Veloz Discovery Fat Electric Bike vs Veloz Discovery Pro Electric Bike

As the market is flooding with electric bicycles, finding the perfect blend of performance, comfort, and innovation is complex. With the growing popularity of e-bikes, manufacturers strive to meet the varied needs of riders by pushing the boundaries of design and functionality. 

However, the E-ozzie’s Veloz Discovery Fat and the Pro Electric Bikes are the best bikes that promise to boost your riding experience. In this guide, we’ll explore the differences between these discovery electric bikes, their features, pricing, and more!


Veloz Discovery Fat Electric Bike - Eozzie

Veloz Discovery Fat Electric Bike

Here are the specs of the Veloz Discovery Fat electric bike that provide an exceptional ride:

  1. Amazing Bike for All Kinds of Terrain

  2. The Discovery Fat Electric Bike is great for exploring different places with its wide tyres. It's perfect for people who love adventures. Whether you're riding on sandy beaches or rough trails, this bike makes it easy to go anywhere.

  3. Strong Motor

  4. It has a powerful 48V 750W Bafang motor that can go up to 40km/h. The motor is made from strong materials and special magnets, so it lasts a long time and works well.

  5. Extended Battery

  6. This Discovery electric bike has an extended 48V, 15Ah (720Wh) battery built into its frame. It gives you lots of power for long rides. Even though it has a slightly smaller capacity than before, it still uses high-quality cells that make it reliable and last a long time.

  7. Easy to Ride

  8. Instead of twisting the throttle, you control the speed with your thumb, which makes it easier to ride. It also has comfortable forks that absorb bumps, along with front and bike lights, wider tyres, and good brakes for safety.

  9. Provide More Visibility

  10. The integrated front and bike lights improve visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring safety and confidence for riders exploring diverse terrains, day or night.



At $2499, this Discovery Electric Bike gives you a lot for what you pay. Right now, it’s available at $2299, which means you can save up to $200. It's like getting a big bang for your buck! Veloz Discovery Fat Electric Bike features not just make it a good bike; it's one of the best electric bikes you can find in Australia. 


Veloz Discovery Pro Electric Bike - Eozzie

Veloz Discovery Pro Electric Bike

Following are the Veloz Discovery Pro electric bike specifications that offer exceptional ride:

  1. Powerful and Efficient Motor

  2. With a 750W high torque Bafang rear hub motor, the Discovery Electric Pro bike effortlessly tackles hills and rough terrain, ensuring a smooth and exhilarating ride. Its 80N.m of torque provides ample power for seamless acceleration and effortless cruising.

  3. Long-lasting Battery

  4. It is equipped with a removable 48V, 15Ah lithium-ion battery featuring LG 21700 cells. This e-bike provides an impressive range of up to 100 kilometres in pedal assist mode. Thanks to the high-capacity battery, riders can enjoy longer adventures without running out of power.

  5. Versatile Riding Options

  6. This Discovery Electric Pro bike offers both throttle and pedal assist modes, giving riders the freedom to choose their preferred riding style. Whether cruising effortlessly with throttle operation or enjoying the benefits of pedal assistance, this bike provides a customisable and enjoyable riding experience.

  7. Comfort and Control

  8. It includes a coil spring suspension fork with 65mm of travel and a lockout function. The bike absorbs shocks and bumps, ensuring a comfortable ride on various terrains. Additionally, the adjustable seat and ergonomic comfort grips enhance comfort during long rides, while the Logan hydraulic brakes offer precise and reliable stopping power.

  9. Convenient and Safe

  10. This e-bike comes equipped with integrated front and rear lights for greater visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring safety during night rides. The inclusion of a rack and fender adds practicality, providing convenient storage options and keeping riders dry and clean in wet conditions. With its simple-to-read LCD and easy-to-use thumb throttle, the Discovery Pro offers a user-friendly riding experience for riders of all levels.



The Veloz Discovery Pro electric bike is priced at $2,200. This e-bike offers exceptional performance without compromising on quality. With a competitive price point, riders can enjoy the benefits of a high-performance electric bike without breaking the bank. 

Fat Vs Pro Electric Bike Performance

Let’s compare electric bikes to find which is perfect:


Veloz Discover Fat 

Veloz Discovery Pro

Front Suspension


Yes, 65mm travel with lockout

Tire Type

Hybrid: 27.5x2.4 or 29x2.4

Fat: 26 x 4

Max Speed

Up to 40 km/h

40-50 km/h

Mileage (Assistance Mode)


60-70 KM

Suitable Terrain



Which is better? Veloz Discovery Fat Electric Bike or Veloz Discovery Pro Electric Bike?

Now you know the difference between fat and pro electric bikes, consider the following factors when deciding between these Veloz Discovery Electric bikes.


Veloz E-Bike Design Differences

The Fat tyre e-bikes are designed for thrill-seekers who enjoy exploring challenging terrains such as beaches and rough trails. Its fat tyres provide excellent traction and stability, allowing you to travel through sand, gravel, and uneven surfaces confidently. Additionally, the bike's sturdy frame and suspension system ensure a comfortable ride even on the most rugged terrain.

In contrast, the Veloz Discovery Pro Electric Bike offers versatility and is suitable for both urban commuting and light off-road adventures. With its hybrid tyres and front suspension, this bike provides a smooth and comfortable ride on various surfaces, including city streets, bike paths, and moderate trails. The adjustable seat and ergonomic grips enhance comfort during longer rides, making it ideal for daily commuting or recreational cycling.


Powerful Motor Performance

Both bikes feature powerful 750W motors and high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, providing ample power and range for extended rides. However, the Veloz Discovery Fat Electric Bike may offer slightly higher top speeds and greater mileage in pure electric mode due to its specialised design for off-road use.

This Veloz electric bike comparison will let you determine which option is better. In short, If you prioritise off-road capability and rugged performance, the Veloz Discovery Electric Fat Bike is the better option. However, if you value versatility and a smooth ride on various terrains, the Veloz Discovery Electric Pro Bike may be more suitable for your needs. 


Final Words

As electric bikes flood the market, the search for the perfect e-bike having performance, comfort, and innovation becomes challenging. However, the Veloz electric bike in Australia stands out. The Veloz Discovery Fat Bike is designed to tackle rough terrains with its wide tyres and powerful motor. On the other hand, the Veloz Discovery Pro Electric Bike is equipped with hybrid tyres and front suspension that promise to boost your riding experience. With their exceptional features and competitive pricing, these Veloz Discovery Electric bikes offer outstanding value for riders.




The main differences between these e-bikes lie in their tyre types, suspension systems, and intended use. The Fat model is designed for rough terrains with fat tyres and lacks front suspension, whereas the Pro model features hybrid tyres and front suspension, making it more versatile for urban and light off-road riding.

While both models are suitable for various terrains, the Fat Electric Bike is more suitable for rough terrains like beaches and rugged trails due to its fat tyres.

The Veloz Discovery Fat Electric Bike has a slightly longer battery range in pure electric mode due to its specialised design for off-road use. However, both models offer ample mileage for extended rides, with the Pro model boasting a range of 70-100 KM in assistance mode.

The Veloz Discovery Fat Electric Bike is likely heavier than the Pro e-bike due to its robust frame and fat tyres, which could impact portability.

No, only Veloz Pro Electric Bike offers a 1-year warranty on electric parts.

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