5 Best Electric Bikes for Hills in Australia

Explore leading e-bikes in Australia, perfectly designed for conquering challenging hills.


5 Best Electric Bikes


1- The Kristall Stellar Electric Bike:
2- SurRon Light Bee X Electric Dirt Bike
3 - Veloz TXL Electric Mountain Bike
4- Veloz Model AMG Electric Fat Bike
5- Mamba Savannah Step-Through E-Bike


“Hills are the gatekeepers to exhilarating challenges and awe-inspiring vistas” - this is an undeniable truth, that both seasoned pedal-pushers and newbie riders believe… and it’s not wrong. 


But, who would have imagined that one day, your friend on uphill journeys would be right there with you, seamlessly integrated into your cycle—the motor… pushing you to do wonders you would have never been able to do alone… 


It's … and it's here, the green revolution era, where electric bikes have proved their game... With their incredible power and efficiency, e-bikes have transformed seemingly insurmountable hills into stepping stones.


E-bikes for hills, carve an indomitable path up the hills, quite literally. But what sets the best mountain e-bikes apart from the good ones? Well, it's all about hitting that perfect equilibrium between power, efficiency, portability, and comfort. 


Now, when it comes to power, these e-bikes should be capable of handling almost anything. You want them to be easy to carry around, from one mountain trail to the next. Plus, they should be able to last all day without needing to be plugged in. 


Speaking of options we have, Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes are your main players. Class 1 e-bikes give you an assist when you pedal. Great for quick commutes and small hills. But, if you're taking on tough terrains with steep hills, you want an e-bike that revs up without you pedalling i.e. those e-bikes come with a throttle. 


Today, we will discuss the best e-bikes for hills the top 5 ones. 


When it comes to mountain bikes, we have a specific set of criteria to determine which ones make the cut.


Performance: Hill e-bikes need to match the expectations of their riders. For a rugged trail cruiser, it should handle rough terrain without excessive strain. Off-road electric bikes should navigate twists and turns smoothly, maintaining balance even on challenging tracks.


Durability: We're on the lookout for mountain bikes with a strong, dependable, and classy build. Electric bikes for climbing steep hills must handle the bumps, scrapes, and dirt that come with off-road adventures effortlessly. A sturdy frame is essential to ensure your bike lasts through your mountain conquests.


Value: Price plays a significant role in our selection process. We're interested in mountain bikes that offer exceptional value for their price range. The more costly a bike, the higher the expectations – it should provide remarkable features that justify the investment.


Traction and Control: Tyres matter. We're looking for durable e-bikes for uphill rides with tyres that offer excellent traction and control. This might be one of the biggest features we are not going to overlook, it ensures you can confidently manoeuvre through diverse terrains without losing your grip.


Suspension: To conquer the mountains, a bike's suspension system is crucial. Whether it's a full suspension or hardtail setup, it should absorb shocks and provide a comfortable riding experience. 


Handling: Exceptional handling is a must for mountain bikes. They should respond to your commands precisely, making tight corners and descents manageable.


Portability: Electric bikes for hills may not fit in a briefcase, but portability is still important. They should be easy to haul to your chosen trailhead, whether it's through a bike rack or in your vehicle. 


1- The Kristall Stellar Electric Bike:

Designed for uphill efficiency and unmatched torque.




Kristall Stellar E-bike is your portal to a realm of climbing hills, with phenomenal torque and speed to conquer inclines with ease.


  1. 750W Motor Power: 

This e-bike pumps power at a mighty 750-watt motor. The 750W motor generates the exact amount of torque you need to go uphill with unrivalled efficiency. Gone are the days of struggling; this is physics at its finest, making mountain climbing stress-free.


  1. 36V 17Ah Battery: 

Your bike's range is its lifeblood. The Kristall Stellar boasts a lifeblood 36V 17Ah battery, a pure combination of technology and adventure. It's more than a battery; it's a. Whether you opt for pure electric power or enjoy the thrill of assisted riding, this technological power reservoir ensures your adventures know no bounds. 


  1. Shimano 7 Gears: 

Versatility and precision come together through the Shimano 7 gears. These gears seamlessly adapt to your ever-changing terrain, keeping your pedalling efficient, reducing strain, and extending your e-bike's battery life. 


  1. CST Tyres: 

Tyres (27.5x2.25 or 29x2.25) available in two sizes, offer more than just traction; they provide control. These tires ensure that your bike adheres to the ground like a second skin. With these, the word 'slip' ceases to exist in your mountain biking vocabulary.


  1. Aluminium Alloy Frame: 

Durability is the philosophy behind the Kristall Stellar. This e-bike is a walking talking sculpture of an aluminium alloy frame - a manifestation of engineering excellence. 


