Fastest Electric Scooter in Australia

In the heart of Australia, a new revolution is silently gaining speed, one that promises to redefine the way we move and experience our cities. As we navigate the bustling streets and embrace the modern-day challenges, a powerful ally emerges - the fastest electric scooter, ready to whisk us away on an electrifying journey like never before. 

Just like the pioneers who once pushed boundaries and sought new frontiers, we now have the opportunity to embrace cutting-edge technology and experience the fastest electric scooters ever to grace Australian roads.  

In this blog, we embark on a thrilling voyage to uncover the six fastest electric scooters that have graced the Australian landscape. These marvels of engineering have set new records, embracing the essence of speed while honouring our rich history of exploration and innovation. 

Let’s scoot in!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is intended to celebrate the speed and innovation of electric scooters in Australia. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that riding electric scooters at high speeds entails legal and safety considerations. Before attempting to ride any electric scooter, especially those mentioned here as the fastest options, it's your responsibility to be aware of and adhere to local speed limits and laws

Top 6 Fastest E-Scooter in Australia 2024


1-  Veloz G5 Electric Scooter



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Up to 120 km/hr


240 km

Peak Motor



2-year warranty on the structure and frame.

Are you ready to experience the thrill of the fastest electric scooter to conquer the Australian terrains? Introducing the Veloz G5, a high-speed marvel that will leave you exhilarated and yearning for more. 

Speed & Range

The Veloz G5 is no ordinary electric scooter; it's a speed demon on wheels! With a top speed of up to 120 km/hr, this beauty whizzes past the competition and takes you on a heart-pounding adventure. Covering an impressive range of 240 km, it ensures that no destination is out of reach. Feel the wind in your hair as you ride on the fastest electric scooter, designed to ignite your inner explorer.

Fun Fact: Australia has always been a land of speed enthusiasts, from legendary car races to the iconic V8 Supercars, the need for speed runs deep in our culture!

Robust Powerhouse

Beneath the sleek exterior lies a 5000W peak motor, propelling you with unmatched strength. Whether it's conquering steep inclines or cruising off-road terrains, the Veloz G5 handles it all with ease. The dual motors deliver colossal power, allowing you to switch between single or dual-motor modes, based on your riding needs. Gear up for an electrifying journey like never before!

Rugged and Resilient

Crafted with aviation-grade alloy and quality components, the Veloz G5 is engineered for durability and performance. Its rugged frame ensures stability and sturdiness on any terrain, while the dual front and dual rear shocks absorb shocks for a smooth and comfortable ride. Tackling rough patches feels like a breeze as you embrace the power of this off-road beast!

Safety First

Velocity doesn't compromise safety, and neither does the Veloz G5. Equipped with front and rear disc brakes, enhanced by an electric hydraulic system, you have complete control over your ride. Stay confident, knowing you can stop securely whenever needed, ensuring a safe and thrilling journey across Australia's diverse landscapes.

Did you know? Australia has been a pioneering nation in adopting sustainable transport solutions, and electric scooters have played a vital role in the eco-friendly movement!

Free Service and Warranty

With the Veloz G5, your adventures are protected. Enjoy 12 months of free service to keep your e-scooter in top-notch condition. Plus, a 2-year warranty on the structure and frame guarantees your investment is safeguarded against any unforeseen mishaps. We've got your back!

So, are you ready to embrace the fastest electric scooter in Australia? The Veloz G5 promises the ride of a lifetime, combining power, endurance, and sheer adrenaline. Unlock your inner speedster and explore the beauty of Australia like never before. Head over to E-Ozzie, a premium supplier of electric scooters in Australia, for easy financing options available. 

Hop on, fasten your helmet, and let the exhilaration begin!

2. VSETT 11+ Super Electric Scooter - The Ultimate Speed Sensation in Australia









72V 35Ah

Max Range

Up to 150 km

Max Speed

Up to 100 km/hr (off-road use only)

Special Feature

Increased sport mode with 3 minutes duration and hydraulic Nut braking system

If you are looking to take a ride on the wildest electric scooter in Australia, look no further than the VSETT 11+ Super, an adrenaline-pumping machine that sets your speed soul on fire. 

