NCM Moscow E-MTB Review

Fire in your lungs, sweat stinging your eyes, you crest the final climb, legs screaming but a grin plastered across your face. This is your weekend ritual, pushing yourself to the limit on punishing trails, the thrill of beating each, inclines your fuel.

But some days, those gruelling ascents can take their toll. You crave efficiency, power that lets you conquer mountains without crushing your spirit. Enter the NCM Moscow, the e-MTB built for aggressive riders like you who demand both performance and affordability. This e-bike is your ticket to longer adventures, and steeper climbs conquered with a flick of the wrist, all without breaking the bank. 

Key Features: 

Powerful 250W motor: Delivers enough punch to win steep climbs and maintain momentum on challenging trails.

Large 624Wh battery: Offers a potential range of up to 120 km (depending on conditions) - conquer long expeditions without range anxiety.

Durable aluminium frame: Built to resist rough terrain and aggressive riding.

Suntour XCT fork: Provides decent bump absorption on moderate trails.

Shimano Altus/Acera drivetrain: Reliable and offers a good range of gears for navigating climbs and descents.

Tektro mechanical disc brakes: Upright stopping power for most riding situations, including moderate gradients and descents - less expensive and require less maintenance 

Removable battery with USB port: Convenient for charging and powering accessories on the go.

Weight: Weighs around 28-29 kg (61-64 lbs), depending on the frame size (26" or 29"). Slightly heavier than some high-end models.


Our In-Depth Analysis

Design and Aesthetics

The NCM Moscow E-MTB cuts a clean figure with its predominantly white frame and black accents. This minimalist colour scheme makes it stand out from bikes adorned with flashy graphics or loud colours. The bike's silhouette hints at its trail-ready nature. The sloping top tube and slack head angle suggest stability and confidence when tackling steep climbs and technical descents. The wide handlebars and knobby tyres further emphasise its off-road prowess.

The Moscow doesn't compromise functionality for aesthetics. The integrated battery is seamlessly tucked into the downtube, maintaining the bike's sleek lines while keeping the centre of gravity low for improved handling. While the overall palette is minimalist, the bike incorporates subtle pops of colour for visual interest. The blue lettering on the frame adds a touch of dynamism, while the gold accents on the chain and cassette inject a hint of luxury.

Motor and Battery

The 250W motor provides a good balance of power and efficiency. It offers enough oomph to conquer steep climbs without draining the battery too quickly. The 624Wh battery is a standout feature, allowing for extended adventures and reducing range anxiety. However, keep in mind that the actual range will vary depending on factors like terrain, rider weight, and riding style. 


The Shimano Altus/Acera 7 different gear combinations allow you to change gears to adjust your pedalling effort and maintain a comfortable tempo for different inclines and speeds. The Tektro mechanical disc brakes provide decent stopping power, and better modulation and they require less force to engage the brakes, reducing fatigue and improving comfort. The Suntour XCT fork offers adequate travel for moderate trails, though hardcore riders might prefer a fork with more travel for tackling gnarlier terrain. 

Ride Quality and Handling

The NCM Moscow feels agile and manoeuvrable on singletrack trails. The top tube angle is relatively slack, which can contribute to stable handling and better weight distribution uphill. 

The bike has 29-inch wheels, which are generally advantageous for climbing compared to smaller wheels. They roll over obstacles more easily and maintain momentum better on rough terrain, both of which are helpful on climbs. The chainring setup in NCM simplifies shifting but may limit your gear range, particularly for tackling steep climbs. While not the lightest e-MTB, the Moscow's weight is manageable for most riders.

Tech and Features

The NCM Moscow keeps things simple with a basic LCD that provides essential information like speed, battery level, and assist level. You can control the level of assistance provided by the e-motor through the display. Choose from options like Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo to tailor the power output to your desired effort and terrain. The built-in USB port on the battery is a handy feature for charging your phone or other accessories on the go.

The NCM Moscow shines on moderate and rolling trails. It climbs efficiently, providing a welcome boost on steep sections. The spacious battery lets you explore further and venture off the beaten path without constant range concerns. 


The NCM Moscow is a compelling option for budget-conscious mountain bikers looking for a capable and efficient e-MTB to tackle moderate trails and extend their rides. Its powerful motor, large battery, and reliable components make it a solid choice for exploring new terrain and pushing your limits on punishing trails, from rocky climbs to singletrack. The Moscow's 250W motor is responsible enough for handling steep ascents without sacrificing your spirit. And trust us, those wide Schwalbe tyres provide grippy confidence when things get gnarly. But this isn't a downhill demon – the Suntour XCT fork tackles moderate drops with grace, but hardcore riders might crave more travel for technical descents. Still, the agile handling and playful response make Moscow a trail-loving thrill machine on most terrain.


Recommended for: Budget-conscious mountain bikers looking for a versatile and efficient e-MTB for moderate trails.

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