  1. Hydraulic Brakes: 

Safety is a prerequisite -The Kristall Stellar is equipped with hydraulic brakes, a marvel of fluid dynamics. These brakes provide an instantaneous response when climbing, ensuring you're in complete control, even on the steepest descents. With hydraulic brakes, your confidence soars, knowing you're equipped with top-tier safety features.


  1. Gradeability: 30°: 

Gradeability means how well a bike can go up really steep hills. The Kristall Stellar is super good at it, with a 30-degree grade ability. It's like the bike can climb the steepest hills like they're just easy little steps. 


  1. Max Speed: 

45 km/h- This is how fast the Kristall Stellar can go. It's about velocity; wind resistance, kinetic energy, and design prowess. 


  1. Fender & Rack Included: 

Practicality and convenience fuse seamlessly in the form of an included fender and rack. You won't get wet on this bike when it's rainy, thanks to the fender. And you can carry your things easily with the rack. 


  1. 1-Year Warranty on Electric Parts: 

With a 1-year warranty on electric parts, Kristall Stellar assures you of its quality. Your adventures are protected, knowing that the bike represents not just technology but reliability. Explore more about Kristall Stellar E-bike.


2- SurRon Light Bee X Electric Dirt Bike

Conquer even the steepest terrains. 




The 2022 SurRon Light Bee X Electric Dirt Bike is designed for ultimate performance in off-road environments. With its X Controller and 5KW Mid Motor, this bike packs a punch, making it perfect for various outdoor adventures. The bike's lightweight aluminium construction guarantees durability and rust resistance, and its 4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes provide superior stopping power.


  1. Hill Climbing: 

When we think of hill climbing, it's not just about brute strength; it's about how well the hill-e-bike understands the laws of physics that allow us to conquer steep inclines. 


With a remarkable hill climbing capability of up to 80%, the SurRon e-bike conquers steep inclines with ease. This feature is a game-changer for riders in Australia, where the terrain can go from flat plains to bumpy within a few miles. 


  1. Power:

Voltage plays a critical role in determining how much energy is supplied to the motor. The 60 volts provide a substantial and efficient electrical charge, ensuring that the Mid Motor operates at its peak performance. The 60V, 5KW Mid Motor (peak output of 6KW) propels the bike, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 75 km/h. 


  1. Battery: 

When you're tackling rugged terrain, you don't want to be tied down to a single charging point. The 40Ah Panasonic Li-Ion battery, which is removable and lockable, ensures you can cover substantial distances on a single charge, making it ideal for long rides in mountainous regions. 


  1. Construction: 

The bike's 6061 T4 & T6 Forged Aluminum Alloy frame, cast aluminium footpegs, and rear guard offer durability and protection against rough trails. Plus, it's equipped with 70/100-19 CST Mud Tyres, which provide excellent traction on off-road surfaces. 


  1. Display: 

The LCD Multi-Function display keeps you informed about important data such as odometer, trip information, battery status, and speed, enhancing your overall riding experience.


  1. Lights and Horn: 

The LED headlight and rear tail light ensure visibility during low-light conditions. The built-in horn adds an extra safety feature for off-road journeys. Explore more about it 


3 - Veloz TXL Electric Mountain Bike

Ensuring a smooth and easy ride in the mountains.





The Veloz TXL Electric Mountain Bike is a remarkable machine designed for those who crave adventure and have a deep connection with rugged terrains. 


  1. Motor Power:

Uphill climbing can be slow and arduous. The 750W Rear Brushless motor complements your pedalling, reducing the effort required to ascend. This dynamic range of power is like having a friendly hand pushing you up the hill. Plus,  the efficient use of energy is crucial for mountain climbing. The motor optimises energy consumption, ensuring you get the most out of your battery power. Climb easily knowing that you’re at no risk of depleting the battery quickly, potentially leaving you abandoned before you complete your mountain adventure.


  1. Tyres and Suspension:

The Veloz TXL features 26" wide-based tyres and a dual suspension system (Front Dual, Rear Single). With these features, your bike acts as a shock absorber on wheels. When you encounter rough patches, the suspension system compresses and rebounds to absorb and dissipate the impact forces. This means less jarring and more comfort for you.  But with these specialised tyres and precision-engineered suspension, you're in for a ride that's smooth, plush, and under your complete control, no matter how challenging the landscape gets. 


  1. Speed and Range:

With a maximum speed of 30-45 km/h (for private use) and a range of 40-60+ km, this e-bike offers the versatility needed to tackle long-distance mountain adventures.  Basically, it's got the oomph and stamina you need for those epic mountain journeys. 


