Bike services and repairs

At E-Ozzie, we provide comprehensive servicing for all kinds of bikes including electric and non-electric bikes, commuter bikes, hybrid bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes and kids bikes.

Services start from just $70

Standard Service


  • Check rear and front brake
    • Test the brake
    • Check Brake pads or shoes
    • Check Cable and Screws
    • Adjustment and alignment
  • Check front and rear derailleur
    • Test front and rear gears
    • Check front and rear cable
    • Check alignment between chain disk, chain and derailleur
    • Check tension
  • General adjustment mobile parts
    • Headset
    • Shifters
    • Seat (Mark on the customer position)
    • Accessories
  • Chain testing
    • Test chain with chain tester
    • Degreasing
    • Chain Lubrication includes special lubricant for Melbourne wet whether
  • Bike’s dry cleaning
    • Dry cleaning
    • Includes Tyre’s renovator
  • Tyre
    • Check tyre pressure
    • Check tyre condition

Outstanding Bike Service


  • Includes all standard service PLUS:
  • Check rear and front brake
    • Clean Disc Brake
    • Align Calliper
    • Includes inner cables
    • Pad’s de-glazed
    • Check and lubricate shifter
  • Check front and rear derailleur
    • Clean and degreasing front and rear derailleur
    • Lubricate front and rear derailleur
    • Replace inner cable included
  • General adjustment mobile parts
    • Headset
    • Shifters
    • Seat
    • Accessories
  • Chain and Cassette testing
    • Check Cassette
    • Cassettes’ degreasing
    • Cassettes’ Lubrication
  • Bike’s wash deep cleaning
    • Includes frame deep cleaning (Mud, grease, rustiness)
    • Bike wash shampoo
    • Frame protector
  • Tyre
    • Full Service

Superb Bike Service

Makes me new again


    • Include all standard and outstanding services
    • Includes basic spare parts:
    • tyres, tubes, cables, chain, screws, brake pads, shoes, pedals and seat
    • Do not include rims and spokes