Gear Up for the Ultimate Ride: Top Accessories Every Electric Scooter Rider Needs

In recent years, electric scooters have experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity that was non-existent in the previous decade. In Australia, each passing day witnesses a remarkable proliferation of electric scooters rolling through the streets. And why wouldn't they? These electric beasts are cost-effective, efficient, and positively impact our climate and well-being. Not to mention, these marvels offer a thrilling and uncomplicated escape from the clutches of traffic. 

Moreover, electric scooters transcend age boundaries, allowing individuals of all generations to imbue their rides with a touch of personalisation. 

When it comes to customisation, there are so many options that one should explore. Some of the electric scooter accessories are safety-related, while other nifty add-ons can be the secret sauce that takes your riding experience from "meh" to "heck yeah!

Get ready to elevate your riding experience to the heavens with these 10 electrifying electric scooter accessories!


  • Helmet

  • A helmet is like the superhero cape of electric scooter accessories, that you should never forget at home. Wearing a helmet is an absolute must to protect yourself from head injuries in the event of an accident. High-quality helmet models usually range between AUD ($50-100) and offer superior head protection, reducing the risk of severe head trauma and potentially saving your life.

  • Lights
  • Lights on your electric scooter are not just for style; they are vital for visibility, especially during low-light conditions. While some electric scooters come with built-in basic lights)front lights, rear lights, side lights, and even brake lights), others may require separate purchase and installation of additional lighting accessories for enhanced visibility and safety. 

    The Front lights usually cost AUD 20-40, and the rear lights between AUD 15-35. Rear lights are usually red in colour and may include additional features like flashing or blinking modes for enhanced visibility.

  • Mirror
  • Mirrors, my fellow riders, are a top-notch security add-on when it comes to your electric scooter. In fact, we” ll go as far as to say that it's the most important electric scooter accessory you should invest in today.

    Mirrors on your scooter give you a panoramic view of the traffic and pedestrians approaching from the rear. It helps you make informed decisions, change lanes safely, and anticipate potential hazards. 

    Now, you might be wondering about the cost. Mirrors are an incredibly affordable accessory compared to the priceless benefits they provide. 

    So, if your electric scooter didn't come with mirrors, don't waste another moment. Go ahead and grab yourself this safety e-scooter accessory today. Install on your handlebars and feel alert, knowing what's happening behind you.

  • Reflective Gear

  • To ensure you stand out like a beacon in low-light conditions, consider reflective gears that brilliantly bounce light from vehicles and other sources, keeping you noticed and protected.

    The Australian market offers a wide range of reflective gear options, catering to different preferences and needs. These include:

    Reflective Vests: Reflective vests are lightweight, adjustable and highly visible. They typically range in price from AUD 15 to $25. 

    Reflective Stickers: A cost-effective option would be reflective stickers. You can attach them to various surfaces of your e-scooter or clothing. Prices range from AUD 5 to $10.

    Reflective Bands and Strips: For added visibility, these bands and strips can be wrapped around the arms, legs, or backpacks. They are often available in packs ranging from AUD 10 to $20.

    II. Storage and Carrying Accessories


  • Backpacks and Bags
  • Embrace convenience with storage options that secure your personal belongings during your electric scooter adventures. Prices for scooter backpacks and bags range from AUD $30 to $80, ensuring you have essentials like water bottles, chargers, and personal items at your fingertips without compromising on comfort or style.

  • Phone Mounts

    Stay connected and navigate easily using the practicality of phone mounts designed for electric scooters. A growing number of riders are recognizing the usefulness of phone mounts, which securely hold your smartphone. It allows for effortless access to GPS navigation, music streaming, and communication apps. Phone mounts for e-scooters range in price from AUD 15 to $40, providing a cost-effective solution for keeping your digital companion within sight while keeping your hands free for a safe ride.

  •  Cargo Carriers/E-scooter Baskets

  • Do you want to unlock the potential of your electric scooter for practical transport purposes? Try cargo carriers - one of the most nifty electric scooter accessories. Cargo carriers or e-scooter baskets offer advantages such as increased carrying capacity and stability, making them ideal for transporting groceries, parcels, or other items during your rides. 

    Cargo carriers can be purchased from AUD 50 to $150, so you don’t have to compromise your scooter's manoeuvrability or style while transporting groceries.

    Trust in these e-scooter accessories as your companions, as alternative methods simply cannot match the convenience and practicality they provide for electric scooter riders.

    III. Comfort Accessories

  • Seat Cushions

    While some electric scooters come with tailbone-approved cushioned seats, many models do not offer the same comfort for a joyful riding experience. If you want to indulge in blissful riding comfort during those longer journeys, consider upgrading your electric scooter's seat.


    And the best part is, these comfortable seats are not costly. Prices typically range from AUD 20 to $50, providing ergonomic support and alleviating discomfort. 

    Don't settle for a sore bottom when you can cruise in cushioned delight and experience the true joy of extended rides. A comfortable seat t is one of the basic electric scooter accessories you just cannot overlook.


  • Handlebar Grips 
  • Electric scooters typically come with basic handlebar grips that provide a basic level of grip and comfort. However, these stock grips may not always offer the same level of ergonomic design and quality as aftermarket options.

