NCM Moscow M3 Review : This Electric Bike Worth Buying?

NCM has been rolling the Australian streets since 2014. It is a German-based company that offers high-performance and high-quality e-bikes. Regarding its Moscow range, NCM launched 3 models; NCM Moscow, NCM Moscow Plus, and NCM Moscow M3. NCM Moscow M3 is the model we will talk about in detail today.


The New NCM Moscow M3 is a futuristic e-bike engineered to perfection. Compared to the previous Moscow model, the Moscow M3 Electric Mountain Bike has an improved, strengthened integrated battery, a lightweight black battery cover, and a unique front light for improved visibility.


Ncm Moscow M3 Electric Bike Overview


The Moscow M3 is a powerful electric mountain bike with a comfortable riding experience thanks to its tough build and high-performance features. If you're looking for a low-maintenance, high-quality electric bike designed with easy maneuverability in mind - this might be the one for you.


High-torque motor, 48V 250W, max speed 25 km/h.Up to 110 km of non-stop adventure


Boundless Battery: Large-capacity battery, 48V 12Ah, 576Wh


Rapid Charger: Fast-charging charger, 48V 2A


Cutting-edge Display: Das-Kit L7, LCD Display with multiple functions


Tough Frame: Reinforced frame for ultimate durability and stability


Smooth Suspension: SUNTOUR XCT Suspension forks for a plush and comfortable ride


Powerful Brakes: Disc brakes for uncompromising stopping power


Versatile Gears: Multi-speed gears for agile and versatile riding


Luxurious Saddle: Comfortable saddle for long-haul adventures


Superior Traction: All-terrain tyres for maximum grip


Comfortable Grips: Ergonomic handle grips for a secure and comfortable hold


Efficient Pedalling: High-quality pedals for smooth and efficient pedalling


Lightweight Agility: Easy handling with a lightweight and agile design

Electrifying Power and Performance:


The Moscow M3 is a meticulously designed electric demon. Its Das-Kit X15 motor, 48V 250W, max speed 25 km/h, rear-mounted hub motor delivers galvanising power. And if you are on the hills, the steepest climbs never pose any problem for this budget e-bike - thanks to its high torque that the motor delivers to its rear wheel.


Now we all know with DASKIT comes reliability. And in the instance of the NCM Moscow M3, the motor is coupled to a 7-speed Shimano Altus transmission, thus effectively enabling precise and simple gear shifting.


So if you expect this e-bike to blast through obstacles, conquer steep inclines, and dominate rough terrains for you - congratulations! It can. It sure can with ease.


Battery & Range:


The NCM Moscow M3 claims its range to be 110 km. Keep in mind, the range relies on various factors such as speed, weather conditions, and terrain. However, many riders said that they could only cover up to 80km, and they wanted to be able to cover more distance. But that doesn't mean that the battery is not up to par. A fair expectation of range would be between 60-70 km.


Sleek Design:


Starting with the frame, it's a work of art. The smooth curves and sharp angles make it look like it was carved from a single aluminium alloy block. You'll want to bring it home when you lay your eyes on the NCM M3.


The handlebars are angled just right for a comfortable grip, and the pedals are wide and grippy enough for maximum efficiency.


The sleek and modern tread pattern on wide Arisun Mount Cronos tyres is not just for flaunting; it's designed to provide excellent grip and traction on all terrain.


And when it comes to comfort, the NCM M3 doesn't disappoint. The VL-3410 saddle is like a plush armchair, and the handlebars are perfectly positioned for a healthy riding posture. It's like riding on a cloud, only faster.


LCD Display:


The NCM Moscow M3 has a fairly accessible Das Kit L7 display, making it easy to stay in control.


Accurate information: The Ncm Moscow M3 e-bike Das Kit L7 display gives riders accurate information about their trip distance, current speed, and time while cycling. So they can plan their rides accordingly.


Easy to use: The M3's display is designed to read just by a peek, even in the sunlight - thanks to backlighting. Switching between modes or pedal assist modes is simple and quick yet quite understandable for everyone.


Customisable settings: One can also set the power selection to eco, normal, or power mode to balance the range and battery consumption. Also, adjust the level of assistance and even activate the walk assist function for easy manoeuvring when off the bike.




The NCM Moscow M3 comes fitted with Tekto Disc brakes, which are most favourite amongst e-bike commuters, not only in Australia but throughout the globe. Given the tekto brake system's control and stopping power, you will gladly have them swoop in to save the day. However, the lever of the brake is a bit thin and might wear down sooner.


Possible Modifications:


Adding a bike basket: You can attach a basket to the front or back of your NCM M3 bike to haul stuff such as groceries, books, or even your pet.


Install a dropper Seatpost: A dropper Seatpost allows you to adjust your saddle height while riding. This conversion can be especially useful when riding on trails with varying terrain. Lowering your saddle on steep descents can lower your centre of gravity and improve your control.


Rear light: Adding a rear light to your bike is a well-thought-out modification. In low-light conditions like fog and snow, the rear light can help drivers and other cyclists see you from a distance.


Summing Up:


The NCM Moscow M3 - beast of a bike is designed to deliver unsurpassed durability and reliability. It has a reinforced frame, premium components, and strong brakes. Push your limits and confidently navigate any route with the Moscow M3. We understand that finding the perfect e-bike can be overwhelming with the multitude of options available in the market. That's why we're here at E-Ozzie to help you make an informed decision by providing comprehensive reviews and blogs to guide you towards the best e-bike for your needs.

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