5 Best Electric Mountain Bikes in Australia 2024

Discover  top electric mountain bikes in Australia, tailored for rugged terrains and thrilling adventures

Electric mountain bikes - these powerful machines are changing the game, allowing riders to explore the wildest of trails. Today, we'll unveil the top electric mountain bikes that have redefined the rules of outdoor adventure. From making steep climbs as easy as a Sunday morning hike to extending the distance you go, all while preserving your energy.

What we're seeking down under

Value: Price is a crucial consideration when evaluating electric mountain bikes on this page. We're on the lookout for e-MTBs that provide exceptional value for their cost, outshining their peers in the same price range. As the price tag climbs, we expect these bikes to deliver extraordinary features and performance.


Performance: We want electric mountain bikes that cater to the demands of our Aussie biking enthusiasts. An e-MTB should handle the rugged Australian trails with ease, offering the power needed to conquer challenging terrains and ascend steep slopes.


Ride Experience: We appreciate e-MTBs with responsive and adaptive ride experiences. These bikes should provide a smooth and tailbone-approved journey through our diverse landscapes. 


Durability: Our Aussie riders need e-MTBs with a solid and robust build, capable of withstanding the varied terrain conditions we encounter, from the outback to coastal tracks.


Battery Life: Battery life is a crucial factor, especially for those exploring the remote corners of the country. Longer battery life not only offers freedom but ensures reliability during off-road adventures.

Terrain Compatibility: We're interested in e-MTBs designed for various terrains, whether it's the sandy tracks of the beach or the challenging ascents of the mountains.

Top 5 Mountain Electric Bikes Australia


1- NCM Moscow M3 Electric Mountain Bike – Your Off-Road Powerhouse

Extended 110km range with ergonomic comfort.




When it comes to pushing the boundaries of off-road biking, the NCM Moscow M3 Electric Mountain Bike stands as a true match for Australian biking enthusiasts. 


Moscow M3’s integrated battery is meticulously designed to provide lasting power for your adventures, ensuring you ride as long as you want and avoiding the inconvenience of frequent recharges. The reinforced battery cover, designed in sleek black, not only enhances aesthetics but also keeps the bike lightweight, making it easier to carry. Plus, it's removable. 


Moscow M3 comes equipped with a custom front light to light those slopes, making you easily visible. 


The Moscow M3 offers an impressive range of up to 110 kilometres, depending on the conditions. You can enjoy the freedom to venture further into nature, avoiding the limitations of shorter ranges.


The Moscow M3 places a strong emphasis on rider comfort. With ergonomic bicycle grips and a comfortable sitting posture, you can enjoy extended journeys without the discomfort that often comes with long rides. Explore the new trails, avoiding the fatigue that can cut adventures short.


All the essential controls are easily accessible, ensuring a seamless riding experience. You have precise control over your bike - plus, you avoid the frustrations of complex or hard-to-reach controls.


The Moscow M3 boasts scientifically engineered components, including the Das-Kit X15 motor, Das-Kit L7 LCD Display, and Tektro Disc braking system. These components are carefully designed to offer optimal performance, making sure you're ready for the toughest challenges, and avoiding the inconveniences of subpar equipment.


Avoid the limitations of traditional mountain biking with Moscow M3. Explore it now.


2- Vamos Electric Bike Model EL HEFE

High-torque power for limitless off-road rides.



When you think of a powerful, all-terrain electric mountain bike, one name stands out on the Australian market - the Vamos Electric Bike Model EL HEFE. With its robust 750Watts motor and an exclusive 6-month free service package, this e-bike redefines the rules of off-road biking. Vamos mountain e-bike is an experience that commands attention and admiration from all who witness its presence.


EL HEFE is the boss of all e-bikes, boasting high-torque 'off-road' fat-tyre power. If you've ever dreamt of an electric Harley on two wheels, this is as close as it gets. The high-torque rear motor ensures you effortlessly conquer those inclines - with no struggle. 