    Handlebar grips are vital in enhancing control, reducing hand fatigue, and absorbing vibrations during thrilling rides. Opting for ergonomic handlebar grips adds value to your riding experience and promotes comfort and safety. 

    With prices ranging from AUD 10 to $30, this investment in electric scooter accessories ensures a comfortable and enjoyable grip throughout your journeys. 

  • Rain Gear

  • Don't let the rain dampen your riding spirits! 

    With a wide range of options available, from waterproof jackets to pants and shoe covers, investing in rain gear is a game-changer that allows you to ride confidently in any weather condition.

    The prices of rain gear vary depending on the specific item, ranging from AUD 30 to $100. 

    Count on us, opting for this e-scooter accessory is far more convenient than getting drenched and arriving at your destination like a soggy mess. 

    IV. Performance Enhancement Accessories

  • Extended Battery Packs: Unlock Limitless Adventures

  • Go the distance with extended battery packs, and say goodbye to power drain anxiety. You can quickly mount the external battery yourself without needing a technician. But how exactly do these added batteries work? It's quite simple. 

    Extended battery packs are specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with your electric scooter. They are typically lightweight and compact. But to be very honest, they might increase the scooter's weight and make it slightly less stable. But you will love your scooter’s longer range. 

    Remember, more batteries require more charging time for electric scooters. 

    Choose an external battery suitable for your scooter’s model and can provide the desired longer-distance coverage.


  • Suspension Systems: Conquer Rough Terrains in Comfort
  • Top models of electric scooters come with built-in suspensions, but if you are considering a low-end model e-scooter, don’t worry. You can opt for suspension system upgrades that offer a tailored and luxurious riding experience surpassing stock suspensions' limitations. These additions transform your ride into a smooth sailing machine.

  • Speedometers: Stay in Control, Ride Responsibly

  • Keep yourself and others safe by monitoring your speed in real-time with speedometers. Riding within safe limits is achievable with a speedometer to help you stay accountable. 

    With prices ranging from AUD 20 to $80, adding a speedometer to your scooter is an affordable and essential accessory for responsible riding. 

    V. Maintenance and Protection Accessories


  •  Locks and Alarms: Keep Your Scooter Safe and Secure
  • Do you know what's important? Keeping your electric scooter safe and secure. That's why investing in reliable locks and alarms is an absolute necessity for any scooter enthusiast. 

    Locks and alarms shout loudly and clearly about the importance of securing your scooter and scaring off potential thieves. 

    Get yourself a sturdy U-lock or a heavy-duty chain lock specifically designed for scooters. And don't forget to check out those fancy anti-theft alarms that can make a stew if some dodgy bloke tries to mess with your ride. Ensure your precious investment stays right where it belongs - with you, mate.

    But what happens if you don't get your hands on these top-notch security upgrades? Well, let us tell you, you're practically inviting trouble and leaving your scooter vulnerable to those thieving gits. Without locks and alarms, it's like rolling out the red carpet for troublemakers and risking the loss of your beloved electric scooter. 

    Get reliable locks and alarms, and ride confidently, knowing your scooter is safe and sound.

    Fenders: Embrace the Benefits of Protection

    Here's the thing - you're bound to encounter muddy puddles and water splashes while exploring the city. But don’t underestimate the power of fenders. These little beauties are an absolute must-have for any rider who wants to protect themselves and their ride from all those messy splashes.

    Fenders act like a shield, stopping mud, water, and debris from getting flung onto you and your scooter. Not only do they keep you looking fresh and clean, but they also help prolong the life of your scooter by shielding those crucial components from any potential damage.

    Maintenance Tools: Essential Gear for Scooter Upkeep

     If you brush off maintenance tools' importance, you're neglecting your scooter's upkeep. 

    And guess what? Your scooter's performance and longevity will take a hit. Don't let that happen.

    Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your electric scooter running as smooth as a prawn on the Barbie and making it last for yonks. That's why having a trusty set of maintenance tools is an absolute ripper idea. 

    Picture this. You've got hex wrenches, tire levers, and screwdrivers at your disposal. With these tools, you can tighten bolts, adjust brakes, and change tires like a true blue pro. Having these tools in your kit means you can keep your scooter in tip-top shape and ride after ride.

    That’s It

    Alright, mates, let's quickly recap the absolute must-haves for your electric scooters. These accessories are the real deal and will take your riding experience to the next level:

    Helmet: Protect your noggin and ride with confidence.

    Lights: See your path clearly and stay visible to others.

    Mirrors: Keep an eye on what's happening behind you.

    Phone Mount: Stay connected and navigate with ease.

    Carry Bag: Store your essentials and keep your hands free.

    Extended Battery: Extend your range and go the distance.

    Suspension: Smooth out those bumpy rides and maintain control.

    Maintenance and Protection Accessories: Locks, alarms, fenders, and tools to safeguard your scooter and maintain its condition.

    Now, here's the scoop. Don't settle for second best when choosing accessories for your electric scooter. Remember, your safety and enjoyment are on the line, so it's worth investing in accessories that can withstand the rigours of the road. 

    Read reviews and seek recommendations from fellow riders or your friends and fam. Trust us, it's better to spend a little extra for quality than to end up with gear that falls short when you need it most.

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