Mind-Blowing Speed & Range

Get ready to embrace unparalleled speed with the VSETT 11+ Super! With its dual 2000W motors and a blistering 72V 35Ah battery, this beast tears through the streets at mind-boggling speeds. On-road or off-road, the VSETT 11+ Super reaches up to 100 km/hr, leaving the competition in the dust. With a staggering range of up to 150 km, it opens up a world of possibilities for your exhilarating journeys.

Fun Fact: Australia has a rich motorsport history, with its own Bathurst 1000 being one of the most iconic endurance races in the world! Speed has always been in our Aussie DNA.

Hydraulic Nut Braking System

When it comes to stopping power, the VSETT 11+ Super reigns supreme. Its hydraulic Nutt braking system provides superior control and stability during high-speed rides. Feel the confidence as you glide effortlessly and come to a smooth halt with precision, even when racing at top speeds.

Unparalleled Riding Comfort

The VSETT 11+ Super is engineered with an ergonomic riser handlebar and twin steering pole, giving you the perfect grip for confident manoeuvring. Its front-rear hydraulic suspension, paired with 11-inch air tires, offers a butter-smooth ride even on the most challenging terrains. Enjoy unmatched stability as you cruise through Australia's diverse landscapes.

LED Lighting Brilliance

Embrace the night with the VSETT 11+ Super's double LED headlights and taillights, illuminating your path with clarity. Cruise through dimly-lit streets with confidence, and let the world know of your presence with the bright brake lights and turn signals. Safety meets style with this electric scooter for adults.

Performance and Endurance

At the heart of the VSETT 11+ Super lies a high-capacity 72V 35Ah LG battery. Packed with cutting-edge technology, this powerhouse ensures an extended range, making your journeys boundless. Cruise through the urban jungle or explore the outback without a worry - the VSETT 11+ Super has got you covered!

Australian Outback Adventure

The VSETT 11+ Super has been crafted with the Australian spirit of adventure in mind. Its rugged build, advanced suspension, and off-road capabilities beckon you to conquer the vast terrains of the Land Down Under. 

Disclaimer: Always prioritise safety, adhere to local traffic regulations, and wear appropriate safety gear while riding the VSETT 11+ Super.

So, are you prepared to tame the ultimate speed sensation? The VSETT 11+ Super beckons you to push your limits, explore the unknown, and embrace the thrill of the fastest electric scooter in Australia. 

Here, at E-Ozzie, we are proud to be the premium supplier of electric scooters in Australia and to make it more accessible for you to own Vest T11+ super, we have flexible financing options available. 


It's time to redefine your journey and embark on electrifying adventures like never before!

3. Zero 11X Electric Scooter - Australia's Speed Titan









72V 26Ah or 72V 32Ah

Max Range

80-110 km (eco mode) for 26Ah, 120-160 km (eco mode) for 32Ah

Max Speed

95 km/hr


Twin motorcycle-style flood lighting, electronic-brake system, front and rear hydraulic suspension

Embarking on a ride that pushes the boundaries of speed and performance, is no more a dream. Say hello to the Zero 11X Electric Scooter, an unstoppable force that defines the essence of velocity in Australia. 

Lightning Speed & Boundless Range

Brace yourself for a whirlwind adventure with the Zero 11X Electric Scooter! Boasting dual 1600W motors, it roars to a top speed of 95 km/hr, combining ferocity with finesse. Whether you're cruising through cityscapes or embarking on off-road escapades, the Zero 11X will leave you breathless. With an eco mode range of up to 160 km (32Ah), it promises a boundless exploration of the Australian terrain.

