10 Tips for Extending Electric Bike Battery Life

So, you shelled out a small fortune for an electric bike. You envisioned yourself as a sleek, silent warrior of the road, but what if your electric bike, your eco-friendly chariot morphs into an unassisted cycle, and pedalling without assistance uphill feels like dragging a toddler through a tantrum?

Yep, the electric bike range blues are a real thing. Let's discuss some real ways to Extend electric bike battery life. 

This blog is your survival guide to squeezing every drop of juice out of your electric dreams. We'll show you how to tweak your settings like a tech-savvy king, optimise your rides to be fuel-efficient, and conquer those hills!

Today, we are sharing with you ten tips to help you Extend your e-bike battery life. 


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How Can I Extend My E-bike’s Battery Life 



  1. Pedalling Frequency: Let's be honest, unless you're scaling Mount Doom on your lunch break, that highest assistance level is just showing off while draining your battery. Stick to a sensible level, unless you want your legs to feel like soggy croutons after a few kilometres. For optimal usage of the electric motor, a consistent pedalling frequency of 70–75 revolutions per minute is a suitable option.

  1. Brake Usage & Gears: Every time you slam on the brakes and launch back into traffic, you're throwing battery life out the window. Just glide smoothly to those red lights, not a hyperactive bird. Here, your choice of gear makes a big difference in how far your e-bike can go. If your gear is too high for the terrain, your motor has to work extra hard, using up more power. But if you pick the right gear, you can go the extra mile and get the most out of your e-bike's range.

  1. Charging Habits For E-Bikes: The decision to charge your electric bike overnight comes with its set of pros and cons. While it's super convenient, let’s not forget about safety and following proper charging habits. Battery Charging patterns play a substantial role in determining your bike's battery's longevity and overall health. Avoid using unreliable chargers, broken ports, or power switches that fluctuate to charge your e-bike. Also, keep battery components away from flammable materials. Once your bike is fully charged, it is best to unplug the charger.
Furthermore, cold weather can also steal your e-bike's range. When tested several e-bikes, in summer, we comfortably covered just under 60 miles with a 300Wh battery, allowing for two rides with some charge remaining. Yet, in winter, the range decreases to under 50 miles after just two rides. If you're in a chilly place, think about sheltering your bike indoors. Nevertheless, the e-bike remains reliable and functional.

  1. Pump Up Your Tyres: Deflated tyres demand more juice to roll. Whether you have a fat tyre e-bike or a normal tyre e-bike, keep them properly inflated and watch those precious battery watts strut their stuff. But here’s a little insight: By choosing smooth and slim tires and maintaining proper inflation, you can reduce rolling resistance, optimise energy conversion, and ultimately extend the e-bike's potential distance on a single charge. 

  1. Second Battery?: Sure, carrying a spare battery is like having a magical refill for your e-bike. Imagine rolling through epic e-bike adventures with the battery confidence of a double-decker fuel tank. But if we are talking honestly here, it's not the sleekest solution, that's extra weight for your quads. Unless you're planning a battery-powered voyage, stick to one and embrace the thrill of strategic charging stops. But for those who crave the freedom to roam further, the extra juice is worth the extra effort. 

  1. Pay Attention To Maximum Load: Avoid unnecessary baggage! You will need to use more energy to move your e-bike depending on how much weight you place on it. You should increase the pedal assist or pedal harder if you are riding an e-bike with passengers or baggage. Either way, your e-bike's range will be shortened and your battery life accelerated. 
Less weight on your e-bike equals less work for the motor, translating to more miles on your odometer.

  1. Strategise Your Routes: Be picky with your route. Plan your journey like an artist, avoiding anything remotely resembling a battery-sucking monster. Bonus points for finding charging stations along the way, because nobody likes a hangry e-bike. So, plan wisely, maintain regularly, and watch your e-bike go the extra mile – literally!

  1. Stay in the Green Zone: Many modern e-bikes come equipped with a handy range indicator, acting like a built-in battery life assistant. It's there for a reason, so pay attention! Avoid the awkward situation of being stranded far from home, desperately seeking a jump-start, or, in e-bike language, borrowing someone's charger. Keep an eye on your display, and plan your journey accordingly to ensure a smooth and worry-free ride. After all, staying within your e-bike's limits is the key to a stress-free and enjoyable journey. 

  1. Maintain Your Electric Bike: Your e-bike will only function at its best and get you where you need to go if it's in good condition. Keep it clean, lubed, and happy, and it'll reward you with extra miles. Make sure you give your e-bike regular maintenance, maintain its condition, and store it correctly. Don’t delay bringing it to the workshop if you feel it's necessary. Remember, a little lube goes a long way, so avoid overdoing it to prevent attracting dust and grime.

  1. Riding Techniques for Battery Longevity: Remember, the e-bike motor is there to assist, not replace your legs. Always utilise pedal assistance and the electric motor to significantly balance your e-bike's energy consumption and battery's overall lifespan. Studies in biomechanics and human kinetics reveal that when riders pedal along with the assistance provided by the electric motor, it promotes strength and endurance. This is one of the best benefits of choosing an e-bike, the physical fitness - that also optimises the energy efficiency of the e-bike.


Best Practices for E-bike Battery Care

  • Keep your e-bike tyres pumped to the recommended pressure.
  • Replace worn-out tyres promptly for safety and efficiency.
  • Charge your e-bike battery fully before using it to maximise mileage.
  • Riding in pedal assist mode conserves battery power and increases the electric bike range.
  • Avoid riding in harsh weather conditions, as extreme temperatures and wind can reduce mileage.
  • Pay attention to the maximum load capacity of your e-bike, as excess weight can decrease range.
  • Regular maintenance, including keeping the bike in good condition and proper storage, contributes to optimal performance and mileage.
  • Don't let the battery drain completely; recharge before it reaches low levels to prolong battery life.
  • Choose suitable riding modes and assist levels based on your energy-saving preferences and terrain.

There you have it, expert e-bike battery charging tips for squeezing the most out of your e-bike battery. Remember, a little pedal power can go a long way. Happy riding!



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