A Cyclist's Review of the Kristall Y20 Electric Bike

Over the past few years, my cyclist friends and I have tried out like every other bike out there, from super strong ones that haul stuff, to fancy ones for mountain biking. We're perpetual seekers of the next thrilling ride, so if the one you're eyeing isn't here yet, no worries – check back later! 

As an avid cyclist since childhood with a penchant for technological innovation, I was eager to take the Kristall Y20 electric bike for a test spin. With its impressive specifications, including a 750W motor, 17Ah battery, and fat tyres, I had high hopes. 

Initial Impressions

Unless you're already a mad e-bike rider(who can put anything at stake just to get the ride of your dreams) you probably don't want to break the bank on your first one. You probably want something close to between $1,500- $2,000 that's both reliable and safe. This can be a challenge, as many cheaper options skimp on vital components like the motor and frame.

Enter Kristall Y20, a budget-friendly e-bike, with a sleek design and sturdy construction. The aluminium frame felt lightweight yet robust, and the 20-inch fat tyres exuded confidence for tackling various terrains. Now my favourite part comes; folding the bike was easy, and the compact size made it incredibly portable.

Riding Experience

The first pedal stroke was a revelation. The 750W motor provided a powerful yet smooth assist, as smooth as you may have expected. It effortlessly pushes you uphills that would normally leave you breathless.

The Kristall Y20 promised me speeds up to 45km/h off-road and a range of up to 100 km after a full charge is undeniably tempting. However, the reality isn't always as on paper. Although many factors decide the range of your electric bike, with my weight of 85 kg, and going uphill, it could take me 79 km uphill, which is still pretty good.

A brake system that doesn't stand the test of brakes can compromise safety and lessen the joy of riding. The hydraulic brakes offered excellent stopping power, inspiring confidence when steering traffic or coming down steep inclines. The 7-speed Shimano provided ample gearing options for tackling various terrains, and the suspension fork did a commendable job of absorbing bumps and vibrations.

The fat tyres proved their worth when I ventured off-road. They were chunky enough to exceptionally grip and tract, proving priceless as I steered the Creb Track in Queensland. 

Not all folding e-bikes are lightweight and compact. In fact, in my experience, cheap bikes when folded become cumbersome. The unique design of the Kristall Y20 offers strength and rigidity while being foldable, making it a versatile option. The simple and quick folding mechanism is perfect for you if you are at the mercy of local transportation on your way to work or school.

While I was generally impressed with the Y20, I noticed that the rear rack, although sturdy, could benefit from additional support for heavier loads. 

In a nutshell

The Y20 is so user-friendly, that even your grandma could figure it out. Multiple modes mean you can choose your own level of effort, from gentle cruise to full-blown turbo boost.

Stuck in traffic jams? Want to explore beyond your usual routes? Or just need a fun way to get some exercise? Ditch the bus and get yourself a Kristall Y20. 

In conclusion, the Kristall Y20 is a top-tier electric bike that offers outstanding performance, versatility, and value for money. It's a worthy investment for anyone seeking a new way to navigate the world, explore nature, and experience the joy of cycling. 

Dr. Aldo Vera

Hi, I'm Dr. Aldo Vera, co-founder of E-Ozzie and an expert in electric mobility with over 15 years of experience. With a Doctorate in International Business from Swinburne University of Technology, I've focused on shaping the future of mobility and business strategies. Rest assured, the blog you're reading is the result of extensive research. Explore the future at eozzie.com.au - where innovation meets eco-friendly.