Unparalleled Stopping Power

Velocity meets safety with the Zero 11X's Taiwanese-made Nutt hydraulic brakes. Designed with cooling fins, these brakes ensure reliable stopping power, even during high-speed rides. Feel the confidence as you navigate through bustling streets or venture off the beaten path with ultimate control and precision.

Smooth Sailing with a Supreme Comfort

Engineered for a luxurious ride, the Zero 11X is equipped with front and spring/hydraulic suspension. This customizability lets you adjust the suspension stiffness, tailored to your weight and terrain preference. Cruise with confidence and ease, regardless of the road less travelled.

Motorcycle-Style Flood Lighting

With twin motorcycle-style floodlighting, make your presence known even in low-light conditions. With added rear lighting and room for more lighting accessories, the Zero 11X ensures safety is never compromised, even on nighttime adventures.

High-Capacity LG Battery

At the core of the Zero 11X lies a formidable 72V 26Ah (32Ah for max range) LG battery, built for exceptional performance and endurance. Conquer the long stretches and hilly landscapes of Australia without a hitch, as the Zero 11X pushes the boundaries of electric scooter capabilities.

Revolutionising Riding Comfort

Designed with a motorcycle-style rugged twin steering pole, the Zero 11X offers a comfortable and upright riding position. Embrace the joy of effortless steering and relish every moment of your electrifying journey.

Did you know? Australia's vast landscapes have inspired countless road trips and expeditions, fostering our love for adventure and exploration on wheels!

Explore the Uncharted Territory

The Zero 11X has been meticulously crafted for the daring souls yearning to explore Australia's uncharted territory. With its rugged build, powerful motors, and advanced features, it beckons you to embrace the spirit of adventure and redefine your limits.

Disclaimer: Prioritise safety, adhere to local traffic regulations, and wear appropriate safety gear while riding the Zero 11X.

So, are you ready to conquer the horizon on Australia's speed titan? The Zero 11X Electric Scooter awaits, ready to redefine your perception of speed and adventure. 

To make the Zero 11X super more affordable for you, E-Ozzie offers various financing options. Plus, 1 year of free service. What more could you ask for?

Saddle up and embrace the thrill of a lifetime, as the fastest electric scooter in Australia takes you on a journey like no other!

4. Conquer the Trails with Wolf King GT





Wolf King GT Pro


72V 35AH

Motor Power

2000W x 2

Max. Speed

> 100 km/h

Max. Range

180 km

Climbing Angles

< 50°

Max. Load

150 kg

Charging Time

About 11.6 hrs


Front & rear hydraulic brakes (160) + ABS


11-inch vacuum off-road or street tyres


TFT Display

Experience the ultimate thrill of the off-road electric scooter world with the Wolf King GT, reigning as the "Best of the Best" and the "King of Kings." This fearless scooter leaves no room for compromise, offering unmatched performance for daredevils seeking the adrenaline rush both on tracks and trails.

Power-Packed Performance

With its dual 2000W motors, the Wolf King GT blazes through any terrain, reaching top speeds of over 100 km/h, making it the fastest accelerating e-scooter. Embrace the freedom to explore far and wide with an impressive range of 180 km on a single charge, leaving no journey uncharted.

Top-Notch Build and Features

Built for conquering rugged terrains, the Wolf King GT boasts a sturdy frame made of aviation-grade aluminium alloy, ensuring durability and stability even during intense rides. Its 11-inch vacuum off-road/street tyres provide unbeatable grip and control on any surface.

Smooth and Safe Ride

Ride in comfort with the Wolf King GT's dual suspension system, featuring hydraulic dampers that absorb shock and vibration for a stable and smooth journey, even on uneven paths. The scooter's hydraulic brakes with ABS system ensure superior stopping power, guaranteeing safe rides every time.

Efficient LG/Samsung Battery

Unleash your passion for adventure without worry, thanks to the Wolf King GT's long-lasting LG/Samsung battery with a capacity of 72V 35AH. This premium battery with heat flow technology enables you to cover vast distances, reaching places you've only dreamed of.

