There has now been a revolution in urban transportation with the advancement in technology. Keeping in mind the significant issue of environmental pollution, engineers have designed machines that are now considered as eco-friendly. Veloz is one of the pioneers in manufacturing efficient and eco-friendly heavy-duty electric trikes. In this comprehensive blog, we will dig deep into the comparative analysis of Veloz electric cargo trikes 350W and 500W. Both these are considered as the best electric cargo trikes in Australia. We will throw light on various important features, including how they ride on different terrains, their motor strength, battery life, ease in the ride, visibility and their prices respectively.


Veloz Electric Cargo Trike 350w - Eozzie


Let’s see how efficient the Veloz electric cargo trike 350W is. Here are its main features:


Terrain paths: 

The Veloz 350W is efficient for somewhat flat or less steep terrains. It means that such a cargo trike performs in the best way if there are urban roads that are smooth and even. Veloz 350W Cargo trike performance is not so good on steeper gradients. Therefore, those Australian commuters who have to travel only in urban areas where there are less incline paths, they can purchase Veloz 350 electric cargo trikes by having blind trust on the efficiency and commitment of Veloz to its customers.


Strength of motor: 

As the strength of the motor is really important to determine the trike's capability to travel on a bumpy path, therefore this is a very important feature that the traveller should keep in mind while buying a cargo trike. If we shed light on the performance of Veloz 350 electric cargo trike, this Veloz electric cargo trike in Australia has a strong motor, powerful enough to travel long distances in urban areas to perform delivery tasks. This 350W cargo trike is really good and suitable for somewhat lighter loads. 


Battery life: 

Battery life plays a very significant role in determining how much a cargo trike can travel in order to deliver the goods. Furthermore battery life also tells the commuters about the usability of the cargo trike. Electric cargo trike 350W has good power output; 350W and its advantage is that the power is consumed slowly as Veloz e-trikes suitable for carrying lighter loads, that's the consumption of power is less and thus has longer battery life in case of range.


Ease in the ride: 

Sometimes the travellers have to travel long distances to deliver the products or goods. Therefore, it is important to ensure their comfort and ease during travelling. If we talk about the Veloz 350W cargo trike, it provides comfort and ease to its commuters but since it has less power output than the 500W, it has less capability in providing comfort. But, overall, it can still facilitate its travellers in providing comfort.


Providing Visibility: 

Visibility is considered as the top priority of the commuters or travellers while purchasing cargo trikes as it ensures their safety during travelling as well. Veloz 350W cargo trike is never less than electric cargo trike 500W in providing good visibility as it’s equipped with front and back LED lights that enhance the visibility while travelling at night, on a busy road full of traffic and even during dust and snow storm and fog. 



Now, it’s the factor that is very crucial in decision making while purchasing Veloz electric cargo trikes. The price of Veloz 350 cargo trike is $3,850 with 6 months free service, thus saving $510.


Veloz Electric Cargo Trike 500w - Eozzie


Since, it’s a comparative analysis, now let’s see how Veloz electric cargo trike 500W is different from Veloz 350W. Its main features are as follows: 


Terrain paths: 

Since Veloz electric cargo trike 500W has better power output as compared to cargo trike 350W, it is definitely equipped with better components that facilitate the commuters who love to travel on deeper inclines or gradients. It means those who have to ar those who want to travel on steeper paths including, rough , uneven paths or mountain or hilly area, should purchase Veloz electric cargo trike 500W.


Strength of motor: 

Since the strength of the motor determines the range and usability, the performance of the motor should be kept into consideration while buying Veloz cargo trikes. Veloz electric cargo trike 500W has greater strength, its motor is more powerful as compared to cargo trike 350W. Thus it allows its commuters to travel on more inclined or steeper paths, providing greater acceleration and speed. Therefore, those who want to travel on steeper heights should buy Veloz electric cargo trike 500w. Moreover, having greater motor strength, these trikes can carry heavier loads.


Battery life: 

Though both trikes are equipped with lithium ion batteries and have enhanced battery life, since Veloz electric cargo trike 500W has greater power output, it has long battery life per charge. But one slight disadvantage is that this power is consumed at a much faster pace. 


Ease in the ride: 

Since it’s already mentioned above that sometimes the commuters have to travel long distances to deliver the products or goods, ease in the ride is a very important factor and should be kept in mind while the travellers are buying electric cargo trikes. Veloz electric cargo trike 500W has greater power output, greater strength of motor, has more smooth handling and provides more smooth acceleration especially when travelling on difficult bumpy paths. 


Providing Visibility: 

Visibility is the most important factor that should be kept into consideration while buying cargo trikes in Australia especially during bad weather conditions and while travelling at night.While 500W electric cargo trike benefits are numerous, providing good visibility is one of them. Veloz electric cargo trike 500W has front and rear strong LED lights but since having greater power output and strength, Veloz electric cargo trike 500W provides more improved visibility as compared to electric cargo trike 350W.



Since all eyes are on the price of the appliance or machine, the price of Veloz electric cargo trike 500W is $4590 with 6 months free service thus saving $1300.


Difference between Veloz 350W vs 500W Trike



Veloz Electric 350w

Veloz Electric 500w

Front suspension 


Front suspension 

Tire type



Maximum speed



Mileage (Assistance mode)

Approx. 40-50 Km/charge

Approx. 30-40 Km/charge

Suitable terrain

Lighter, less steep paths/ gradients 

Steeper gradients, bumpy inclines


Both Veloz electric cargo trikes 350W and 500W are one of the best inventions (if we talk about cargo trikes) in Australia. Veloz electric trike australia has always proven its commitment to produce innovative and eco-friendly cargo trikes. But keeping in consideration the terrain paths, strength of motor, ease in the ride, visibility and pricing, Veloz electric cargo trike 500W is a better option for Australian travellers or commuters.




Yes. Veloz electric cargo trike 350W is suitable for lighter loads whereas Veloz electric cargo trike 500W is built to endure heavier loads than usual.

The Veloz Electric Cargo Trike 350W and 500W have similar maintenance requirements, with a few distinctions. The 500W model, owing to its more potent motor, may experience slightly higher wear and tear on components like gears and chains. Additionally, due to its increased power draw, the 500W trike may necessitate more frequent recharging of its battery compared to the 350W model. Furthermore, given its potential for higher speeds and heavier loads, the brakes of the 500W trike may require closer monitoring and maintenance. Overall, while both models demand routine upkeep, the 500W variant may need slightly more attention due to its higher power output and potential load capacity.

Veloz electric cargo trike 500W is more suitable for rough terrains and hilly areas.

Yes, it's possible to upgrade from a 350W to a 500W motor, but it requires ensuring compatibility with the existing electrical system, battery, and controller, as well as considering legal regulations and potential impacts on performance and safety.

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