Surron Storm Bee Enduro - Electrifying Adventure!

The Surron Storm Bee Enduro is making waves, and its aesthetics are just as appealing. If you've been around the off-road scene, you might have already encountered the Surron Light Bee, known for its spirited adventures and youthful appeal.

It's the kind of bike that sparks a sense of underground hooliganism; kids adore it, and adults can't help but smile when they ride it. The Surron Light Bee has been a staple since 2018, building a dedicated following of riders who continuously modify it for regular racing. 


With the Storm Bee Enduro, Surron takes a bold step into the enduro segment, establishing itself as a formidable brand in the world of off-road motorcycles.

The Real Deal Dirt Bike

The Storm Bee Enduro is no toy; it's a full-fledged dirt bike equipped with real off-road components and power. It possesses the presence and substance of a proper, adult-sized motorcycle, with robust features including wheels, tyres, footpegs, handlebars, controls, and outstanding performance. It's a legitimate motorcycle that won't go unnoticed, even by your neighborhood's Association. 

Breaking the Electric Mould


Creating a full-size electric enduro bike is no small accomplishment, given the competition from established gas-powered machines. Many electric bike startups have promised the moon but under-delivered, struggling to compete with the efficiency and capability of traditional gas-powered motorcycles. 

However, Surron takes a different approach. They don't claim to outperform industry standards; instead, they introduce a full-size enduro bike with competitive specs and components, all at a reasonable price point. The Storm Bee Enduro boasts a peak power of 22.5 kW (approximately 30 horsepower) from its liquid-cooled brushless electric motor. 

Electric Power and Torque


Where the Storm Bee Enduro truly shines is its electric motor torque, packing a whopping 520 Nm (383 lb-ft) of torque. The bike can reach a top speed of 68 mph and go from zero to 31 mph in a swift 1.8 seconds, thanks to that incredible torque. It even features a Turbo Button that unleashes an extra burst of power for 10 seconds. 

Additionally, it offers reverse gear and traction control, enhancing its versatility for various riding conditions. The multiple ride modes (Eco, Rain, Sport) inject different power delivery and engine resistance, allowing you to tailor your riding experience.

The Range Challenge


As with all electric machines, the critical question is range. Surron claims a range of about 75 miles at 31 mph on a full charge, depending on the terrain and your throttle joy. This aspect remains somewhat vague in the world of electric bikes, but 75 miles at a leisurely pace is a respectable figure, and it will be interesting to see how it holds up in real-world scenarios.

Suspension and Brakes


The Storm Bee Enduro doesn't feature name-brand suspension or brake components, opting for Fastace suspension and unbranded brakes instead. The fully adjustable suspension at both ends provides ample customisation for your riding style. While not sporting big-name components, the suspension and brakes do their job efficiently.

Riding the Storm Bee


Racing the Storm Bee Enduro is an adventure in itself. 

The advantages of electric power are evident. The bike's silence allows for communication with the crowd and a unique racing experience. The dual-hand brakes provide incredible control, allowing you to dab your feet at will. 

The traction control allows you to tackle slippery sections with ease. However, it's worth noting that the traction control feels more road-oriented, unlike advanced off-road algorithms found in some adventure bikes. Nevertheless, it adds another dimension to the bike's versatility.

One of the standout features of the Storm Bee Enduro is its torque, which makes tackling technical off-road sections an absolute blast. However, its weight, while not unexpected for an electric dirt bike, is on the heavier side compared to traditional two-stroke enduro machines.

Weighing around 290 pounds, the Storm Bee Enduro falls closer to old-school four-stroke dual-sport bikes.

Charging the Storm Bee Enduro is straightforward with the included 110V charger, claiming a full charge from dead to full in four hours or less. It's a practical solution for quick turnarounds between rides.

The Final Verdict


The Storm Bee Enduro opens the door to a new era of off-road riding, where electric bikes can carve their niche alongside their gas-powered counterparts. With time, we may see more races welcoming electric motorcycles into their ranks, creating a separate class for these electric beasts. Even though the Storm Bee Enduro isn't marketed as a hardcore racing machine, it has the potential to make its mark in the coming years.

In conclusion, the Surron Storm Bee Enduro isn't just a bike; it's a testament to the future of off-road riding, where electrifying adventures await those willing to embrace the change. So, whether you're exploring trails with your family on a lazy Saturday or tackling after-work laps on your property, the Storm Bee Enduro is here to deliver an electrifying experience that's anything but ordinary.

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