2,500. It still goes nearly 50 miles per hour with a 60+ mile range - all right! Or the zippy Segway Dirt eBike is $3,500. 


E-Ozzie offers electric motorbikes such as the Surron Ultra Bee and Kollter RS1/TINBOT for those seeking mid-range options priced between $10,000 and $15,000. These models provide a perfect blend of performance and affordability.


High-performance electric bikes like Harley Davidson's stunning Livewire command premium pricing of $30,000 out the door. But you get a 150-mile range and a governed 110mph top-end speed. Exotics like the Arc Vector will set you back six figures even!


Yes, electric motorbikes often carry higher price tags than equivalent gas bikes. The battery tech is still expensive. But with less maintenance over time, cost savings accumulate.


As with any vehicle purchase, inspect the range, power and specs closely to ensure you get what you pay for with an e-motorbike!


Top Electric Motorcycle Brands in Australia

Discover the leading names in battery-powered motorcycles with our list of the Top Electric Motorcycle Brands in Australia, offering the best electric bike features.


1- Denzel 

Based in Chongqing, China, Denzel Electric Bikes pioneered electric mobility, blending retro charm with cutting-edge speed. Their flagship product, the Electric Cafe Racer, is celebrated for its performance and aesthetics.


Visit Denzel Electric Bikes to explore the perfect blend of vintage style and futuristic technology in our e-bikes.


2- Savic Motorcycles

Savic crafts innovative Australian e-bikes that fuse old-world style with future-ready speed. This award-winning brand makes electric motorcycles hailed for performance and aesthetics.


Visit Savic Motorcycles to discover Savic's perfect fusion of heritage looks and next-gen technology e-bikes.


3- Kollter

Kollter Electric Motorcycles is at the forefront of electric mobility innovation. Based in Southern California and led by CEO John Calicchio, a veteran with over 50 years of motorcycle riding, racing, design, and engineering experience, Kollter USA is recognised for its state-of-the-art, high-quality machines.


Visit Kollter to experience the excellent technology and superior craftsmanship of Kollter motorcycles.


4- Braaap 

Braaap shakes up motorbikes as a 4x industry award-winning Australian family business. From R&D to production, Braaap locally engineers quality e-bikes backed by a lifetime warranty.


Check out Braaap Motorcycles to explore their Australian-made motorcycles with raving fan reviews.


5- Surron 

Surron is a trailblazer in the world of electric motorcycles, offering a fusion of rugged off-road capability with innovative electric speed. This globally recognised brand produces electric motorcycles celebrated for their performance and durability.


Visit Surron Global to discover Surron's perfect combination of off-road resilience and advanced technology in their e-bikes.


6- Australian Electric Motor Co.

With a passion for electric motorbikes, Australian Electric Motor Co. leads the way down under as pioneers.


Based in Burleigh Heads, this dealership brings Aussie riders the latest electric motorcycle technology.

Go to Australian Electric Motor Co. to discover the future of eco-friendly biking.


7- Fonz

FONZ makes effortlessly stylish, high-performance electric motorbikes as carbon-neutral pioneers. Their distinctive Australian e-bikes set world motorbike speed records thanks to groundbreaking innovation. 


Head to Fonz Moto and explore their zero-emission custom rides, making green biking exciting.


Electric Bike Maintenance Tips

Here are some essential points to consider when it comes to maintaining your electric bike for optimal performance 


1- Check tyre Pressure 

Keep tyres properly inflated for stability, traction and easier pedalling.


2- Test Battery Level 

Check the charge level before every ride to avoid being stranded mid-trip. 


3- Inspect Brake Pads 

Look for wear after a few rides to maintain safe stopping ability.


4- Grease Bearings 

Apply grease to reduce noise and friction that hampers smooth operation.


5- Monitor Connections 

Check for water damage that can cut motor power and cause shutdowns. 


6- Clean Drivetrain

Wipe debris off chains, gears, etc., so pedalling and shifting remain efficient.


7- Check Motor Temperature 

Excess heat can overwork motors, so diagnose causes like dirt buildup. 


8- Lube Bike Chain

Inspect and lubricate the chain often to prevent breakage and corrosion. 


9- Test Suspension 

Address abnormal bumpiness by having shock absorbers professionally examined. 


10- Fix Loose Parts

Check screws, levers etc., weekly and replace them if needed to avoid more significant issues.

With electric bike care basics addressed, let's turn our lens to the best electric motorbikes in the Australian market!


Best Electric Motorbikes: Top Picks!

Here's a brief compilation of the best electric bikes handpicked just for you. Experience your ride with advanced technology and eco-friendly performance.


1- Denzel Samurai Electric Motorcycle

It's rugged, powerful, and currently available at a discounted price, saving you $990.00 if you order from E-Ozzie immediately.

 Denzel Samurai Electric Motorcycle Bike at Eozzie Australia



$7,980.00 $6,990.00


2- Kollter ES1-PRO Electric Motorcycle

This high-speed, powerful bike is a valuable investment, and you can save $710.00 when purchasing it from E-Ozzie. 

 Kollter ES1-PRO Electric Motorcycle at Eozzie Australia



$8,100.00 $7,390.00



3- Kollter RS1/Tinbot Electric Motorcycle

This high-powered beast is worth every penny. Check it out on E-Ozzie, which is available in stunning red and blue colours.

 Kollter RS1 Tinbot Electric Motorcycle at Eozzie Australia




Wrapping Up

Buying an electric motorbike costs a pretty penny. So, pick the right one from the get-go that fits how you plan to use it. Hopefully, this guide matches your needs when deciding. 


Considering several key factors such as speed, range, and charging time is crucial in securing the ideal electric motorcycle. 


Check out Buy Electric Dirtbikes | Electric Motorbikes Australia - E-Ozzie for quality electric motorbikes if you're still deciding. We're confident you'll discover your ideal ride, perfectly matching performance hopes and wallet!

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