The powerful high-torque rear motor transforms this cruiser into a hill-climbing, terrain-exploring beast. It offers a super comfortable ride, and its fat tyres grip the road, helping you stay confident about your adventure. On top of that, smooth Shimano gear transitions help you win in challenging riding scenarios.


A sturdy yet lightweight frame ensures durability and easy manoeuvrability. Speaking of distance, EL HEFE comes with a range of up to 70km+, perfect for limitless adventures. Plus, the TEKTRO Hydraulic Disc Brakes are always ready for the ultimate stopping power - for your safety.

While it arrives locked to a 25km/h speed limit, you have the freedom to unlock unlimited speed potential through the LCD control panel on your handlebars. You're not confined by speed limits, enjoy the exhilaration of open-road riding.


With its impressive specs and limitless power, this e-MTB is your gateway to endless off-road adventures. Why don’t you explore it further? Click here. 

3- Veloz Discovery Electric Mountain Bike

Lightweight with decent range of 70km.




The EO MTB Discovery stands out as the lightest electric bike in our range, weighing only 23 kg - super convenient for those who often need to carry their bike on local transportation or take it upstairs. This bike not only performs exceptionally but also turns heads with its modern design, and lightweight frame constructed from aluminium alloy. 


The Veloz Discovery is powered by a 500 Watts Rear hub motor, offering the torque you need for both on and off-road adventures. The Tektro Radius Dual Hydraulic Pivot brakes provide what you need the most during high-speed rides - reliable stopping power. Whether you're on country roads or private paths, this e-MTB allows you to explore terrains at speeds of up to 25 km/hr or even an exhilarating 35-40 km/hr for off-road adventures.


The Veloz Discovery E-MTB features a robust 13Ah LG active lithium battery, offering a noteworthy range of 30-70 kilometres on a single charge. However, the effective range you can achieve is influenced by several critical factors. Your weight, the terrain you traverse, current weather conditions, and the assistance level required all play significant roles.


For heavier riders, a reduced range is expected, as it demands more power to propel the bike. Furthermore, rugged and hilly terrains will invariably lead to a shorter range compared to smoother, flatter paths. 


The bike's recharging time of 4-6 hours ensures minimal downtime and maximum trail time. With its 48V voltage, the Veloz Discovery guarantees that you'll have the necessary power to maintain your momentum, erasing concerns of running out of charge during your off-road plans.


The intelligent controller in the EO Discovery model empowers you to customise your riding experience and adapt to factors like terrain and preferred speed. Whether you need a steady 25 km/hr for relaxed city commuting or the euphoria of conquering challenging off-road paths at speeds of 35-40 km/hr, you have the flexibility to choose what's best for you.


The Veloz Discovery e-MTB comes with a range of features to enrich your riding venture. These include front dual suspension for a comfortable ride, a Shimano 6-speed gear set for smooth transitions, and a user-friendly LCD to keep track of your speed and settings. The bike is equipped with 27.5 or 29-inch wheels for added stability and traction.


For added convenience, the Veloz Discovery offers optional features like a display with USB charging capability, allowing you to charge your phone on the go.


Not only does it offer incredible specs, but it also provides you with a hassle-free service package, making it an exceptional choice for Australian riders. Explore it right away.


4- Veloz TXL Electric Mountain Bike

26” tyres with dual suspension for varied terrains.


The E-Ozzie Twisted XL Electric Bike is the epitome of full-bodied power and class, striking the perfect balance. 


Its 26” wide-based tyres ensure a smooth ride across diverse terrains. The TXL intelligent controller offers the flexibility to limit the power to 250W, maintaining speeds of up to 25 km/hr for legal street use. With an integrated LCD Display screen, you'll always know how far your adventure can take you before it's time to recharge.


Crafted with a rugged dual-suspension frame, this electric bike effortlessly conquers challenging terrains while remaining a dependable commuter. The Samsung 14Ah battery guarantees enduring autonomy. Available in two striking colour palettes, this bike ensures all eyes are on you wherever you ride.


The bike houses a robust Samsung 48V 14Ah battery, designed to provide enduring autonomy, ensuring you never run out of charge during your excursions.


