Top Tips to Avoid Electric Scooter Punctures

So have you fallen for the myth that the lifetime of an electric scooter is short? Don’t believe everything Instagram tells you!

It’s 2024, and electric scooters are everywhere these days, buzzing around as a fun, affordable, and eco-friendly way to travel. Experts predict that the global electric scooter market is projected to rise from $15.22 billion in 2021 to $31.04 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 10.7% during the time frame 2021-2028. See reference.

But hold on! Just like any ride, they need proper upkeep to keep things rolling. With electric scooters zooming past everywhere you look, keeping them in tip-top shape is more important than ever.  The worst nightmare? A flat tyre! No one wants their fun or commute stopped by a deflated tyre.

Luckily, there are simple ways to avoid punctures and prolong tyre life. Proper maintenance, regular checks, and using puncture-resistant tyres can save you trouble down the line. 


We've compiled top expert advice to help you dodge annoying punctures, extend tyre lifespan, and have peace of mind gliding around town on your e-scooter. Read on to get savvy recommendations about sidestepping punctures! 


Essential Measures for Avoiding Electric Scooter Punctures


Here are some handy tips that can help you minimise tyre puncture and damages. 


1. Monitor Tyre Pressure Regularly:

Keeping your scooter's pressure topped up is key. Aim for 50 psi, the magic number recommended by most manufacturers. Do it once a week, and you'll be cruising worry-free!


2. Pick Smooth Riding Surfaces:

Be selective about the terrain you ride on. Try to stick to even surfaces like bike lanes and avoid rocky roads, broken glass, potholes and other hazards that can damage tyres. Smooth surfaces help protect your tyres from harm.


3. Use Gentle Braking:

Employ cautious braking techniques to reduce tyre damage. When stopping, squeeze both brakes lightly at the same time to distribute the force evenly. Gently engage the rear brake first, then the front. Sudden hard braking over-stresses tyres and increases the chance of punctures. 


4. Brake Early at High Speeds:

Don't wait until the last minute to slow down on your scooter. Plan your stops and brake gradually, especially at higher speeds. It's kinder to your tyres and keeps you puncture-free. Brake lightly and gradually.


5. Consider Puncture Protection Accessories:

Special puncture-resistant strips are easy to apply and highly effective. These can be inserted between the tyre and the inner tube to significantly reduce the risk of penetration punctures. Tyre liners work similarly to add an extra protective barrier.


6. Consider Airless Tyres:

Use airless or tubeless tyres to prevent puncture-related flats. However, they can affect ride quality, traction, and handling. Weigh up the advantages and disadvantages before switching.


7. Use Heavy Duty Inner Tubes:

When you're fixing a flat, don't skimp on the inner tube. Grab a tough, extra-strong one instead. It's like thicker armour for your tyre, making it way harder to puncture and lasting you much longer.


8. Avoid Wet Road Conditions:

Prevent skidding on slick, wet roads that can easily cause pinch punctures. Wait for dry conditions before riding to limit this hazard.


9. Don't Overload Your Scooter:

Adhere strictly to the weight limits specified for your model. Overloading puts excessive pressure on tyres, reducing stability and increasing the chances of punctures or blowouts.


10. Perform Routine Maintenance Checks:

The best way to get in front of puncture issues is through consistent inspections and maintenance. Regularly look over your tyres for any damage and address problems early. Prevention is the key to puncture-free riding.

More often than not, electric scooter tyres do experience the unfortunate fate of going flat at some point. Here’s why it happens. 


Why Do Electric Scooters Get Flat Tyres?


Your scooter's tyres are right there facing the world, meaning they're more likely to get punctured by all sorts of stuff. Stay sharp and look out for these things:


1. Sharp Stuff

This is responsible for most flats. Remember, even small items like nails and thorns can cause punctures, so be cautious when riding on rough terrain.


2. Valve Trouble

Think of your tyre like a balloon, and the valve is the knot that keeps the air in. If it's knackered or damaged, air can sneak out slowly, leaving you with a flat ride – not ideal!


3. Rough Rides

Sure, those gnarly trails and potholed roads are exciting, but they're not your tyre's best friends. All that bouncing and bashing can leave evil cuts on the sides, making them way easier to puncture


Remember, a little awareness goes a long way! By keeping an eye out for these troublemakers, you can keep your tyres happy and your scooting smooth.


Speaking of troublemakers, there’s always a solution. Here’s how you can change the flat tyre of your e scooter. 


How to Change Flat tyres on an Electric Scooter

Here’s the process of swapping out the tube flat tyre on your electric scooter.


1- Before you try taking off that flat tyre, make sure to let all the air out first. Use the valve stem, like releasing the air from a balloon.


2- Once all the air has been removed and the existing pressure has been released from the valve core, you can then remove the flat tyre from the rim of the scooter wheel.


3- After the tyre has been removed; you can replace or repair the damaged tube. A green slime sealant works like magic at repairing small punctures.


4- Upon repairing the punctured tyre, you can then re-install the tyre back onto the rim of the electric scooter.


5- Lastly, refill the repaired tube with air using a regular bicycle pump, increasing the tyre's pressure until it's back to normal.


Below are the steps for changing the tubeless tyres on electric scooters. 


1- Make sure your components are tubeless compatible. Gather tools: tyre levers, sealant injector, tubeless pump, valve core remover, rag.


2- Deflate tyre completely. Push the tyre sides towards the rim centre to loosen the bead. Use tyre levers to remove the tyre. Clean the rim and tyre bead (if reusing).

3- Check valve security and tyre rotation direction. Install one bead, then the other (leaving a section unmounted). Then add the recommended amount of sealant either through the pour method or injection method. 


4- Maintain pressure and spin the wheel every few hours until it holds air consistently.


5- Punctures are mostly unrepairable, except for UST tyres with a butyl inner lining (use a vulcanizing patch kit). 


Insider tip: Choosing the right tyre for your escooter is the key to a stable ride experience. 


Tips to Choose the Right Tyre for an Electric Scooter

Here's the deal – punctures and damages are fixable, but your ride's performance hinges on having the right tyre. Check out these quick tips to help you choose the best tyre for your electric scooter. 


Size Matters

When choosing tyres for your scooter, size truly matters. Opt for thicker, beefier tyres for maximum protection against punctures


Quality Matters

Invest wisely, not merely frugally. Quality tyres are an investment that prevents frequent punctures. Premium tyres have a longer lifespan, resulting in reduced long-term expenses.


Brand Matters

The brand makes a difference. Look for names with a track record of no-fail floaters fit for any footer. Quality rubber will reliably roll wherever you roam.


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