  1. Battery: 

The 48V 14Ah Lithium Samsung battery delivers a powerful performance, and its 3-4 hours charge time is remarkably quick. 


  1. Display Screen:

The in-built LCD Display screen is your command centre, offering real-time information about your ride, including remaining battery life. Stay informed knowing when you might run out of power.


  1. Frame and Build:

The sturdy Aluminium Alloy frame of the Veloz TXL is a vital component that ensures durability and the ability to tackle hills. 


  1. Intelligent Controller:

The intelligent controller allows you to adapt your e-bike's power to meet legal street requirements (25 km/h). This feature is pretty helpful in adhering to regulations, and also conserving battery power when needed during mountain climbs.


  1. Off-road/On-road Capability:

The optional feature of Off-road/On-road via the intelligent controller is a boon for mountain enthusiasts. It allows you to fine-tune your bike's performance to the specific challenges you face. Explore more about it

4- Veloz Model AMG Electric Fat Bike

Perfect for city streets and hill climbs.





Are hills a part of your daily commute or weekend adventures? The Veloz Model AMG is the ride you have been looking for. Boasting a 750W Rear Brushless BAFANG motor, this e-bike excels at conquering inclines with a superb grade ability. 


  1. 750W BAFANG Motor:


This ain't your average motor; it's a 750W Rear Brushless BAFANG powerhouse. Imagine this: cruising at 30-35 km/hr (private use) with the option to keep things street-legal at 25 km/hr. 


  1. 26" Trailblazing Tyres: 

Beyond the aesthetics, they're your token to a smooth, comfortable ride, no matter the terrain. 


  1. 48V Samsung Battery:

Meet your secret weapon - the 48V 11.6 AH Lithium Samsung battery. This thing gives you a 40-70 km range on a single charge, and it refuels in just 3-4 hours. It's the mechanical force behind the 750W brushless rear motor, the magic that keeps you going on those long journeys.


  1. Rock-solid Aluminium Alloy Frame:

This frame is the muscle of your ride - responsible for the structural integrity of your e-bike. It determines how well the different components are held together and how effectively they distribute stress and loads. It's ready for off-road adventures and can carry heavy loads - no worries about structural integrity here.


  1. Intelligent Controller:

If you want to go super fast on the open road, you can release all the power. But, if you're on a tricky trail, you can dial it down to make things easier. That's what the intelligent controller does – it lets you choose how much juice your e-bike gets. Explore more about this e-bike 


5- Mamba Savannah Step-Through E-Bike

Great for long rides on any terrain.




Electric bikes for hills are all about effortless speed, grip and looks. Now, when it comes to the Mamba Savannah, you get to experience this firsthand.


  1. 750W Powerful Motor:

Mamba Savannah Step-Through E-Bike is designed to give you power and style. The 750W motor in the Mamba Savannah Step-Through E-Bike is engineered to provide efficient power distribution to the wheels. With a top speed of 45 km/h, you'll be reducing your commuting time significantly. 


  1. Battery:

In pure electric mode, you can cover 40-65 km, and if you prefer a bit of pedalling assistance, it can take you up to 90-120 km. 


  1. Gradeability: 

The 30-degree grade ability and hydraulic disc brakes of this e-bike are invaluable. The grade ability offers essential assistance on uphill stretches while the brakes prove to be highly responsive during your downhill journey.


  1. Lightweight Frame: 

The lightweight aluminium alloy frame of this e-bike is the backbone of its durability. It’s a strong, resilient, and lightweight frame that can take on the demands of any adventure.


  1. 7 Gearing and Tyres:

Equipped with 7 gears and CST 26*2.5 inch tyres, the Mamba Savannah offers an adaptive riding experience. These tyres grasp the road, while the numerous gears give you control over your pace and effort. Be it city streets or off-road trails; this e-bike delivers a comfortable and smooth ride.


  1. Electric Modes:


Mamba e-bike features three modes – electric-only, cycling without electricity, and assisted. Whether you want to cruise silently on electric power or get some exercise by pedalling, it adjusts to your preferences. 


Explore more about Mamba Savannah Step-Through E-Bike - a powerful, versatile, and reliable companion for your journeys.


That’s It 

Hills are an inevitable part of cycling, and e-bikes can reignite your passion for riding by effortlessly tackling challenging gradients. 


Choosing the right one is crucial, and it involves assessing key factors such as the motor's type and quality, component quality including brakes, frame, and suspension, as well as the combined weight of you and your e-bike.


In conclusion, the e-bikes mentioned above are designed to provide that extra boost necessary for conquering even the steepest of hills. However, it's important to note that these e-bikes aren't limited to hill riding alone. They're equally versatile for city commutes, leisurely rides around town, or wherever your cycling adventures take you.



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