Optimized disc brakes give you complete control over your ride, enhancing safety and enabling you to navigate treacherous terrains confidently.


The e-mtb’s 750W rear hub motor delivers a peak motor power of 750W and a maximum torque of 200n, providing the strength and reliability needed to conquer various terrains.


Discover the power of engineering and embark on thrilling off-road adventures with the E-Ozzie Twisted XL Electric Bike.


5- 2022 NEW KRISTALL KS26 Electric Bike

Powerful, versatile, and built for all terrains.



Kristall KS26 is a powerhouse of convenience and versatility. With a 750W motor and a 48V 20Ah 18650 Lithium battery, this e-bike is designed for exceptional performance, offering a range of 60-75km in pure electric mode and a staggering 90-200km in pedal-assist mode.


Experience a safer and more controlled ride with the hydraulic disc brakes featured on this e-bike. They offer exceptional stopping power, making sure you can confidently slow down or halt, even when you're cruising at the impressive top speed of 45km/h. 

Thanks to its high-capacity 20Ah Lithium battery, the KS26 can take you on extensive journeys without worrying about recharging. You can choose to ride the e-bike solely using electric power (without pedalling) or in a mode where the electric motor assists you as you pedal. This provides you with the flexibility to decide how much effort you want to put into your ride.


The 750W motor promises efficient performance, making it adept at handling challenging terrains and steep inclines. It allows you to conquer up to 30-degree slopes with ease due to the increased power output, resulting in improved torque and enhanced traction, ensuring you have the necessary force to ascend such slopes without difficulty.


Lightweight doesn’t mean less sturdy, the frame, constructed from robust aluminium alloy, ensures the e-bike's strength and durability. 


Equipped with CST 26*4.0-inch fat tyres, the KS26 offers optimal traction and stability, making it suitable for a variety of terrains, from city streets to off-road trails.


The KS26 offers three distinct riding modes, including electric-only, cycling mode without electric assistance, and an assistant mode. In the electric-only mode, you'll effortlessly float along as the powerful motor does all the work. Switch over to cycling mode, and it's just you and your own pedal power, ideal for when you want to get some exercise or extend your adventure. In assistant mode, you have a reliable companion by your side, one that amplifies your pedalling efforts. It's like having a gentle, invisible push, giving you that extra edge when you need it most. 


The KRISTALL KS26 Electric Bike combines cutting-edge 18650 Lithium battery technology, a powerful 750W motor, and hydraulic disc brakes to offer a reliable and efficient e-bike that takes your riding experience to the next level, extended, smooth and safe. 

Experience the future of mountain electric biking with the 2022 KRISTALL KS26. Click here to explore the perfect blend of power, range, and precision engineering, an all-in-one e-bike package.


In Short 


The above-examined electric mountain bikes are in a league of their own. 


NCM Moscow M3 redefines endurance with its integrated battery, ensuring you explore for as long as you desire, backed by an impressive 110-kilometre range. The custom front light and lightweight design further enhance your off-road experience.


Vamos EL HEFE, the true boss of e-bikes, conquers inclines with ease thanks to its high-torque rear motor. The 70km+ range and TEKTRO Hydraulic Disc Brakes offer limitless adventures and the ultimate stopping power.


Veloz Discovery combines adaptability and convenience, making it the lightest e-bike at just 23 kg. The 500W motor and Tektro Radius Dual Hydraulic Pivot brakes confirm you're ready for any terrain, while the 13Ah LG active lithium battery keeps you going.


Veloz TXL presents an intelligent controller with a speed limit, real-time data via an integrated LCD screen, and a Samsung 14Ah battery that promises endurance and maximum trail time.


The 2022 NEW KRISTALL KS26 is your powerhouse of convenience and versatility, with a 750W motor, hydraulic disc brakes, and the ability to conquer 30-degree slopes. Its range of 60-200 kilometres, depending on the mode you choose, offers unmatched flexibility.


Which one will make it to your garage? Well, it's all about which one suits your style, preferences, and the type of adventurer you are. We've unveiled the top electric mountain bikes, and the choice is now yours. So, which one will you ride into your next adventure?



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