Kristall Mamba TP26 Review

So, I took the plunge and got my hands on the 2023 NEW KRISTALL MAMBA TP26, opting for the 500W Bafang motor. Bafang, you know, a brand you can trust. And let me tell you, 500W feels like heaps – never once did I think, "I need more power." Now, let's break down the nitty-gritty of my experience with this e-bike bought from E-Ozzie . 

Motor & Battery

The 500W motor is a powerhouse. I've found it more than sufficient for my daily rides. And, when you crave a burst of speed, that 500W motor is there to answer the call( with an extra oomph). Battery life? It's good, 18650 Lithium battery, as long as you are riding under average conditions like typical weather, and with a rider weight between 60-90kg. 

Riding modes (electric, assist, pedal)?

The Mamba TP26 electric bike comes with three riding modes. For a more traditional cycling feel, the cycling mode eliminates electric assistance and transforms the Mamba TP26 into a regular bike. The electric-only mode provides a seamless, powered experience where you don’t have to pedal at all. Just let the motor do it! 

I stick to assistant mode usually, because I like to pedal with assistance unless I'm running late or facing a headwind – love that flexibility. 

In pure electric mode, expect to cover 40-65km, while pedal assist mode can stretch the range to an impressive 90-120km. The hydraulic disc brakes are my real faith in handling, ensuring a prompt and secure stop.


The e-bike effortlessly handled the inclines of the 'Reid Park Straight' section of Mount Panorama with the Mamba's 30-degree climbing power. With that 30-degree gradability, forget you have to think twice before heading uphill next time.

Why do I think it's the best e-bike to win those hills?

Terrain Friendly

At first, I was dubious about its versatility, but the Mamba aced it too. I took it everywhere – from city streets to bush trails. And it never said no to any terrain… plus, don’t get me started on its ease of handling on different terrains; it's like they mastered it with every terrain before releasing it.

Gears & Torque

The 7-gear system allowed me to do my versatile cycling adventures and that 80Nm is like having a tiny Hulk tucked away in the motor.

We all know the feeling when we’re staring down a mountain that looks more like a vertical finger than a scenic route, sweat beads and leg screams coming in. But that 80nm torque let the motor roar to life and the wheels bite into the earth. 

With 80Nm of twisting force that makes those gears turn, the Kristall Mamba TP26's veins, well, let's just say the only uphill battle you'll face is deciding which vertical hill to win next.

Brakes & Tyres

You hit those bumps or uneven roads and won't even feel it. That’s how smooth the Mamba ride is. Mamba TP26 comes with hydraulic brakes, hit the break and you can feel the difference between slamming on the brakes and gently easing into a stop. It's more like a smooth and controlled slowdown. 

Plus, the 20-inch wheels and fat tyres, play a significant role in making the ride flow smoother than ever. These fat tyres can handle bumpy rides and reduce them to provide a more relaxed feeling when riding. 

Charging, Maximum Load & Maintenance 

Speaking of juices… it charges up pretty quickly, and I’m back on the road in no time. Usually, it takes almost 6 hours for a full charge, which syncs well with my routine. As for additional features, the Mamba surprises with integrated lights. Maintenance-wise, it's been smooth sailing; no major hassles. The Mamba kept me rolling without much fuss. 

The icing on the cake? Well, my buddies, even the hefty ones, are all smiles because this bike can effortlessly carry up to 150kg. Now, they're free to borrow it anytime they fancy a ride!


The Mamba TP26 tips the scales at 36 kg, which might make some riders raise an eyebrow. It's not the lightest e-bike on the block, but before you write it off as a gym-on-wheels, hear me out.

The sturdy aluminium frame and that beastly 750W motor add some muscle, and let's be real, that translates to power and stability. Even on flat stretches and downhill runs, the Mamba feels like a grounded rocket, holding its line gracefully. 

Design & Aesthetics

MAMBA TP26 doesn't disappoint in the looks department either. The aluminium alloy frame adds a touch of modernity and ensures durability. It’s Aussies’ biker’s favourite frames out there. Including a rear rack and mudguards as standard adds practicality to the overall design. 


The 2023 NEW KRISTALL MAMBA TP26 is a powerhouse with its 750W motor, reliable 18650 Lithium battery, and versatile riding modes. Whether cruising through city streets or conquering Mount Hill, it handles like a dream. 

Quick charging, integrated lights, and minimal maintenance make it practical, while the sturdy build supports riders up to 150 kg. The Kristall Mamba TP26 falls in the upper mid-range category for e-bikes, but it's a worthwhile investment for serious riders seeking a powerful and comfortable riding experience. 

Stylish looks and thoughtful design, including a rear rack and mudguards, seal the deal.

Dr. Aldo Vera

Hi, I'm Dr. Aldo Vera, co-founder of E-Ozzie and an expert in electric mobility with over 15 years of experience. With a Doctorate in International Business from Swinburne University of Technology, I've focused on shaping the future of mobility and business strategies. Rest assured, the blog you're reading is the result of extensive research. Explore the future at - where innovation meets eco-friendly.