About you and Us

About you and us As costumers we know what your expectations are. We all are customers at some point, therefore we never stop looking for top products, with quality standard and warranties. We search the global market to find products that fit into your dreamed e-vehicle. We learnt first everything about you to make it our about us, to give the confidence when you purchase from e-ozzie.

About Us

Vision Statement

Our company exists because of the planet´s future, contributing to a range of affordable and high-quality electric scooters, electric bicycles and mobility scooters. To us “E-vehicles” is more than just a business, it is a commitment we have with the future generations. We want our products to reach every home in Australia, taking the E-ozzie standards and beliefs beyond our boundaries. We want to ensure that there is a planet and that the future generations choose the planet and therefore choose us.



Our mission is to create a new way of thinking using technological progress to improve a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to supply products that comply with:

  • Newest technological Apps
  • International quality standards
  • High-End and luxury design
  • Affordable prices
  • Seeking perfection