Reliable and Portable

The Wolf King GT may be a beast in performance, but its foldable design allows for easy storage and transportation, making it versatile and convenient for performance-seeking riders. Enjoy the freedom to explore while ensuring portability for everyday use.

Tested and Proven

Awarded the ESG 2022-23 Speed Champion, the Wolf King GT has been rigorously tested and proven to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Trust in its capabilities and join the ranks of satisfied riders worldwide.

The Wolf King GT Pro has earned the prestigious ESG 2022-23 Speed Champion award, solidifying its position as a top performer in the world of electric scooters. Its remarkable speed and outstanding capabilities have won the hearts of enthusiasts and experts alike, making it a true king of off-road electric scooters.

To make the Wolf King more affordable for you, E-Ozzie offers various financing options. Head over to our website to learn more. 

 Push the boundaries of adventure and leave a trail of excitement in your wake.

5. Electric Scooter Veloz G4 - Australia's Off-Road Powerhouse






Peak Motor


Max Speed

110 km/hr

Max Range

120-220 km (dual motor), 180-220 km (single motor)


Aviation-grade alloy frame, dual front and dual rear shocks, 12-inch inflatable tubeless all-terrain wheels

Electric Scooter Veloz G4, is a true off-road powerhouse that promises to take your riding experience to new heights. Buckle up as we delve into the world of this robust machine, and engineering finesse.

Unyielding Performance

Step into the world of electrifying speed with the Electric Scooter Veloz G4! Boasting a peak motor power of 4200W, this beastly scooter commands attention with a max speed of 110 km/hr. It's not just about the speed, though; the Veloz G4 offers versatility with its single or dual motor modes. Leave your fellow riders in awe as you ride the fastest electric scooter off the beaten track.

Fun Fact: Australia's landscapes are a testament to the adventurous spirit of our nation, from the iconic Australian Outback to the rugged Great Ocean Road. The Veloz G4 embodies the spirit of exploration!

Built to Endure

Crafted with aviation-grade alloy and quality components, the Veloz G4 is engineered for durability and performance. Tackling off-road terrains is a breeze as the rugged frame handles rough surfaces with ease. Embrace the power of this off-road champion and elevate your riding game.

Dual Suspension System

The Veloz G4 delivers an ultra-smooth ride, thanks to its dual front and dual rear shocks. Absorb bumps and rough terrain effortlessly, keeping you steady and comfortable throughout your journey. Navigate uneven surfaces and unleash the adventurer within!

All-Terrain Dominance

Designed for all-terrain dominance, the Veloz G4 boasts massive 12-inch inflatable tubeless wheels. Conquer rocky paths, gravel roads, and grassy plains with ease, experiencing the thrill of off-road exploration like never before.

Massive Battery Capacity

At the heart of the Veloz G4 lies a high-capacity 35Ah Lithium battery, ensuring sustained power on long rides. With a range of up to 220 km (dual motor) or 180 km (single motor), the Veloz G4 takes you on an adventure that knows no bounds.

Did you know? Electric scooters have come a long way since their early days in the late 1800s. Now, they are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional transportation, with Aussies leading the charge!

Uncompromising Safety

Safety takes centre stage as the Veloz G4 features reliable disc brakes with an electric hydraulic system. Master your control with precise braking, providing confidence and assurance during your exhilarating rides.

Conquer the Off-Road Terrain

The Veloz G4 is tailor-made for those seeking unparalleled adventures across Australia's rugged landscapes. Blaze a trail through the wild, conquer challenging terrains, and redefine what it means to ride fearlessly!

Disclaimer: Always prioritise safety, wear appropriate safety gear, and respect local traffic regulations while riding the Veloz G4.

Let’s unlock the adventure on Australia's most potent off-road electric scooter, The Veloz G4. Head over to E-Ozzie, buy now and pay in easy instalments with our easy financing options. 

