Essential Comparison: Veloz G4 vs G5 Electric Scooter in Australia

We know that Australia has increasing urban settlements. It means more people, more need of efficient transportation. Day by day, electric scooters have become an increasingly popular mode of transportation, as they offer convenience while travelling  whether the track is a busy urban road which is full of traffic or a tough, difficult mountainous or hilly path. Though there are numerous options available for the commuters to choose, the Veloz G4 Vs G5 are the most prominent scooters in Australia. 


They are continuously and persistently gaining more and more attention from the enthusiastic travellers all across Australia. They both stand out as strong contenders and each has its own marvellous  and unique features to meet multiple needs of riders. 


Following is the brief difference between Veloz G4 Vs G5 through Veloz electric scooter performance review. So let’s throw light on Veloz G4 vs G5 features to help the riders or commuters in choosing a better version. We will definitely dig deep into their battery life, performance on hills, size and weight differences, and safety procedures.



To deal with Australian increasing urban traffic issues, the Australian scooter riders often require electric scooters with reliable and sustainable battery life. 



The Veloz Electric Scooter G4 provides praise-worthy battery life of almost up to 25 miles per charge, thus it makes it suitable for short to medium-distance travel especially within the city outskirts. It means Veloz G4 is efficient and effective for the local travellers who have to travel within the premises of the city. 



For those commuters who have to or who love to travel long distances, Veloz G5 e-scooter has emerged as a better choice. Why? Let’s delve into the main reason. Veloz G5 electric scooter has better and more sustainable battery capacity up to approximately 30 miles per charge. So this enhanced battery life definitely offers the riders a greater opportunity to travel or explore more and more areas without taking the burden of recharging. 



We know that Australia has a wide and diverse range of mountaineering tracks that have grasped the attention of enthusiastic scooter riders to explore these tough, challenging but exciting tracks. Both electric scooters are highly laudable in this regard but since we are looking for the difference between Veloz G4 and G5, let’s shed light on how these two electric scooters vary in their performance on hills or mountains. 



The Veloz Electric Scooter G4 has good performance but on moderate gradients, all because of its vigorous and powerful motor and dynamic delivery system. However, on the other hand, when talking about steeper and sharper gradients, riders may experience a problem overall in speed and power output, thus they may face challenges while travelling to such heights. But, nothing to worry about. Veloz has an extensive range of electric scooters that can fulfil this demand. 



Veloz G5 e-scooter exhibits greater hill or mountain climbing capability, as this model has an upgraded and more advanced motor and more powerful power delivery system. Therefore, in this way, it allows the enthusiastic riders to overcome these challenging gradients with greater ease. 



Size and weight of these Veloz electric scooter in Australia are the factors that cannot be ignored as these factors have impacted their performance as well, thus the Australian commuters or riders should keep in mind the difference in weight and size of the electric scooters while purchasing them. 



If we delve into the weight and size differences, the Veloz G4 electric scooter weighs approximately up to 26 lbs. Furthermore, it has also come up with a flexible foldable design to provide the commuters with greater storage capacity. 



Similarly, the G5 e-scooter model also exhibits almost similar flexible design, but weighs around approximately 28 lbs. Besides this difference, the G5 model doesn’t compromise on portability. 




G4 & G5

Besides other key features of Veloz electric scooters, “safety” is the factor that must be taken into account while purchasing these scooters in Australia. Thus, we can say that safety procedures carry paramount significance. We know that due to enhanced urban settlements and increasing population, road accidents are also on the rise. So, Veloz electric scooters make sure that the safety of their commuters has been given utmost priority to avoid the road hazards as much as possible. 


Both the Veloz Electric Scooter G4 and G5 models are well-equipped with necessary safety features to ensure the commuters’ safety while travelling either on short or long distances. 


These safety features increase the rider’s trust and confidence in the scooter’s performance. Moreover, these safety procedures further include: bright and big LED lights to ensure greater visibility especially during wind and snow storms and during foggy conditions. They have fast and efficient electronic brake systems to ensure that the rider avoids road accidents. Besides all these significant features, both; Veloz G4 and G5 electric scooters are designed in such a way that ensure control over the scooter while travelling on a busy urban road. 


However, the G5 model exhibits more advanced safety procedures as compared to the G4 version. It has greater and reliable shock absorbers that help to avoid bumpy rides. 


Therefore, we can say that both scooters are reliable and commendable for travelling but the G5 model is a better choice for the Australian commuters due to having an integrated advanced technological system installed within it. 



So which is better? Veloz G4 Vs G5? 


After looking closely at the features of Veloz G4 Vs G5, we may say that Veloz G5 is a better and more commendable option for the Australian commuters to travel long distances with more freedom.

No doubt, both, G4 and G5 electric scooters are great inventions but based on their performance on hilly tracks, the G5 model is more suitable for the riders who love to conquer the challenging mountain tracks. 


Though exhibiting the slight difference in weight, both models,Veloz G4 and G5, offer excellent drifts even while making sharp turns thus allowing riders to travel onto narrow or congested paths with greater ease. Both models, no doubt, provide the commuters with greater opportunity to travel to prolong distances with greater efficiency, but G5 is a better version if we talk about weight and size of both electric scooters.


These were some of the differences between g4 and g5 which may help you in choosing your next best veloz electric scooter in australia.



Summing up, the difference between Veloz G4 Vs G5 models discloses various advantages of Veloz G5 e-scooter over Veloz G4 electric scooter. No doubt, both models are highly prasie-worthy inventions of Veloz but keeping in mind the above mentioned differences in battery life, their performance on hilly terrains, size and weight differences, and their safety procedures, the G5 model should be considered preferable over the G4 version. 


Now it definitely depends upon the commuters purchasing these models. If they have to travel over shorter to medium distances, they will prefer Veloz G4 e-scooter and if they have to or love to travel over long range distances, they will definitely prefer the G5 version. Overall, both models are evidence of Australia’s advanced and up-to-date transportation facilities.




What are the key differences between the Veloz Electric Scooter G4 and the G5?


Veloz Electric Scooter G4

Veloz Electric Scooter G5

Battery Life

Up to 25 miles per charge

Up to 30 miles per charge


Suitable for moderate hills

Enhanced hill-climbing performance

Size & Weight

Compact and lightweight design

Similar size and weight to G4

Safety Features

LED headlight, rear brake light, and reflectors

Additional safety features such as improved braking system, larger tires for better stability, and brighter LED lights

How does the battery life compare between the two models?

Battery life is the most crucial part of an e scooter. While G4 offers up to 25 miles per charge, G5 can provide up to 30 miles per charge.


Which model offers better performance on hills?

As far as the performance of scooters on hills are concerned, G4 is suitable for moderate hills, whereas, G5 offers enhanced hill-climbing performance.


Are there any size or weight differences?

Veloz G4 electric scooter weighs approximately up to 26 lbs and has a flexible foldable design whereas, the G5 weighs around 28 lbs but it has the same folding mechanism as G4. 


Which scooter has better safety features?

G5 and G4 both incorporate additional safety features such as an improved braking system, larger tires for better stability, and brighter LED lights.

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