Electric Scooter Parts

Electric Scooter Parts

Even the toughest e-scooters can feel the effects of everyday riding. From facing the weather to those unavoidable bumps and scratches, unforeseen accidents can happen, leaving you stuck and longing for more open-road journeys. This is where high-quality scooter parts come in handy. Each part has a crucial role, working in harmony to make sure your scooter runs safely, smoothly, and efficiently. Just like a well-maintained machine, even a single poor-quality component can greatly affect your scooter’s performance.

Electric Scooter Spare Parts

To keep your scooter running smoothly, you need to buy the right parts that match your model and specifications. Some of the most common electric scooter parts that you might need are:


These include items like lights, horns, mirrors, locks, and more that enhance your safety and comfort while riding your scooter.


These are the power sources of your scooter and determine how long and how far you can ride. You need to choose batteries with the same voltage and capacity as the ones that came with your scooter originally.


Another significant part of an electric scooter is Chains. These are used to link the motor and the rear wheel and transmit the power to move your scooter. You must select chains with the same size and length as your original ones.


These are essential for recharging your batteries and keeping your scooter ready for use. You need to choose chargers with the same output and plug type as your original ones.


These are the brains of your electric scooter and control the speed, acceleration, and braking. You need to choose controllers with the same wattage and connectors as your original ones.


These are the handlebar switches that let you adjust the speed and power of your scooter. You need to choose throttles with the same type and wires as your original ones.

Don’t waste your money on spare parts that don’t fit or work with your scooter. Here at E-Ozzie, we know how important it is to keep your e-scooter in great shape. That’s why we provide a wide range of the latest e-scooter parts available across Australia. By using our parts, you can make sure your rides are always smooth, and hassle-free.

Self-Repair High-Quality Escooter Parts

If you adore your electric scooter and want to keep it in excellent shape, you need to buy the best parts on the market. Whether you need to change a damaged tyre, improve your battery, or repair a defective controller, we have what you want. Our escooter parts are high quality, sturdy, and suitable for most models. They are also easy to set up and look after, so you can have fun with your ride without any trouble. With our escooter parts, you can maximise your repair potential and extend the life of your scooter.

Warning! You should be aware that, although self-repairs can be cheap and satisfying, these escooter parts should only be fitted by someone skilled and experienced. Electric scooters can handle some high levels of electric current and a mistake can cause serious injuries.

If you have a problem with your scooter and need professional help, why not contact us and get the required help?

Get Your Electric Scooter Parts Online Now from E-Ozzie!

We have the right part for the job, whatever project you are working on. Whether you want to upgrade your electric scooter, fix a fault or just have a backup for the future, E-Ozzie can provide what you need.

Here at E-Ozzie, our team of enthusiasts is committed to giving you reliable advice and support, making sure you can handle any fix or improvement with confidence. From easy-to-follow instructions to maintenance suggestions, we are your ultimate destination for everything related to electric scooters, helping you keep moving and enjoy the ride.

Don’t wait any longer if you have found what you want! We are one of the leading suppliers of electric scooter spare parts in Australia so some of our items sell fast. Complete our simple registration form now, add the item to your basket and pay. We’ll take care of the rest, and your part will arrive in no time!

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