6. NAMI BLASTMAX 40AH LG Electric Scooter



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Peak Motor


Max Speed

85 km/hr

Max Range

145 km


Dual 1000W brushless hub motors, dual rebound adjustable suspension, tubeless extra wide 10” tyres

Are you prepared to enter the realm of unparalleled velocity on two wheels? Meet the NAMI BLASTMAX Electric Scooter, a speed sensation that defies limits and sets new standards for performance in Australia. 


Boundless Velocity & Range

Get ready to ignite your adrenaline with the NAMI BLASTMAX 40AH LG! Equipped with a peak motor power of a jaw-dropping 6720W, this electric scooter takes speed to an electrifying level. Soar through the streets of Australia with a top speed of 85 km/hr, embracing the thrill of the open road. And with an impressive range of 145 km, the NAMI BLASTMAX sets new records for limitless exploration.

Fun Fact: Australia's love for fast rides dates back to the early 20th century, with speedway racing gaining immense popularity among Aussies. The NAMI BLASTMAX carries the legacy of our need for speed!


Elevating Performance

The NAMI KLIMA boasts an impressively designed drivetrain with dual 1000W brushless hub motors, operating in perfect harmony with the dual 40A sine wave controllers. Prepare to experience unparalleled torque right from take-off, outperforming key competitors and delivering a smooth and swift acceleration that will leave you in awe.


Unrivalled Comfort

Embark on an extraordinary journey with the NAMI KLIMA's dual rebound adjustable suspension (KKE coil shocks), complemented by tubeless extra-wide 10” tyres, and a low centre of gravity. These features ensure a seamless and stable ride, whether you're cruising at high speeds or venturing off-road. Engage the Logan two-piston hydraulic brakes with 160mm rotors, allowing for superior stopping power at your fingertips.

High Visibility

Take control of your ride with ease using the NAMI KLIMA's smooth thumb throttle, commanding horn, and ultra-bright 2000-lumen headlight. Navigate with confidence, thanks to turn signals operating the bright rear-facing LED strip. On your left, the riding mode selector enables advanced customisation of 5 riding modes, allowing you to tailor the scooter's performance to suit your preferred style.

A Ride in All Weather

With an impressive IP55 rating and splash-proof front and rear fenders, the NAMI KLIMA is your reliable companion in any weather condition.

Battery Options for Extra Power

At its core lies a formidable 40Ah LG battery, unleashing raw power and endurance. Embrace the freedom to push boundaries with a range of 145 km, ensuring your journeys know no limitations.

Customise your ride further with two battery options:

  • Kilma - 60V 25Ah: Strike a balance between power and range for your adventures.
  • Kilma Max - 60V 30Ah LG: Unleash the full potential of the NAMI KLIMA, embracing the ultimate power and endurance.

Safety & Reliability 

With great speed comes the need for impeccable safety. The NAMI BLASTMAX features Nutt hydraulic brakes with cooling fins, ensuring precise control and reliable stopping power. Embrace your need for speed while putting safety at the forefront.

Disclaimer: Safety is paramount - always adhere to local traffic regulations, prioritise safety gear, and ride responsibly while enjoying the NAMI BLASTMAX.

So, speed-seekers, the NAMI KLIMA is your passport to electrifying adventures in 2024. Unleash the power, embrace the thrill, and conquer the speedscape with this high-powered fastest electric scooter in Australia ready to redefine your ride experience!

E-Ozzie proudly presents the finest selection of electric scooters, offering the best-in-class models with unbeatable payment options. Explore our range and experience the thrill of owning your dream e-scooter without compromise. 


That’s It 

So, let's scoot into the future, embracing the thrill of speed and the joy of exploring our beautiful nation like never before. The streets of Australia have never been more alive and energetic. With a promise of a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow. Here at E-Ozzie, we are proud to be the premium supplier of the best and fastest electric scooters in Australia, and we offer flexible financing options to make your dreams of owning these speed marvels a reality. 

The fastest electric scooters in Australia await you, ready to redefine your journey.

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