NCM Electric Bikes Review - Why are they one of the best?

NCM electric bikes are designed to conquer tough terrains like sand, snow, mud, and mountains, letting you explore Australia's vast landscapes to the fullest. These bikes, embodying Aussie resilience, are engineered for any adventure. With top-notch components and a lifetime frame warranty as solid as Uluru, NCM stands for unbeatable quality.

This isn't just talk; customer reviews consistently praise the durability and performance of these bikes. Stay tuned as we dive deep into NCM's leading models, unpacking their power, performance, design, and durability. Get ready to find your perfect electric companion for limitless adventures.


1- NCM Moscow Plus Electric Bike



Price: $2,399



The Moscow Plus is NCM’s electric mountain bike that is designed for various terrains and conditions - this German-crafted electric bike has a powerful 750W hub motor, a 48V 16Ah battery, and a USB port. The battery capacity is 768Wh, and the battery is attached to the downtube. The bike is also available in different tyre sizes (27.5" or 29") and colours (matte black or white).

Boasting NCM's legendary outback-tough construction, this long-range electric beast can conquer even the most punishment dished out by Australia's unrelenting backcountry. Rocky trails, deep sand, raging rivers and rugged ridges are no match for the Moscow Plus and its great battery endurance.

Key Features

  • 750W hub motor generates strong off-road torque
  • 768Wh battery offers up to 95 miles of pedal assist
  • USB port for charging your devices on the go
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for reliable all-terrain braking performance
  • Adjustable handlebars and saddle for optimal comfort and fit.


    Adventure Performance

    Simply put, the Moscow Plus performs like an absolute champion over nearly any landscape thanks to its dual high-capacity battery design working hand-in-hand with the Bafang's grunty 500W pedal motor.

    Quality 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes give you confident stopping power in any condition from slippery clay to dusty gravel trails.

    The supple front suspension smooths uneven descents and ledges while the 27.5" tyres maintain grip and control through loose sand and slick mud that would easily trip up less capable bikes. Between the endless battery reserves, mighty 500W pedal assist, refined ergonomics and NCM's legendary construction quality, the Moscow Plus stands ready to set your inner explorer free like no other electric two-wheeler can match.


    Our Takeaway

    Touted as NCM's pinnacle achievement in electric bike engineering, the Moscow Plus was designed to be the undisputed king of ultra-distance off-grid adventures. This beast of a bike conquers any trail with huge power, endless battery, and comfort for the ride. Your unstoppable adventure partner!

    Overall, the Moscow Plus represents one of the most capable and enduring electric bikes ever engineered thanks to German obsessive attention to detail to create an unstoppable long-haul explorer. From what we’ve read from most of the bike lovers in their Ncm electric bike reviews Australia, we can say that this e-bike can handle any challenge and take you to places you’ve never been before, the Moscow Plus is the ultimate choice.


    2- NCM Moscow M3 Electric Bike



    Price: $1,799



    The 2020 Moscow M3 strikes that elusive balance between budget and performance - a brilliantly capable electric bike ready to explore Australia without breaking the bank. Engineered as a nimble, all-conditions adventure two-wheeler, the M3's strategic updates create one of NCM's most versatile electric models yet. In the hotly competitive world of mid-range electric mountain bikes, the Moscow M3 demonstrates that superb value can still deliver a thrilling, year-round versatile riding experience.

    A featherweight but robust aluminum frame joins forces with grippy wider tyres, premium components across key contact points along thoughtful ergonomic touches. Add up these enhancements and the Moscow M3 delivers outstanding value for money - a sub $2K electric bike ready to punch far above its price tag. 


    Key Features

    • 250W ultra-quiet rear hub motor for buttery acceleration
    • 576Wh high-capacity Das-Kit battery for up to 110km of assist
    • Wider Arisun tires enhance traction across loose terrain
    • 8-speed Shimano Altus transmission for optimal gearing
    • Suntour suspension smooths out bumps and terrain
    • Integrated LED lighting extends ride seasons and visibility
    • Full-wrap fenders ready for wet adventures

    Beyond Bike Labels: One Ride Fits All Seasons

    Sharing DNA across NCM’s adventure bike lineup, the Moscow M3 sets itself apart thanks to thoughtful components and geometry updates. Wider tyres offer improved traction and grip over muddy trails while the tuned Suntour suspension smooths out rough patches.

    An expanded 8-speed Shimano Altus gearing range lets you find your ideal rhythm, conquering steep climbs or flying on high-speed flats. All-weather touches like LED lighting keep the adventure going long after dark while full fenders increase wet-weather versatility.

    Add up the M3’s smartly spaced contact points and terrain-taming capability and this electric bike delivers true four-season potential punching well above its price tag, ready to become your favourite electric adventure companion.


    Our Takeaway

    The Moscow M3 can be best described as a performance electric bike hiding in a value-driven shell. Prioritising capability over cost by leveraging premium components in key areas, NCM created an incredibly versatile sub $2K model ready for epic wet or dry terrain. If getting the most for your money is paramount, the Moscow M3 is your unbeatable choice. It’s a performance e-bike that won’t break the bank.


    3- NCM Moscow Electric Bike



    Price: $1,690



    The Moscow delivers NCM's reputation for unmatched quality and well-rounded real-world performance at a reasonable price point. A robust 250W high-performance geared hub motor teams up with a high-capacity 48V Samsung power cell to deliver instantaneous acceleration with impressive electric range.

    Made for everyday riding, the Moscow outshines other options in its price range, tearing up smooth roads and dipping its toes into gentle off-road trails with ease.


    Key Features

    • 250W geared rear hub motor for instant torque
    • 48V 13Ah battery for 80km of pedal assist
    • Entry-level Suntour suspension smooths terrain
    • 7-speed Shimano drivetrain for optimal cadence
    • 28” wheels fit most riders between 5’4” – 6’5”
    • Classic step-through frame for convenient mounting


    Electric Commuting Performance

    In real-world use, the Moscow delivers exceptionally smooth and responsive power delivery thanks to NCM’s tight integration between the controller, battery and drive unit. The 48V battery provides an extended range between charges.

    Reliable Suntour suspension smooths out pavement imperfections and light trails. While the Moscow shares some off-road DNA found on the M3, NCM intentionally tuned this model for paved paths and moderate terrain.


    Our Takeaway

    While favoured by urban commuters, Moscow's quality components and long-range capability make this an ideal first electric bike for new riders wary of cheap alternatives that fail fast and deliver an unreliable experience. NCM's Moscow electric bike consistently outperforms rivals, delivering outstanding quality reassuring performance punching far above its price tag. For riders seeking an affordable electric companion without sacrificing features or battery range, Moscow warrants serious consideration. It’s a quality e-bike that will exceed your expectations.


    Bottom Line

    NCM's Moscow electric bike range shines, but the company offers more across Australia. The Paris model blends retro style with modern battery technology for exciting commutes. For city navigation, the Prague Promenade excels in tight spaces. All NCM bikes come with a lifetime frame warranty, ensuring reliability. Whether for adventure or daily travel, NCM has the ideal electric bike. Explore their range, find your dream e-bike, and set off on journeys filled with power and excitement. Ready for road or bushland adventures? Discover more about NCM e-bikes at E-Ozzie and start creating unforgettable memories.

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